Intrexx Steady Track

Published on 22.01.2024

New Features


Accessibility ensures that all users - including those with disabilities - can use your portal. You can find all information on this here.

New WebDAV interface for file fields in Intrexx

With Intrexx, you can open, edit and save documents via your portal directly with the appropriate program. You can find all information about "WebDAV" here here.

Search in script editor improved

A search bar is now displayed in the editor instead of the search dialog. The search starts as soon as you enter the search term. It is now also possible to change direction. The performance of the search has been optimized. You can find all further information on this here.

Deploy Intrexx in Docker

Previously, the user "root" was used as the default user in the official IX Docker image. Now a dedicated user "intrexx" (ID 1000) is used. In addition, the IAA image is also created rootless. Further information can be found here.

Sorting data fields

The data field list in the properties of the data groups can be re-sorted via the context menu. Three types are available: Standard sorting (sorted as before according to the order of creation), sorting by title and sorting by data type. The sorting can be saved in the (can also be set via the context menu). Further information on data fields can be found here.

New standard styles for SVG coloring and border radius

Design module: New styles for different sizes of the border radius of controls and images are patched into all layouts.


  1. IX-18615: Search

    Problem: "qs_searchTerm" and "rq_searchTerm" in parallel use for the same query does not make sense.

    Lösung: Exclusive use of "qs_searchTerm".

  2. IX-19090: Path navigation for tree

    Problem: Breadcrumb trail is not updated correctly when using oUp.reload().

    Solution: Breadcrumb trail is now updated when the tree is reloaded.

  3. IX-19327: Application API

    Problem: Non-descriptive term for referenced return values.

    Solution: For references, the title of the reference is also displayed after the field name, e.g. ref3c2026a2 (Reference - (REK_PK) ID ).

  4. IX-19967: Deploy Intrexx in Docker

    Previously, the user "root" was used as the default user in the official IX Docker image. Now a dedicated user "intrexx" (ID 1000) is used. In addition, the IAA image is also created rootless.

  5. IX-20110: Missing synchronisation in Tomcat

    Problem: In Tomcat, it could happen that several threads were sent simultaneously via an endpoint when sending websocket messages.

    Solution: Now only one endpoint is used for sending.

  6. IX-20830: E-mail configuration for buttons

    Problem: If two WriteContainers are stored for two data groups for a button with the "Save" action, the e-mail action configured for the button is no longer executed.

    Solution: E-mail action is now executed correctly again.

  7. IX-21069: WebDAV

    With Intrexx, you can now open, edit and save documents via your portal directly with the appropriate program.

  8. IX-21101: Licenses

    Problem: Licenses of unused library versions accumulate in lib/license.

    Solution: License folder tidied up.

  9. IX-21302: Application import

    Problem: "initdata.xml" is evaluated when importing applications with data.

    Solution: "initdata.xml" is only used for newly created applications that are imported without data.

  10. IX-21418: Script editor

    Search in script editor improved: A search bar is now displayed in the editor instead of the search dialog. The search starts as soon as the search term is entered. It is now also possible to change direction. The performance of the search has been optimized.

  11. IX-21763: Portlets

    Problem: Portlet names from the web were lost when publishing if a name of the underlying page was not set in the Portal Manager.

    Solution: Portlets now receive their names via the cache from the name of the page in the Portal Manager. They also take into account any fallback languages if a name has not been set. This remains the case until a new name is assigned on the web. Portlets then obtain their name from this source until the name is deleted again on the web. They then revert to the name of the page in the Manager.

  12. IX-21807: Data fields

    The data field list in the properties of the data groups can be re-sorted via the context menu. Three types are available: Standard sorting (sorted as before according to the order of creation), sorting by title and sorting by data type. The sorting can be saved in the (can also be set via the context menu).

  13. IX-21817: Application export

    Problem: Application export does not recognize associated process.

    Solution: Dependencies on the process are now recognized (TriggerUserWorkflowEvent in JS).

  14. IX-21831: JavaScript

    Problem: Incorrect return value with Browser.getValue.

    Solution: The variant in which Browser.getValue returns an object has proven to be impractical. The return value now comes from the getValue method of the control. However, to ensure that the "Filter information" element continues to display the text instead of the value, a query to the getTitle method of the control has been added there.

  15. IX-21851: Administration API

    Problem: Docker image for IAA rootless.

    Solution: The IAA image is now also created rootless and pushed to DockerHub in the BETA and PROD pipeline.

  16. IX-21855: Groovy

    Problem: "g_dgFile" cannot handle all file extensions.

    Solution: ContentType handling and JavaDocs adapted accordingly.

  17. IX-21857: Design module

    New styles for different sizes of the border radius of controls and images are patched into all layouts.

  18. IX-21860: Design module

    Problem: Color substitution does not find all values.

    Solution: The color replacement now finds all color values of a layout and can replace them with new values.

  19. IX-21862: Colors

    Problem: CSS colors with transparency or alpha values cannot be edited via the dialog.

    Solution: For CSS color values, you can now also set the transparency or alpha value via the dialog. 8-digit hex values are then saved. Existing values with transparency are no longer lost when editing via the dialog.

  20. IX-21863: Setup

    Problem: The use of outdated SQL servers is not prevented.

    Solution: If an unsupported SQL Server is used, a warning is issued. The minimum SQL Server version is raised to 2016.

  21. IX-21868: Bindings

    Problem: Deletion of Foreign Key-WriteContainer bindings via buttons not possible, can currently only be deleted via the context menu of the binding table in the WriteContainer panel.

    Solution: ForeignKey bindings can now also be deleted using the buttons.

  22. IX-21884: Application import

    Problem: Application import with many language constants takes a long time.

    Solution: The cache for the language constants is now used correctly during import.

  23. IX-21891: Calendar

    Problem: Print view does not work.

    Solution: The "Open as print view" option is hidden in calendar actions. Alternatively, a print button can be configured on the calendar page that is integrated in the plugin.

  24. IX-21892: Content Editor

    Problem: Some links do not work.

    Solution: The top-level domain check was not sufficient. It was extended accordingly.

  25. IX-21910: Portalexport

    Problem: The flag for creating portal exports without files is set incorrectly when creating a new portal.

    Solution: Flag is now initialized correctly.

  26. IX-21915: Dynamic View

    Problem: Dynamic view allows XSS.

    Solution: The correct HtmlRenderer is now used, even for types that have not yet been defined.

  27. IX-21917: Task planning

    Problem: Task planning is not created in certain situations.

    Solution: Task planning is now created correctly again.

  28. IX-21921: Groovy

    Groovy API for reading authorization settings.

  29. IX-21922: Data transfer

    Problem: Data transfer can no longer be processed under certain circumstances.

    Solution: Data transfer can now be processed again accordingly.

  30. IX-21926: Design module

    Problem: Frame color is not always applied in the CSS.

    Solution: Frame color is now applied correctly again.

  31. IX-21929: Basic application

    The "Basic application" application template has been revised.

  32. IX-21935: View field

    Problem: Settings on the "Options" page of a view field of type "Text" are reset under certain circumstances.

    Solution: Settings are now retained.

  33. IX-21937: User application

    User application has been updated in the setup.

  34. IX-21941: Diagnosis

    Problem: Diagnosis fails if no portal is specified.

    Solution: Diagnosis now works even if no portal exists. Portal log files can be excluded from

  35. IX-21972: Dynamic view

    Problem: Does not deliver the correct data with case insensitive database setting.

    Solution: Assignment now also works with case insensitive databases.

  36. IX-21973: Dynamic view

    Problem: Case insensitive key comparison not possible.

    Solution: The key comparison can now be set to either case insensitive or case sensitive.

  37. IX-21982: WriteContainer

    Problem: Argument is overwritten.

    Solution: The argument in the filter criterion of the write container is no longer changed.

  38. IX-21988: Oracle

    Problem: Implementation of getIndexNames() does not work with Oracle >= 19c.

    Solution: Index names are now determined without errors occurring.

  39. IX-21992: Groovy

    Problem: NullPointer for access to deactivated users.

    Solution: Deactivated users are now read.

Intrexx Steady Track

Published on 28.11.2023

Incorrect SQL generation, which occurred under certain circumstances in certain constellations, has been fixed.

Intrexx Steady Track

Published on 15.11.2023

New Features


With this application users can register themselves, delete their account or change their password. You can find all the information here.


With this application you can easily create multilingual feedback surveys and send them to a specific group of participants. You can find all the information here.

Button for heap dump

A button for creating a heap dump of the Portal Manager has been integrated into the status bar.


  1. IX-8797: Layout

    A button for creating a heap dump of the Portal Manager has been integrated into the status bar.

  2. IX-21346: Calendar plugin

    Problem: Designations from global language constants are not displayed.

    Solution: Calendar plugins with names from a global constant are now displayed on the web again.

  3. IX-21472: Tab "Problems"

    Problem: After creating a view page below a child data group, a warning is displayed in the "Problems" area.

    Solution: Problem check adjusted so that now no message is issued.

  4. IX-21693: Multiple selection 2.0

    Problem: Multiple selection 2.0 cannot be included in additional WriteContainers.

    Solution: Can now be included in further WriteContainer. The setting in the control is still decisive for the target, therefore no target can be selected in the binding of the multiple selection 2.0.

  5. IX-21717: Research

    Problem: Files are not displayed in the results table of the search.

    Solution: Files are now displayed again.

  6. IX-21761: Task planning

    Problem: If the task scheduler is open for a longer time, an error occurs.

    Solution: Exception does not occur now.

  7. IX-21764: Multiple selection 2.0

    Problem: Special characters are displayed incorrectly in the views.

    Solution: The element now displays the special characters correctly in all templates.

  8. IX-21773: System monitor - sessions

    Problem: Sorting is lost.

    Solution: The sorting is now preserved after updating the table. Additionally, a filter option for the session ID, the user and the login time (displayed string) has been integrated.

  9. IX-21787: Groovy

    Utility for converting PDF to images with Groovy.

  10. IX-21788: Port database

    Problem: Migration wizard is not started when the button is clicked.

    Solution: Migrationsassistent wird nun wieder gestartet.

  11. IX-21791: Groovy

    Problem: PK cannot be read with "g_record['PK-GUID'].value".

    Solution: Values can also be read by value instead of getRecIda.

  12. IX-21820: Element templates

    Problem: NullpointerException for missing write permissions.

    Solution: The write permission to the template directory is now checked.

  13. IX-21823: Application API

    Problem: Reference to Application API.

    Solution: When a reference is deleted, it is checked whether it is used in API endpoints.

  14. IX-21827: Content Editor

    Problem: Table column of the "Content Editor" type cannot be edited.

    Solution: Editing is now possible again.

  15. IX-21832: Portal data base

    Configuration of the default connection database "postgres".

Intrexx Steady Track

Published on 16.10.2023

New Features

appUserProfile in selection list

The new Binding "appUserProfile" is now accessible in a dropdown list. The following classes have been added: For Velocity "$AppUserProfile" and for Groovy "g_appUserProfile".

Setting HTTP status codes in Groovy endpoints

In the groovy library are script examples for setting HTTP status codes when handling errors in Groovy endpoints.

Users module

New default sorting for the different views:

Portal layout

New default layout in new portals.

WebSocket action

New checkbox "Send message after transaction commit". If this property is "true", the created message will be sent only after the current transaction is completed. More information you can find Weitere Informationen dazu finden Sie here.


  1. IX-15741: Layout

    Problem: Empty portal still contains the mobile layout.

    Solution: The smartphone layout has been removed from the empty portal.

  2. IX-21095: Basic application

    New version of the Basic Application template.

  3. IX-21138: Update

    Problem: Update Installation ( does not work on MacOS.

    Solution: now included in setup again.

  4. IX-21287: Tree

    Problem: Error saving when loading a page with two trees.

    Solution: TreeSettings parameter now contains the control GUID to ensure uniqueness.

  5. IX-21407: Users Modul

    New default sorting for the different views:

  6. IX-21411: Remember sizes of dialogs

    Problem: In some cases, the dialog size is reset.

    Solution: If this option is enabled, the dialogs in the Portal Manager now remember the last size and position of the SplitPanes. In addition, there is a button for resetting the dialogs to the original size and position of the SplitPanes.

  7. IX-21537: Intrexx Share: Style change

    Border-radius in style class "Share_DefaultProfilImageTile" is changed from 15px to 3px.

  8. IX-21562: Content Editor

    Problem: Wrapper methods are missing in the public API (setValue/getValue).

    Solution: The content editor can now also set and read values via "setValue()" and "getValue()". The JS-API has been improved and extended with examples.

  9. IX-21589: Content Editor

    The element is now available in the Data Picker.

  10. IX-21590: Content Editor

    Problem: With Browser.setValue() the editor does not work anymore.

    Solution: Browser.setValue() and Browser.getValue() can now also handle the content editor.

  11. IX-21595: Layout

    New default layout in new portals ("Empty portal").

  12. IX-21604: Sessions

    Problem: Portal Manager hangs when there are too many sessions.

    Solution: Number of server queries in the System Monitor reduced to prevent potential overloading of the manager at high latencies.

  13. IX-21605: Multiple selection 2.0

    Problem: Exception when selecting a data field for the subtitle.

    Solution: Exception no longer occurs.

  14. IX-21618: Export / Import

    Problem: Customize export and import for layouts for the file.

    Solution: in the layout directory is preserved.

  15. IX-21623: Phone control type

    Problem: Javascript tab not present.

    Solution: Javscript tab now also available for input controls with type "Phone".

  16. IX-21628: Portal data base

    Duplicate Index / ForeignKey / Constraint names are fixed. The name generation has been optimized.

  17. IX-21629: Content Editor

    Problem: Required Text incorrect.

    Solution: Text was adjusted (language constant swapped): - CHECK_CONSTR_REQUIRED - ERROR_VALIDATOR_REQUIRED

  18. IX-21631: Context menu layout

    Problem: Duplicate entries.

    Solution: Duplicate entries in the context menu have been removed.

  19. IX-21641: Box

    Problem: "Less than" sign not possible.

    Solution: Fixed a bug with display on workspace.

  20. IX-21647: Update

    CVE-2022-44729 exchanged.

  21. IX-21664: Search

    Problem: Exact search resolves search term incorrectly.

    Solution: Exact search is no longer expanded.

  22. IX-21665: Search

    Problem: Solr search does not sort by application priority.

    Solution: Application priority is considered again.

  23. IX-21680: Templates

    Problem: Create possibility for variable icons in layouts and processes.

    Solution: If an icon.png (size 60x60) is present in the folder of processes or layouts, it will now be displayed in the Open dialog.

  24. IX-21683: Multiple selection

    Problem: Under certain circumstances problems with thousand separators.

    Solution: The stored value must be the recId - the ID is formatted.

  25. IX-21686: Multiple selection

    Problem: Performance with many data sets.

    Solution: SQL query of memory values adjusted.

  26. IX-21700: Search

    Problem: Application filter works only page by page.

    Solution: Application filters now work across all pages.

  27. IX-21704: WebSocket action

    New checkbox "Send message after transaction commit". If this property is "true", the created message will be sent only after the current transaction is completed.

  28. IX-21707: Read- and WriteContainer

    Problem: Adjust names when changing a data group name.

    Solution: Read and WriteContainers, which are automatically created when a page is created, are assigned the names READ_CURRENT and WRITE_CURRENT, respectively.

  29. IX-21709: Sortable list

    Problem: Arrangement not to change without moving.

    Solution: The options "Enable moving" and "Move elements" (horizontally or vertically) can now be set independently in sortable lists.

  30. IX-21722: Update


  31. IX-21727: View page with elements

    Problem: Set position of titles is ignored.

    Solution: The titles for the controls are now created above or to the left of the controls, depending on the setting in the options.

  32. IX-21728: Multiple selection

    Problem: Problems with filter on current PK.

    Solution: Filter is now working.

  33. IX-21838: Multiple selection 2.0

    Problem: Problems with thousand separators.

    Solution: Instead of the recId, the stored value is used in the dependency filter now.

Intrexx Steady Track

Published on 13.09.2023

New Features

System Applications

The system applications "User" and "Global Search" are revised and updated. You can find all the information here.

The former system applications "Users", "Security policies", "Statistics" and "Data transfer" can be found now under the Online applikation templates.

Layout manager and Process manager - dialogs revised

The dialogs for managing processes and layouts have now been updated and aligned with the structure of the Application Manager. You can find information about this here.

Copy files via WriteContainer

Files can now be copied via WriteContainer, e.g. for a backup. You can find more information in our Tips & Tricks - copy files via WriteContainer.

If you select an application when exporting applications, the file name is now automatically preassigned. Also a timestamp can be be included in the file name. For more information, see here.

TinyMCE Editor

Replacement of the file browser in TinyMCE with new "File Manager".


New icons for buttons of the tree. Path navigation can be created at the same time when creating a new tree control.

Marking for "Conditional display"

Grouping, grid and button get an orange mark in the lower right corner on the workspace when a conditional display is active.


  1. IX-4295: OData Provider

    The table now also displays the type and set name.

  2. IX-11789: Process properties

    If the "Allow parallel execution" option is not set, a warning is now displayed in the dialog.

  3. IX-13442: Copy files via WriteContainer

    Files can now be copied via WriteContainer.

  4. IX-17325: TinyMCE Editor

    Replacement of the file browser in TinyMCE with new "File Manager".

  5. IX-18174: Publish application

    Problem: Error checking takes a very long time.

    Solution: Optimization of the error checking time.

  6. IX-19266: Search - Apply filter to suggestions

    Problem: Setting "Apply filter to suggestions" is not recommended for performance reasons.

    Solution: Corresponding note when setting the setting.

  7. IX-20292: Option field

    Problem: Setting "Apply filter to suggestions" is not recommended for performance reasons.

    Solution: The last setting in the dialog is now saved in the and loaded when the dialog is called again. In addition to the radio button, the change also applies to the checkbox filter, the multiple selection, the selection list and the list box.

  8. IX-20309: Tree

    New icons for tree buttons, path navigation can be created at the same time when creating a new tree control.

  9. IX-20605: UserProfile

    Binding "appUserProfile", Velocity "$AppUserProfile" and Groovy "g_appUserProfile" added.

  10. IX-20755: Calendar plugin

    Problem: PageActionHandler is not deleted when deleting calendar plugins.

    Solution: When the last calendar plugin for a data group is deleted, the PageActionHandler is also deleted.

  11. IX-20995: Users

    Problem: Difference between active and deactivated users is hardly visible.

    Solution: Deactivated users are now displayed grayed out.

  12. IX-21241: Check for "software updates" menu

    Problem: Incomprehensible error message.

    Solution: Menu item is now hidden if not functional.

  13. IX-21279: Marking for "Conditional display"

    Grouping, grid and button get an orange mark in the lower right corner on the workspace when a conditional display is active.

  14. IX-21316: TinyMCE Editor

    Problem: TinyMCE ignoriers JavaScript trigger.

    Solution: All events except "onchange" have been removed from the selection, "onchange" is now evaluated.

  15. IX-21323: Chart

    Problem: Legend for multiple diagrams on one page is the same for all diagrams.

    Solution: XSLT paths were adapted for the diagram type "Combination line-column".

  16. IX-21342: Update

    Problem: Waiting time at the patcher.

    Solution: Console: Portal name is issued before patch.

  17. IX-21354: Navigation element

    Problem: Add WriteContainer.

    Solution: Button action "Record navigation": In expert mode, a write container can now be defined via the F4 dialog.

  18. IX-21361: Expert attribute

    Problem: Expert attribute "auto-pagination": Timer continues to run even if the user performs a manual jump.

    Solution: To stop auto-scrolling, an event listener has been added that cancels the timer when links, column headers, and controls in the footer are clicked.

  19. IX-21367: Dependency

    Problem: Dependency error if parameter on page contains a single quote character.

    Solution: Wrong escaping at the reload URL of the table corrected.

  20. IX-21377: Diagnosis

    Problem: "web.config" no longer included in the diagnosis.

    Solution: "web.config" is now included in diagnosis again.

  21. IX-21378: JavaScript editor

    Problem: Set markers are not displayed directly.

    Solution: When editing JavaScript from the menu or menu bar, TODO and FIXME statements in the script are output to the problem tab immediately after exiting the script editor.

  22. IX-21414: Export

    Problem: NPE when searching for layouts in the export dialog.

    Solution: Layouts cannot be filtered by typing in the search box.

  23. IX-21433: OData Connector

    Problem: Session cookies should be deactivatable.

    Solution: New system property "de.uplanet.lucy.server.odata.consumer.auth.cookie.disabled" to disable session cookie handling in the OData client.

  24. IX-21440: OData Connector

    Problem: Uploading the same file name at the same time will result in abortion.

    Solution: When uploading files with the same name at the same time, overwriting is now prevented.

  25. IX-21509: OData Connector

    Problem: Set CSRF token in session.

    Solution: User sessions created by the OData server now also contain a CSRF token.

  26. IX-21536:

    Problem: CVE-2023-3635/CVE-2023-3782: okio.

    Solution: Update for okio and okhttp.

  27. IX-21552: WriteContainer

    Problem: Bindings: order is lost again when editing.

    Solution: Order of bindings of a write container does not change now by editing a binding.

  28. IX-21558: Create portal

    Unification of the database creation dialogs.

Intrexx Steady Track

Published on 14.08.2023

New Features

Presetting of file names when exporting applications

If you select an application when exporting applications, the file name is now automatically preassigned. Also a timestamp can be be included in the file name. You can find more information here.

Portal export

Portals can now be exported without files contained in them. You can find more information here.

Output of the Portal Manager Version

The Portal Manager version is now displayed in the title bar.

Running Intrexx Distributed Cluster as Kubernetes Deployment

Kubernetes deployment of an Intrexx cluster now also possible with the official Intrexx Docker images.

Systemcare - Diagnosis

Diagnostic file can now also be generated via command line. You can find more information here.


  1. IX-10243: Export applications

    If you select an application when exporting applications, the file name is now automatically preassigned. Also a timestamp can be be included in the file name.

  2. IX-13281: Portal export

    Portals can now be exported without files contained in them.

  3. IX-19674: Global data group timer

    Problem: Sort order is missing in the dialog.

    Solution: If a data group is selected for the global timer, a sorting can optionally be configured. The sorting defines the order in which the data sets are processed. If no sorting is specified, then the records are processed in the order in which they are selected by the database used.

  4. IX-19795: Calendar

    Problem: Link to resource display not recognizable as a link.

    Solution: New style is patched into all layouts.

  5. IX-20268: Page wizard

    Problem: Exception when creating an overview page with a freely designed table via page assitent if the data group does not have a "dtinsert" field.

    Solution: Exception does not occur any more.

  6. IX-20387: Target page options

    Problem: No close button in embedded tooltips.

    Solution: The "Open in grouping" setting can now also display a close icon.

  7. IX-20403: References

    Problem: Indexes of references not unique.

    Solution: Index names are now compared on both sides with lower(name) == lower(?) (POSTGRESQL).

  8. IX-20655: Create title

    Problem: Title generation for view fields incorrect.

    Solution: Suggestions for style classes are now applied to all data types for view fields.

  9. IX-20692: File" menu in the "Applications" and "Processes" modules

    Problem: Open the application directory via the menu.

    Solution: The temporary working directory can now be opened if the user has activated the Expert mode accordingly.

  10. IX-20762: Generate documents

    Problem: Cannot download and save PDF under IIS.

    Solution: PDFs can now be downloaded and saved again.

  11. IX-20900: Email Configuration

    Problem: Note that diagrams cannot be used in emails is missing.

    Solution: A warning is now displayed when a page containing charts is selected as content during email configuration. Also, a warning is displayed in the Issues tab when emailing is configured with such a page.

  12. IX-20912: "Tree path" control type

    Problem: "Tree path" control type cannot be selected for string fields in tables.

    Solution: "Tree path" control type can now be selected under the constellation mentioned.

  13. IX-20995: Users

    Problem: Difference between active and deactivated users is hardly visible.

    Solution: Deactivated users are now displayed grayed out.

  14. IX-21048: Search for elements with missing titles

    Problem: Missing titles cannot be found under certain circumstances.

    Solution: Searching for elements with missing language-dependent texts has been unified. Settings are now also searched.

  15. IX-21143: WriteContainer

    Problem: Sequence is not ideal.

    Solution: The order of the bindings in the WriteContainer can now be defined by the user.

  16. IX-21150: Portal Manager

    Problem: Output of the Portal Manager version.

    Solution: The Portal Manager version is now displayed in the title bar.

  17. IX-21223: Docker

    Problem: Running Intrexx Distributed Cluster as Kubernetes Deployment.

    Solution: Kubernetes deployment of an Intrexx cluster now also possible with the official Intrexx Docker images.

  18. IX-21224: Multiple selection

    Problem: Filter on "Current value" does not work.

    Solution: Filter now works as desired.

  19. IX-21265: Client filtering for field from child data group

    Problem: Integer PK is set when automatically creating the child data group.

    Solution: Data type is now selectable.

  20. IX-21272: Versioning


  21. IX-21278: Multiple selection 2.0

    Problem: Dialog saves empty LanguageSettings for static values.

    Solution: No more setting is written for title and subtitle if the title or subtitle is empty.

  22. IX-21282: Connector for dg hyparchive

    Problem: Values from higher-level data groups are not determined at runtime.

    Solution: Data fields from parent data groups of several levels are now also provided for stamp fields.

  23. IX-21291: Diagnosis

    Enable support diagnostics via command line.

  24. IX-21296: Schema manager

    Problem: Errors when exporting and importing schema for new classes.

    Solution: GUIDs of attributes of newly imported classes are now not changed.

  25. IX-21297: Page wizard

    Problem: Page assistant inconsistent during image selection.

    Solution: The option "Do not select a data field" is removed if the selection of a data field is mandatory for the continuation of the Page Wizard. This is the case with the images of templates 3 and 4.

  26. IX-21303: Scheduler

    Problem: History requires many database connections.

    Solution: Database connections through the scheduler history are now limited.

  27. IX-21317: Emails with file attachments

    Problem: Unfavorable MIME mapping for *.msg.

    Solution: Intrexx now assigns by default the file extension ".msg" to the content type "application/" instead of "message/rfc822". This can avoid errors when e-mails saved from Microsoft Outlook are sent as file attachments from e-mails with Intrexx to users who use Outlook.

  28. IX-21320: Markdown editor

    Problem: Creates an unnecessary line break when serializing.

    Solution: Markdown setialization for code blocks fixed.

  29. IX-21328: Target page

    Problem: Button with jump to portal home page does not work.

    Solution: Der Sprung wird nun korrekt ausgeführt.

  30. IX-21334: Elements - Templates

    Problem: Import from older Intrexx version fails.

    Solution: Templates for elements that are at least from version 10.0.0 are now patched to the current version on import.

  31. IX-21341: Log files

    Problem: Service wrapper: set log time zone to UTC.

    Solution: Time zone in *_startup.log files is now UTC.

  32. IX-21343: Layout / Control elements

    Problem: Deleted table cells and total calculations are not removed from the tree, error in log.

    Solution: The deleted controls are now handled correctly.

  33. IX-21352: Layout module

    JQuery-Version updated.

Intrexx Steady Track

Published on 05.07.2023

New Features

Content Editor

You can find all information on the new application element here.

Groovy Debugging

This feature enables the debugging of Groovy script on the server. This does not involve implementing a separate debugger in Intrexx, but rather simplifies the connection of the IntelliJ Remote Debugger. You can find all information on this topic here.


  1. IX-15066: Linux

    Problem: Intrexx user is added to the "sudo" group during installation.

    Solution: Newly created users for Intrexx daemons are now no longer added to the sudo group.

  2. IX-16299: Portal export

    Problem: Optional GZIP compression of .data files.

    Solution: .data files can now be compressed and decompressed for portal export and import.

  3. IX-18330: Update

    PublishAllApplications scripts provided with more memory - heap for PublishAllApplications is determined dynamically.

  4. IX-20647: Filter information

    Problem: Inconsistent display.

    Solution: In the case of an option field, the value of the option is now displayed on.

  5. IX-20681: Process actions / user time zone

    Problem: User time zone is updated by process although this is not desired.

    Solution: In this case, the time zone is now no longer set by process actions.

  6. IX-20698: Application API

    Problem: Checkbox for arbitrary response type for Groovy endpoints.

    Solution: Checkbox for allowing arbitrary response types for Groovy endpoints has been implemented.

  7. IX-20772: Groovy Debugging

    New feature: Groovy Debugging.

  8. IX-20788: Update

    Problem: Portal patch fails if the daemon user does not have a valid login shell.

    Solution: Injection of the login shell into the patch process.

  9. IX-20893: Calculation

    Problem: diffInDay : Calculation error for time change.

    Solution: Calculation now uses the user time zone and not UTC.

  10. IX-20924: Open application

    Problem: If a user tries to open an application locked by another user via the list of recently opened applications in the file menu, this is correctly prevented. However, the user then incorrectly becomes the owner of the locked application.

    Solution: The user now no longer becomes the owner of the application in this way.

  11. IX-20930: Portal Manager

    Problem: FXML documents have wrong version.

    Solution: JFX version in the FXML documents was set to maximum 17. In addition, a TestCase was created to check the version of the FXML documents.

  12. IX-20948: Multiple selection 2.0

    Problem: Properties dialog of copied multiple selection 2.0 can no longer be closed.

    Solution: The user now no longer becomes the owner of the application in this way.

  13. IX-20105: dg hyparchive connector

    Problem: Change stamp usage.

    Solution: The stamp assignment can be removed via the dialog.

  14. IX-21101: Licenses

    Problem: Licenses of unused library versions accumulate in lib/license.

    Solution: License-Ordner cleaned.

  15. IX-21121: Layout

    Layout improvements:

    1. Same styles for hover and focus
    2. New selectors for designing the scrollbar

  16. IX-21126: Bindings

    Problem: When deleting the parameter, the binding in the WriteContainer is not deleted. This is not displayed in the problems tab.

    Solution: Warnings are now displayed in the Problems tab when a page parameter is deleted that is still used in WriteContainers, ReadContainers or filters.

  17. IX-21127: Bindings

    Problem: Edit application creates binding.

    Solution: ForeignKey bindings are now created automatically in WriteContainer only if a page parameter exists for the ForeignKey.

  18. IX-21128: Save record

    Problem: Not possible in certain constellations.

    Solution: Optimized parameter handling solves the problem.

  19. IX-21135: Search configuration

    Problem: Changes to search configuration via the overview page are not applied during optimized publishing.

    Solution: Changes are now applied.

  20. IX-21142: VTL Include

    Problem: Copy velocity file from server to application package does not work.

    Solution: Copying to the application package now works again.

  21. IX-21145: OAuth2/OpenID

    Problem: Intrexx should support redirects to the original page after login.

    Solution: Deep links in the portal now trigger an OAuth2 login, where a user is redirected back to the original Intrexx page after logging in to the external provider. Previously, an OAuth2/OpenID Connect login to the portal could only be triggered via a login button. In doing so, the original URL was lost and the user was redirected to the portal start page after logging in. This function must be explicitly activated via a system property and cannot be used simultaneously with other Intrexx authentication modules (user name/password, Windows Integrated Auth.).

  22. IX-21159: Portal Manager

    Problem: Icons are missing.

    Solution: Icons are now added.

  23. IX-21160: OData Connector

    Problem: Double URL encoding of a multi-field record ID.

    Solution: For complex PKs, the OData client first tries to determine the PK fields from the entity and only then as a fallback via the <id> element. This avoids URL-encoding problems.

  24. IX-21203: System data group

    Problem: Deleting/changing the system data group or fields has no effect on the LCAPPPROPS table.

    Solution: LCAPPPROPS table is now adjusted accordingly when schema changes are made.

  25. IX-21209: WriteContainer

    Problem: If a binding is created in the write container, the window remains open even if you switch to another application.

    Solution: The properties dialogs of write and read containers are now opened modally.

  26. IX-21214: Users

    Problem: An error in the encryption of the dg hyparchive passwords in the configuration leads to a double encryption and thus to invalid passwords.

    Solution: Error was fixed.

  27. IX-21234: Free layout table

    Problem: The individual drop zones of multiple file selection items in a free-form table are not recognized.

    Solution: Drop zone has been extended so that now each file upload is detected separately.

Intrexx Steady Track

Published on 05.06.2023

New Features


New MediaGateway version with improved OAuth2 support for MS365 and new JDBC driver based on gRPC for optimized performance. The new version requires .NET Framework 4.8, which must be installed before the update.


  1. IX-18557: MediaGateway

    New MediaGateway version with improved OAuth2 support for MS365 and new JDBC driver based on gRPC for optimized performance. The new version requires .NET Framework 4.8, which must be installed before the update.

  2. IX-20121: Portal Connection

    Problem: Note about invalid characters in the login dialog.

    Solution: Removed reference to invalid characters.

  3. IX-20357: System monitor / Sessions

    Problem: Session activity display fills log in case of missing permissions.

    Solution: Session list now remains empty if permissions are missing.

  4. IX-20478: Solr

    Solr-Logging optimized.

  5. IX-20570: Administration API

    Problem: Administration API loses session on asynchronous calls.

    Solution: Session is now rebuilt correctly.

  6. IX-20700: Generate documents

    Problem: Document generation is blocked by formatting.

    Solution: When a document is created with corrupt styles, the error is now reported correctly.

  7. IX-20733: Change Track

    Problem: Setup 11.1.0 Steady does not change track when manually updating Silent system.

    Solution: When manually updating a running installation, the title coming from the new version now overwrites the previously selected title.

  8. IX-20789: Diagnosis

    Problem: When manually updating a running installation, the title coming from the new version now overwrites the previously selected title.

    Solution: Diagnosis now with activity display.

  9. IX-20807: Layout

    Problem: In the case of the style properties in the layout, it happened that changes in colors or fonts were not applied.

    Solution: Changes are now applied.

  10. IX-20815: Import portal

    Problem: Import with different file locations and change the file location does not work.

    Solution: Changed file locations can be imported.

  11. IX-20826: Solr

    Update to Solr 9.2.0.

  12. IX-20841: Layout / Print

    Problem: In the properties of the layout you can activate the different functions for the print output, but the fields are not editable.

    Solution: Fields can now be edited.

  13. IX-20843: Multiple Selection 2.0

    Problem: Second multiple selection does not trigger dependency.

    Solution: Dependency is now triggered.

  14. IX-20874: FileWalker

    Problem: Loads very slowly under certain circumstances.

    Solution: Display of folders is now executed faster.

  15. IX-20934: Deinstallation

    Problem: Portal and log data outside of the Intrexx directory will not be removed when uninstalling.

    Solution: ConcurrentModificationException fixed.

  16. IX-20951: Application API

    Problem: Description for static path parameters is not kept.

    Solution: The description field is disabled for static path parameters.

  17. IX-20952: Application API

    Problem: Documentation lists path and query parameters as part of the request body.

    Solution: Modify fields that match the parameters by name (path/query) are excluded.

  18. IX-20991: Portlet container

    Problem: Racecondition at "Restrict display of portlet on web by Groovy script".

    Solution: The DataCollection from the PortletContainer side is included in the BindingContext.

  19. IX-21006: Change Portal

    Problem: Client freezes when switching portal.

    Solution: When switching directly between two portals, the manager freezes if the certificate of the second portal has not been accepted before.

  20. IX-21012: Playing videos in Safari

    Problem: Playing videos in Safari does not work.

    Solution: Support for range requests for file downloads from data groups. The feature enables direct playback of media files in Safari, among other things.

  21. IX-21052: FileWalker

    Problem: Filewalker with symlink.

    Solution: For the root path, toRealPath() had to be called to resolve the symbolic link.

  22. IX-21078: Application API

    Problem: Attachment of Aplication API endpoint not possible.

    Solution: The check for already used endpoint URLs was fixed.

  23. IX-21096: Groovy

    Problem: With PageActionHandler before and multiple WriteContainers, not all values can be retrieved from the previous WriteContainer via Binding.

    Solution: Values of the WriteContainer are now available via Binding.

Intrexx Steady Track

Published on 08.05.2023

New features


Update from Groovy 3 to Groovy 4. YAML support of Groovy BSF module in Groovy has been removed.

You can find more information at


New methods to get the uptime of the portal and the time of the portal start in Groovy and Velocity. New method to format durations as string in Velocity.

More information about the new Groovy methods can be found at here.

More information about the new Velocity methods can be found at here.


  1. IX-14891: TinyMCE

    Problem: Visualization of mandatory input in TinyMCE is not given.

    Solution: Mandatory input is now visualized with a red frame as usual.

  2. IX-16177: Groovy

    Update from Groovy 3 to Groovy 4. YAML support of Groovy BSF module in Groovy has been removed.

    You can find more information at

  3. IX-16982: TinyMCE

    Problem: Long text input fields with TinyMCE remain empty in shared tables.

    Solution: Initialization of the editor was changed, TinyMCE fields work now also in free tables.

  4. IX-19889: Log out from the portal

    Problem: Under certain circumstances, the Portal Manager hangs on logout. A cookie error is repeatedly entered in the portal.log.

    Solution: Problem is fixed.

  5. IX-19983: Last used connections

    Problem: Connection names not readily identifiable.

    Solution: The list of recently used connections now also displays the host and port.

  6. IX-20359: System Check

    Problem: Users without special rights (only member of the user group) can open the Tools module in the client and request a system check. With this an AccessControlException is thrown in the log and an error message in the client.

    Solution: Users without special rights only have no access to the system check anymore.

  7. IX-20365: Multi Tenancy - Dependency

    Problem: Client filtering does not work in the user system application.

    Solution: Filtering with "Contains client ID" and "Can be used in other modules" now works again.

  8. IX-20429: Portal properties / database

    Problem: The database version is not visible for databases running under Microsoft SQL.

    Solution: Database info now readable again.

  9. IX-20451: Update

    Problem: Portal list is empty after update.

    Solution: The portalRegistry.yaml is now also copied if it exists.

  10. IX-20467: Multiple selection / distribution list selection - selection filter in control

    Problem: For the setting "Show all entries if all selection filters are inactive" sometimes the wrong value is displayed.

    Solution: The correct values are now displayed again.

  11. IX-20469: Hashtags in text fields

    Problem: ClassCastException when deleting tags.

    Solution: TagNameRequestInputValidator fixed.

  12. IX-20484: Create portal

    Problem: "Edit portal" not possible at the end of creating.

    Solution: Removed edit link on termination page.

  13. IX-20495: Search - Solr

    Problem: Solr finds too many documents in tag searches under certain circumstances.

    Solution: Index at "addToIndex" is explicitly committed immediately.

  14. IX-20529: Edit field

    Problem: Read-only input fields cannot be read by a "dependency".

    Solution: Validation check changed.

  15. IX-20547: Binding

    Problem: In the free layout tables, it may not be possible to select data fields in the binding.

    Solution: Available data fields can be selected in the Binding tab of a control.

  16. IX-20594: Data fields

    Problem: Application with data field NCHAR can no longer be published.

    Solution: The data type is now taken into account in the TypeConverter.

  17. IX-20617: Linux

    Problem: No re-authentication after abort when creating a portal on Linux.

    Solution: Sudo password dialog is now shown again if it was previously cancelled.

  18. IX-20638: Scripting

    New feature: New methods to determine the uptime of the portal and the time of the portal start in Groovy and Velocity. New method to format durations as string in Velocity.

  19. IX-20645: Portal Manager

    Problem: Note for the preparation of the Portal Manager no longer is displayed.

    Solution: Hint message for the preparation of the Portal Manager is displayed again.

  20. IX-20660: Foreign keys

    Problem: Foreign keys are created again and again when the target table is changed.

    Solution: Foreign keys are only recreated when the referenced columns in the target table are changed.

  21. IX-20665: Setup / Advanced settings

    Problem: Setup does not change track when confirmed with Enter key.

    Solution: Changed CSS to optimize the visibility of the Shift key selection state. Exit from Release Track dialog is prevented when no track is selected.

  22. IX-20694: Export of applications / file selection

    Problem: Misbehavior during file selection in the dialog for application export.

    Solution: The path to the export file can now be edited directly via the input field.

  23. IX-20696: Diagnosis

    Problem: Incorrect/missing timestamps.

    Solution: File attributes are now applied.

  24. IX-20697: Administration API

    Problem: Swagger support for arbitrary response type on Groovy endpoints.

    Solution: Configurations and the Swagger-file generator extended by the specification of the HTTP response content type.

  25. IX-20723: Connectors

    Problem: Connectors (FileHandlers) that no longer exist prevent AppImport.

    Solution: Missing connector file handlers are now only logged as errors and no longer prevent an application from being imported.

  26. IX-20768: OData Provider

    Problem: LoginException on Bearer Token Auth leads to HTTP status 500 instead of 401.

    Solution: LoginExceptions when validating the token in the Groovy script of the OData Provider Bearer Token Authentication module now result in an HTTP 401 status response (instead of HTTP 500).

  27. IX-20780: Button

    Problem: Buttons behave differently when triggered by JS.

    Solution: If the click event is programmatically triggered several times in succession for an action control of the type "Text", this now behaves correctly and prevents further execution of the stored action until the previous one has been completed.

  28. IX-20800: JMS

    Update JMS-Client to ActiveMQ 5.18.0.

  29. IX-20805: Search

    Problem: Poor performance of the filter or permission check when searching.

    Solution: Filter query aggregation works now.

Intrexx Steady Track 11.0.0

Published on 28.03.2023


  1. IX-15687: Websites instead of virtual directories in IIS

    Problem: buildportal.bat is not allowed to show "Default Website".

    Solution: The virtual directories that are no longer supported are no longer queried via the console. The default IIS website is no longer listed in the selection of websites. Also, the base URL is queried.

  2. IX-15694: Users

    Problem: Deactivated users cannot be reactivated via the web.

    Solution: Deactivated users can now be reactivated via the web.

  3. IX-16149: Microsoft Teams Process Actions

    Problem: Unclear error message when team members are selected from a data field and an incorrect type is specified.

    Solution: Error message was improved.

  4. IX-17013: Microsoft Process Actions

    Problem: Error message when creating two teams with same mail address too inaccurate.

    Solution: Error message was improved.

  5. IX-17533: Portlets

    Problem: "Reset individual settings" also affects the anonymous area.

    Solution: In the cache, the entry for Anonymous was also removed. So it was a display problem. Now DEFAULT + Anonymous is excluded in the cache.

  6. IX-17721: Groovy

    run-groovy-script-Option removed from Intrexx Manager.

  7. IX-18828: Update

    Problem: When executing the update from Intrexx Silent Track to version Intrexx Silent 2023, Steady Track is selected in the setup.

    Solution: In this case, the Silent Track is now selected.

  8. IX-19734: Connect to portal

    Problem: When connecting to a portal, it is not immediately obvious that a free connection name can be selected in the "Network" and "Local" connection tabs.

    Solution: New help icon and explanation text in the tabs, analogous to registering a portal in the portal administration.

  9. IX-19844: OData

    Problem: 00-oauth2-context.xml is overwritten during steady-state update.

    Solution: It is now optionally possible to overwrite the OAuth2 Spring configuration settings in an upgrade-safe manner in a separate configuration file. For this purpose, a property file "" can be created under internal/cfg. Individual bean properties can then be overwritten in this file, e.g.: defaultOAuth2Login.userMappingScript=./internal/cfg/custom_oauth2_usermapping.groovy oAuth2BearerTokenLogin.userMappingScript=./internal/cfg/custom_oauth2_usermapping.groovy oAuth2BearerTokenLogin.userClaimAttribute=mail oAuth2BearerTokenLogin.userClaimDbField=emailBiz oAuth2BearerTokenLogin.userRegistrationEnabled=true

  10. IX-20040: Diagnosis

    Problem: Zip archives can no longer be handled or unzipped in a meaningful way.

    Solution: internal/cfg/scheduler and log directory are now zipped if they contain more than 500 files.

  11. IX-20120: Linux

    Problem: Installation with without root fails with missing permissions on the directory.

    Solution: Added permission check for installation folders.

  12. IX-20270: Update

    When starting the manager under Intrexx 11, some settings are now taken over from the user directory of an older Intrexx version, if such a directory exists (up to Intrexx 19.03).

  13. IX-20274: Portal Manager

    New menu item in the "View" menu: "Show portal management". After showing the view, there is a new tab "Portals" in the "Start" module in the login area. Here you can register portals to connect to them more easily. The portal management is especially useful if you have a lot of portals. The registration requires any name for the connection, the server name or IP address, and the port. Clicking on an entry opens the login dialog. An entry can be edited or removed using the corresponding buttons. There is also a search and the possibility to change the sorting in the list.

  14. IX-20279: Linux

    Problem: reports errors as JSON to the console.

    Solution: JSON is now converted.

  15. IX-20305: Solr

    Problem: Folder "solr" in the Intrexx installation directory partially still contains files from 8.11.1.

    Solution: Solr erasure code fixed.

  16. IX-20371: Image selection

    Problem: Checksum files visible in image selection.

    Solution: Checksum files are now hidden in the assets folder.

  17. IX-20374: Linux

    Problem: Setup asks for Oracle rights twice during update.

    Solution: You will now only be asked for Oracle rights once.

  18. IX-20393: Calculation

    Problem: Element "Calculation" works only conditionally with DateTime data fields.

    Solution: DateTime data fields are now loaded and evaluated. Previously, Datetime data fields were ignored and not loaded.

  19. IX-20396: Linux

    Problem: Wrong bracket in

    Solution: Bracket corrected.

  20. IX-20401: Value range

    Problem: Value range does not filter when emptied.

    Solution: The filter is now triggered when the field is emptied.

  21. IX-20414: Groovy

    Problem: If you use an external editor and want to store Groovy script in the OData connector, it will not be saved.

    Solution: At this point, only the internal editor is used.

  22. IX-20420: Administration API

    Problem: NPE on uninstall check if Irma is installed. Package list is null.

    Solution: NPE no longer in log on uninstall.

  23. IX-20433: Expert attributes

    Problem: choosereferencefields, choosesystemfields have no effect.

    Solution: Internally flagged fields are now no longer displayed. Choose attributes now work again.

  24. IX-20446: Web server

    The experimental header X-Content-Security-Policy (IE 10/IE 11) is no longer supported.

  25. IX-20462: Search

    Problem: Tags in global search no longer return specific results.

    Solution: Filter works again.

  26. IX-20473: Linux

    Problem: License Deprecation Warning requires user input on command line setup.

    Solution: --silent flag now prevents manual prompting in command line installation of OUs.

  27. IX-20481: Chart

    Problem: Legend is not exported with.

    Solution: Export Master Library has been adjusted so that the legend is now displayed in the export.

  28. IX-20486: Update

    Problem: Infinite loop after message about upgrade not executable.

    Solution: \n added, message text adjusted.

  29. IX-20525: Grid

    Problem: Width of a container can no longer be changed if a width of 1 is selected.

    Solution: The version of JavaFX has been changed to 17.0.6.

  30. IX-20649: Portal pages

    Problem: Defacement of the Intrexx start page by Anonymous.

    Solution: Anonymous check built in.

Intrexx Steady Track

Published on 14.02.2023

New Features

New IMAP event source for Microsoft Exchange Online

The new IMAP event source supports authentication with the OAuth2 client credential grant flow.

In the IMAP event source you can now choose between the types "Standard IMAP" or "Exchange Online". In the e-mail server settings there are new configuration options for Exchange Online. In addition, the connection test for Exchange Online has been adjusted.

You can find all further information here:Set up IMAP event source for Exchange Online


New Groovy methods for subscribing/de-subscribing to Intrexx Share plug-ins.


  1. IX-3657: Setup

    Problem: Setup aborts late if the installed version is outdated.

    Solution: Setup is blocked after directory selection if version is outdated.

  2. IX-15593: Target page options

    Problem: Support for print preview in popup.

    Solution: Instead of popup, a new page is now displayed.

  3. IX-18479: Update

    Problem: Portal manager does not start after incorrect update.

    Solution: The Portal Manager now updates all required files.

  4. IX-18666: Tomcat

    All logs from tomcat/log can now be found in the regular log directory.

  5. IX-19239: Element templates

    Problem: Templates of elements no longer available after update, if Intrexx is installed in Windows under "Program Files".

    Solution: Template configuration is now no longer overwritten during update.

  6. IX-19250: Installation

    Problem: IllegalArgumentException at if no parameter is given.

    Solution: Help output in if no parameter is specified.

  7. IX-19298: Show/Hide button action

    Problem: If you set the setting "Save last setting in cookie", the property "aria-expanded" will always be set to the value "false" the next time you open the page, even if the grouping is shown.

    Solution: Cookie information about FlipFlop status is now evaluated initially.

  8. IX-19343: Date selection calendar

    Problem: Date picker does not trigger dynamic filter under certain circumstances. The problem arises when the field ("To" date) is a mandatory field. Then the first input is ignored and no filter reload is triggered.

    Solution: Dynamic filter is now triggered again.

  9. IX-19456: Data Picker button action

    Problem: Result lists of datapicker navigation elements are always displayed even if this function is disabled. The problem arises when the field ("To" date) is a mandatory field. Then the first input is ignored and no filter reload is triggered.

    Solution: The pager is now only displayed in the datapicker if there are multiple pages or if "always show" has been selected.

  10. IX-19547: Application import

    Problem: On Linux and also on the Mac it sometimes takes a long time until the list of applications is displayed.

    Solution: Application import now runs faster again.

  11. IX-19563: Solr

    Update to Solr 9.1.0 due to CVE-2022-39135.

  12. IX-19568: Research

    Problem: Second button with SVG is not displayed in search and position (right) is not kept.

    Solution: Now both screen buttons are displayed correctly.

  13. IX-19643: View table

    Problem: Omission character in view tables is missing.

    Solution: Ellipsis characters are now displayed correctly again when text exceeds the given length.

  14. IX-19651: Check box

    Problem: Wrong style entry for checkboxes.

    Solution: When selecting the style class "CheckboxGroup_Standard" in the view tab of a control, the correct style class is now set.

  15. IX-19691: Create portal

    Problem: Create portal without Sudo does not work under Arch Linux.

    Solution: Portal will be started only with correct sudo/root password.

  16. IX-19736: Open application

    Problem: Applications cannot be opened if the portal manager version differs from the server.

    Solution: Error message is now displayed when an app cannot be opened.

  17. IX-19793: Tree element

    Problem: Applications cannot be opened if the portal manager version differs from the server.

    Solution: Error message is now displayed when an app cannot be opened.

  18. IX-19808: Ticker

    Problem: Ticker in application portlets does not work for anonymous users.

    Solution: The ticker configuration has been enabled for anonymous mode in the portlet configuration.

  19. IX-19832: Create portal

    Portalbuilder now also without root/sudo.

  20. IX-19833: Linux setup

    Intrexx can now be installed under Linux without root privileges.

  21. IX-19853: Check box

    Problem: Checkbox view always returns true as checked.

    Solution: For the views of checkboxes, the attribute data-checked is now written in the text as well as in the image. This allows the state to be read correctly via element.oUp.checked even when displayed as text.

  22. IX-19861: Velocity

    Problem: $Binding does not have access to a freed table.

    Solution: When the page was prepared using Velocity, access was enabled again.

  23. IX-19918: Solr

    Problem: Solr properties are serialized as non-empty XML elements.

    Solution: XML serialization fixed

  24. IX-19944: Empty Application

    Problem: When an empty application is saved twice optimized, the following error occurs: NoSuchFileException -> globalMultisource.js.

    Solution: The application can now be published again without any problems.

  25. IX-19952: Data type "DateTime"

    Problem: DateTime constraint ( < 01.01.1753)

    Solution: Review lifted to 1753.

  26. IX-19959: Application layout

    Problem: Controls of type "Text" and input elements with subtype lose styles when editing the layout again.

    Solution: Styles are now retained when the layout is reopened.

  27. IX-19970: Application licenses

    Problem: Title of application licenses can no longer be edited.

    Solution: For application licenses, the title can now be edited again in the license manager.

  28. IX-19981: Velocity

    Problem: Image Rotation does not work with Velocity.

    Solution: Autorotate is now taken into account when specified.

  29. IX-19995: Solr

    Update to Apache MIME4J 0.8.9 due to CVE-2022-45935 CVE-2022-45787.

  30. IX-20014: Language contants

    Problem: Excelimport of language constants does not check the names for forbidden characters.

    Solution: Import of language constants: Only language constants with valid names can be imported.

  31. IX-20037: Distribution selection

    Aor performance reasons, static images are now displayed in the Intrexx Share distribution list instead of profile and group images for Intrexx Share users, contacts, and groups. Furthermore, the position is now additionally displayed.

  32. IX-20039: Linux

    Problem: No sudo query when deleting portals.

    Solution: sudo control fixed.

  33. IX-20047: Linux

    Problem: No sudo query when creating portals.

    Solution: sudo control fixed.

  34. IX-20050: Velocity

    Problem: Dropdown list created in Velocity returns NULL or " " for deleted records, which causes an error when processing the request on the server.

    Solution: NULL values are now accepted as valid values by the server, so that no error occurs anymore.

  35. IX-20056: OData

    Problem: SAP Gateway may experience problems with URL-encoded primary key values in GET queries.

    Solution: Error is fixed by the fix if the ID fields are included in the query.

  36. IX-20057: Jump target

    Problem: When using IIS, for all action controls with linktype="1" (jump to a URL) the actionMode is not taken over into the web XML, so that the transformation does not append qs_actionMode=actNone to the URL.

    Solution: The request handling of action controls has been adjusted. The superfluous question mark is now no longer appended and the entered URL is called directly via standard HttpRequest.

  37. IX-20061: Check software update

    Problem: Menu is enabled with client installed, but has no effect.

    Solution: Menu item can now only be selected when the server connection is active.

  38. IX-20091: Linux

    Problem: Canceling the leads to NPE.

    Solution: NPE now no longer occurs.

  39. IX-20117: Application import

    Problem: Import of an import package consisting of application and process without overwriting fails if the same application and process already exist in the portal.

    Solution: Changed GUIDs from applications are adjusted during import without overwriting in processes.

  40. IX-20137: Grid

    Problem: In the header of a grid, if a constant is selected as the title, zero is displayed in the other tabs.

    Solution: In the title of the properties dialog of a grid, as with all other elements, only the type of control is now displayed and not the title of the control.

  41. IX-20162: Groovy

    New Groovy methods to subscribe/de-subscribe share plugins.

  42. IX-20187: FileWalker

    Problem: Filewalker fails at the initial determination of the file size.

    Solution: We refrain from asking for the size initially and thus also from the message in the portal.log.

  43. IX-20187: CSS styles

    Problem: Color selection background color in dialog may not be transferred to CSS.

    Solution: Background color is now updated after selection in CSS.

  44. IX-20199: Tomcat

    Update to Tomcat 8.5.85.

  45. IX-20210: Multiple selection 2.0

    Problem: API vs. Browser.setValue API.

    Solution: In multiple selection 2.0, the selected values can now be replaced via additional attribute.

  46. IX-20244: Solr

    Problem: Due to a flag combination in the search configuration, a Solr exception occurred under certain circumstances with the indication that fields are undefined.

    Solution: Exception does not occur now, because _nn_* fields are allowed.

  47. IX-20282: IMAP event source

    Support of Exchange Online in IMAP event sources and as e-mail service. In the IMAP event source you can now choose between the types "Standard IMAP" or "Exchange Online". In the e-mail server settings there are new configuration options for Exchange Online. In addition, the connection test for Exchange Online has been adjusted.

Intrexx Steady Track

Published on 26.01.2023

New Features

Single Service Deployment (removing the supervisor)

The market continues to develop, and with it Intrexx. In order for us to be optimally equipped for the future, architectural changes became necessary.

In production operation, one portal is often operated per installation, especially in cloud deployments. To better support these deployments, the supervisor service has been removed.

Intrexx portals now only require one service for use. Functions that were previously cross-portal, such as diagnostics, license manager, or log viewer, now always display only the data of the currently connected portal.

As part of this, a new Administration API endpoint for creating diagnostics has also been added.


With the changes, Intrexx behaves in the same way in the cloud environment as in classic operation. In addition, a reduction in complexity was achieved and deployment in the container is simplified. Furthermore, the user experience for new customers is better, since one always connects directly to the portal and the "supervisor" concept was difficult to understand.

Additional Information

When updating to the version, a list with all portals of the Intrexx instance and their ports is output. You need the information from the list to connect directly to the portals. Once you have established a connection, it will be saved under the last used connections.


Please note: If you are updating and previously had Limited User licenses in use, an adjustment is necessary after the update. Please move all users who are Limited Users to the new user group "Light User" in the user administration. You can find all information about this here.

After we had already developed new licenses for our new pricing model in 10.14.0, which optimally map the different editions (Starter, Professional and Premium), extensions have now been added.

External users and light users can now be configured and assigned more easily. There have also been UI adjustments so that users also receive graphical feedback when functionalities are not active due to the use of a lower edition.

Essentially, the new licenses of the new price model differ in that individual license keys do not have to be imported for all components of a successful licensing (users, servers, connectors, etc.), as was previously the case, but rather all information about the editions, user licenses, and connectors is available in a single, somewhat longer license key. This saves you, as the system administrator, the laborious insertion of individual keys and facilitates the correct licensing of Intrexx.

Official IX-Image is now (optionally) horizontally scalable


By minor adjustments (configuration parameters), the official IX-Image can be started in distributed mode and thus form an IX-Cluster. A description about this can be found here:


Until now, horizontal scaling was relatively cumbersome to set up and operate. The barrier to entry was relatively high because there were major differences to the "classic" operation. These differences are now minimal and all functionalities of the official IX Image are also available in the distributed operation.



As of 10.15.0, the "SolrCloud" operating mode is fully supported for Intrexx installations. Solr can nevertheless still be installed locally, but is now optionally also cloud-capable and can be used for multiple Intrexx instances if required. For this, the accesses per portal are secured via authentication. Existing portals are initially not affected by the change, but with the update Solr will be updated to version 9.0, which is why authentication between portal server and Solr search server will then be necessary. Here we automatically assign a default user with password so that the authentication works out of the box.


With SolrCloud, distributed cloud instances are even easier and more cost-effective to realize through resource sharing.


  1. IX-16815: Layout

    All upclockpicker styles have been removed from the layouts.

  2. IX-16865: ImageMagick

    Problem: In portals with ImageMagick, images may be rotated incorrectly.

    Solution: Images now have the correct orientation again.

  3. IX-17217: Favicon

    Problem: Customized Favicon doesn't work in all scenarios.

    Solution: Method has been implemented that checks if a custom favicon is available and thus replaces the default favicon when the "loggedout.html" page is loaded.

  4. IX-18579: Solr

    Update to Solr 9.

  5. IX-18931: Create portal

    Problem: Portal Manager has problems with portal creation when frequently switching between portal template types during creation.

    Solution: Portal Manager now works correctly again.

  6. IX-19040: IX-Image

    Feature: Official IX-Image is now (optionally) horizontally scalable.

    Function: By minor adjustments (configuration parameters) the official IX-Image can be started in distributed mode and thus form an IX-Cluster. A description about this can be found here:

    Benefit: Previously, horizontal scaling was relatively cumbersome to set up and operate. The entry hurdle was relatively high because there were major differences to the "classic" operation. These differences are now minimal and all functionalities of the official IX-Image are also available in the distributed operation.

  7. IX-19044: MQTT

    Problem: MQTT event source does not reinitialize correctly after availability issues.

    Solution: The reconnect mechanism on connection failure of the MQTT event source has been changed so that the complete connection is reestablished. This is to prevent very rare cases where the automatic reconnect of the Eclipse Paho library failed.

  8. IX-19139: Search suggestions

    Problem: When the search suggestion settings are enabled, you may experience performance issues.

    Solution: By default, search suggestion settings are now disabled.

  9. IX-19280: Administration API

    Problem: Javalin writes deserialized username/password to the Administration API log.

    Solution: If the payload of the authentication call is incorrectly formatted, the payload is now no longer written to the log.

  10. IX-19310: View table

    Problem: Export of a pre-filtered table exports too many records.

    Solution: Parameters are now evaluated.

  11. IX-19311: Grid

    Problem: Grid is stretched excessively if an input field with type "Date" is placed in a grid while the Page Wizard opens the Properties dialog (setting "Show Dialog" on last page of the wizard) and then the control type is changed from "Date" to "Time".

    Solution: Grid now no longer stretched too far.

  12. IX-19428: Portals on Linux

    Problem: does not consider lib/extensions of the portal. This leads, for example, to portals with Intrexx Share not being able to be started via the portal start scripts.

    Solution: <portal>/lib/extensions is now recursively added to the CLASSPATH.

  13. IX-19435: Setup

    Problem: If in maintenance mode the certificate type in the configuration of the Administration API is set to "Use self-signed certificate", then during an update this setting is set to "Use CA-signed certificate". "Use self-signed certificate", this setting will be set to "Use CA-signed certificate" during an update.

    Solution: Einstellung wird jetzt beibehalten.

  14. IX-19449: View table

    Problem: Image as button in table is not rendered smaller.

    Solution: Due to an old bugfix for IE11, the original file was loaded and scaled web-side. Now the scaled image is used as desired.

  15. IX-19460: Administration API

    Problem: Portal is not removed from admin-api.yaml during deletion.

    Solution: When a portal is deleted, the portal's entry is now also removed from admin-api.yaml.

  16. IX-19482: Login to the portal

    Problem: Loading the user language in logindenied.vm is not correct.

    Solution: Language is loaded directly again.

  17. IX-19565: Multiple selection 2.0

    Problem 1: If a multiple selection 2.0 with subquery on an overview page is the triggering element for a dependency, the content of the multiple selection is empty.

    Solution: Subqueries in combination with dependencies are now possible. The content of the multiple selection is displayed correctly.

    Problem 2: Multiple selection 2.0 with subquery as triggering element for a dependency creates unclear user message in the web view and an error when triggering the dependency.

    Solution: Message is no longer displayed and dependency can be triggered.

  18. IX-19567: Sortable List

    Problem: An exception is thrown when dragging and dropping the entries.

    Solution: Exception removed.

  19. IX-19577: Linux

    Problem: Shell scripts must be executed as "root" under Linux.

    Solution: Shell scripts no longer require execution by the root user.

  20. IX-19582: Multiple selection 2.0

    Problem: Multiple selection 2.0 does not trigger an onchange if the control is in a free-form table. The onchange event was not initialized in free-form tables.

    Solution: After including the corresponding template in the transformation of the freely designed table, the onchange event is now triggered again.

  21. IX-19583: Dynamic View

    Problem: The Expert setting for the separator parameter (groupSeparator) when displaying floating point values in a dynamic view cannot be set to "not present".

    solution: An empty value for the groupSeparator is now allowed.

  22. IX-19590: Deinstallation

    Problem: Deinstallation doesn't remove old icons.

    Solution: Icons are now deleted.

  23. IX-19613: Setup

    Problem: Empty amd64 and i386 directories in the client setup.

    Solution: Directories are now deleted.

  24. IX-19650: Setup

    Problem: SteadyTrack installation script waits for user input when portal services are already finished.

    Solution: If the -s or --silent flag was set during the update via the console, user input is now no longer requested when services are terminated.

  25. IX-19751: Portal properties

    Problem: ClassPath in portal.wcf no longer used.

    Solution: Removed references to lib/remote.

  26. IX-19762: Multiple selection 2.0

    Problem: Special characters in the displayed value are not displayed correctly.

    Solution: Characters are no longer HTML encoded for JSON transport.

  27. IX-19769: Microsoft Exchange Connector

    Problem: The Exchange message tree control filter could not select subfolders under certain circumstances.

    Solution: Subfolders can now be selected again.

  28. IX-19821: Search - Facettes

    Problem: Facet filters are not assembled correctly when searching over more than one search configuration.

    Solution: Facet filters are now assembled correctly.

  29. IX-19835: Multilingualism

    Problem: Multilingualism in diagrams does not work when using local constants.

    Solution: Language constants from applications are now displayed.

  30. IX-19860: Search - Tags

    Problem: Global search throws error when searching for tags.

    Solution: Error was fixed in the query engine.

  31. IX-19864: Portal export

    Problem: does not work.

    Solution: Export now works correctly again.

Intrexx Steady Track

Published on 16.12.2022

New Features

Portal Manager - new design

With the update 10.14.0, there is a new coat of paint for the Portal Manager. In keeping with the new corporate design of Intrexx, the product is now also becoming electric! In addition to the obvious color changes, there are also design adjustments such as the new module menu, which is now prominently located to the left of the workspace. Furthermore, the position of the toolbar has changed. This can now be found at the top right. With the new login concept, logging in to our cloud environments is now even easier. It is enough to enter the portal name. It is no longer necessary to know which server and port must be addressed.

Markdown Editor

After the markdown editor in the last update was renewed, it is now extended by the styling functionality. CSS variables are now available in the layout designer here as well. Here, simple settings such as colors, radius and frame thickness can be configured. These settings are automatically applied to all parts of the control. In addition, our layout templates have been adapted and the control already styled according to the layouts. With the styling option, the new Markdown editor fits perfectly into all layouts. This applies to customer layouts with certain color and styling specifications as well as dark layouts.

M-Files Connector

The M-Files Connector can now also access M-Files Cloud.


  1. IX-7010: Applications

    Remaining templates for web service processing have been removed. The cc: prefix should no longer appear in XSL.

  2. IX-8301: View table / Free layout table - options

    Problem: Dialog writes not necessary norecordstext element.

    Solution: Now only the "norecordstext" element is written to the XML if the setting "Show text if no record exists" is set and the setting "Use global text" is not set.

  3. IX-14958: Data base IBM DB2

    System database support has been removed.

  4. IX-17020: File data field

    Problem: File data field when creating a file selection takes longer than a minute.

    Solution: Reduced server calls.

  5. IX-17312: Data Picker

    Problem: Value in Resultlist duplicated if the column of the search field and the assignment of the target field are the same.

    Solution: Values are now no longer displayed twice.

  6. IX-17628: Multiple Selection and Tree

    Problem: The Javascript calls and upGroovySelectOption.prototype.deselect do not behave as expected.

    Solution: The function of select and deselect had been swapped due to an error. The expected functionality is restored.

  7. IX-18248: Edit field - date selection

    Problem: Mobile date fields cannot be cleared.

    Solution: Allow input on mobile devices so that the date can be removed.

  8. IX-18269: CMS

    Problem: Selected display of the called CMS page in the first level of the main menu.

    Solution: CMS menu items are now correctly displayed as highlighted.

  9. IX-18553: Zoom area

    Problem: Manager remains in zoom mode: blank display under certain circumstances.

    Solution: The workspace is now displayed correctly.

  10. IX-18572: Request parameter

    Problem: rq_portalGuid is double hex encoded.

    Solution: The query string parameters Portal GUID and Portlet GUID are now only written to the request via "rq_PortalGuid" and "rq_PortletGuid" respectively. Please note the upper/lower case in each case! "rq_portalGuid" or "rq_portletGuid" (small "p") are no longer used.

  11. IX-18590: Save as...

    Problem: File Chooser of diagnostics does not update after creating a new folder.

    Solution: After a new directory has been created in the FileChooser, the FileChooser scrolls to this directory so that it is now immediately visible.

  12. IX-18911: Groovy

    New Groovy handler g_dgFile - FileUCHelper has not been replaced and is still present. The new handler can be used in Groovy workflow actions and in Groovy handlers of the of the Application API. It can be called via g_dgFile. It can be used to upload, copy, delete files and determine paths to files.

  13. IX-18938: Application API

    Problem: Unlinked response parameter is not noticed.

    Solution: Exiting the dialog is now prevented if an assignment is missing.

  14. IX-18945: Generic Event Handler

    Problem: Dialog loses selected class.

    Solution: The settings are now also retained for "Next" and "Back".

  15. IX-18955: Application API

    Problem: Incorrect data type in the request body is passed on.

    Solution: The passing of wrong data types is now acknowledged with an error.

  16. IX-18987: Element settings / styles

    Problem: Some CSS values that could be entered in the editor were not accepted when editing in the other views and were then deleted.

    Solution: Table views also now accept all values that can be entered in the CSS editor. For the "grouped table" and "edit CSS properties in dialog" views, properties are now hidden or disabled, if the values of the shortcut properties (background, font, padding, margin, border) are not automatically distributed to the respective properties properties in the table or in the dialog.

  17. IX-19009: SystemCare

    Problem: Incomplete error message for non-exportable characters in database.

    Solution: Table name is additionally written in error message.

  18. IX-19052: Setup log

    Problem: No read rights for other users.

    Solution: Read permissions have been adjusted.

  19. IX-19055: Import - File storage page

    Problem: Portal Manager hangs when clicking on "advanced settings" (gear icon).

    Solution: Problem solved.

  20. IX-19087: Administrator API

    Problem: Service does not start after update on Windows systems.

    Solution: Service is restarted after update.

  21. IX-19105: FileWalker

    Problem: Enter in the search field does not trigger the search.

    Solution: The search field gets a new event handler "keydown" which triggers the search on enter.

  22. IX-19124: Hidden Area

    Problem: Make hidden area in browser visible via settings and corresponding menu item throws error in console.

    Solution: There is now no console error when showing the area via the menu.

  23. IX-19141: Application API

    Problem: There is now no console error when showing the area via the menu.

    Solution: Exiting the dialog is prevented if no change fields are selected.

  24. IX-19142: Installation

    Update of Woodstox XML pullparsers on version 6.4.0.

  25. IX-19155: M-Files Connector

    The M-Files Connector can now also access M-Files Cloud.

  26. IX-19158: Markdown Editor

    Toolbar is now displayed at the top again.

  27. IX-19159: Markdown Editor

    The initial state was set to WYSIWYG for all Szeanrien.

  28. IX-19169: Application import

    Problem: Import/update of applications in Steady Track fails under certain circumstances.

    Solution: Creation of ForeignKeys corrected.

  29. IX-19190: Markdown Editor

    In Markdown mode, the Compose and Preview tabs are no longer displayed.

  30. IX-19196: Diagram

    Problem: Jump target does not work for negative values.

    Solution: Negative values can now be used as jump targets.

  31. IX-19198: Diagrams

    Problem: When loading and updating chart of the "Line bar" type, the dependencies are not correctly taken into account.

    Solution: Error was fixed.

  32. IX-19245: Import processes

    Problem: GUIDs of user objects are not replaced when importing processes.

    Solution: Guids are now also replaced in processes.

  33. IX-19258: Schema manager

    Problem: Names of additional attributes are not validated during editing, which can lead to errors in scripts.

    Solution: For new attributes and when the name of existing attributes is changed, only names are allowed, that are allowed in Groovy scripts, as bean property and in the application designer as default value and parameter fallback value. Certain characters are no longer allowed and the names must not start with a number.

  34. IX-19262: Update

    Problem: When updating (GUI), the Administration API feature is not selected, although it is enabled in the existing installation.

    Solution: The setup now takes into account all the features present in the existing installation.

  35. IX-19271: Multiple selection

    Problem: Child record with selection in multiple selection cannot be saved.

    Solution: Determining the ForeignKey value now works.

  36. IX-19272: Image gallery

    Problem: Image gallery is not displayed with PDFs under certain circumstances.

    Solution: Link to the correct view so that the gallery can always be displayed.

  37. IX-19276: Image gallery

    Problem: Parameters are lost when reloading or rearranging tables.

    Solution: Parameters are now retained.

  38. IX-19281: OData provider

    Problem: Copied services should be visible without server restart.

    Solution: Now the configuration directories of the services can be copied manually without the need to restart the portal server afterwards.

  39. IX-19291: WriteContainer

    Problem: If multiple write containers are defined, additional event handlers will be executed even if the "Trigger Process" setting is disabled.

    Solution: Now the configuration directories of the services can be copied manually without the need to restart the portal server afterwards.

  40. IX-19306: Diagrams

    Problem: Tooltips of diagrams are not displayed when they are shown with the "Show/Hide" button action.

    Solution: Reload of diagrams at action type "Show/Hide" has been optimized.

  41. IX-19322: Installation

    Problem: NPE in setup when redefining a custom JDK directory.

    Solution: NPE is no longer thrown.

  42. IX-19331: Markdown Editor

    Problem: Markdown editor overlaps portal settings in the browser.

    Solution: Changed z-index for Markdown editors to auto.

  43. IX-19492: Multiple selection 2.0

    Problem: Exception thrown by a Java class not found when using multiple selection 2.0 in the user application.

    Solution: The package path is now patched correctly and the class is thus found again.

  44. IX-19500: Markdown Editor

    Problem: Blank line in Markdown editor is not displayed as blank line in the view.

    Solution: Spacing between paragraphs inserted.

  45. IX-19564: Update

    Update to PostgreSQL JDBC driver 42.5.1.

Intrexx Steady Track

Published on 14.11.2022

New Features

Markdown editor

In the long text field the Markdown control has been replaced by a new library (ToastUI). Existing Markdown implementations are patched and continue to work in both input and view. With the new Markdown library, additional entries are now possible such as codeblock, tables and tasks. These can be configured in the manager and will be displayed correctly in the view control.


  1. IX-10320: Tooltip positioning

    Problem: Default for tooltip positioning chosen unfavorably.

    Solution: The new default for tooltip positioning on the browser window is now in the center instead of the top left.

  2. IX-10392: Processes - Box

    Problem: No automatic line break in the description field.

    Solution: In the description field, a line break is now automatically executed when text is entered.

  3. IX-16163: Edit field - options (Date & Time)

    Problem: Minimum and maximum value cannot be configured.

    Solution: The validity of the input is now only checked when leaving the page. Incorrect entries remain and are not deleted immediately when losing focus from the field.

  4. IX-16607: File selection - display

    Problem: SVG images are not scaled properly on the web ("Crop" option has no effect with SVGs).

    Solution: SVGs are now no longer converted to png. The original is displayed on the web in the set size.

  5. IX-16931: Application import

    Problem: Update paths in ImportFileStorageAliasAssigningPage on termination.

    Solution: When editing file locations, the changes are no longer applied if you cancel. File locations with the same alias are now displayed only once in the mapping selection.

  6. IX-17247: Create portal

    Problem: Error message not visible when creating the daemon user if an error occurs when creating a portal on Linux.

    Solution: The error is now visible in the log.

  7. IX-17906: Update

    Problem: custom_root.vm will be overwritten on update.

    Solution: The file "internal/system/vm/custom/custom_root.vm" is now no longer overwritten with every update.

  8. IX-18011: Application import

    Problem: UserWorkflowEvents do not get a new GUID on import if only App is overwritten.

    Solution: When importing applications and processes at the same time, different settings for "Overwrite processes" and "Overwrite applications" are no longer possible. or "Overwrite applications" is no longer possible, as this can lead to unexpected behavior.

  9. IX-18552: Update

    Upgrade on SLF4J 2.0.0 and Log4J 2.19.0.

  10. IX-18605: Administration API

    Problem: When uninstalling the Administration API service, an error is issued in the log and the service cannot be reinstalled.

    Solution: Service is now correctly uninstalled and can also be reinstalled.

  11. IX-18612: EMail configuration

    Problem: Missing validation at EMail configuration dialog leads to error message; configuration is not saved.

    Solution: Is now validated correctly, the configuration is preserved.

  12. IX-18706: System application "Users"

    Problem: When saving a user image, the absolute path is set.

    Solution: Now, analogous to saving via the Portal Manager, the relative file path is saved in the database.

  13. IX-18723: Schema manager

    Problem: Names of additional attributes are not validated, which can lead to errors in scripts.

    Solution: For new attributes, only names that are allowed in Groovy scripts, as a bean property, and in the Applications module module as default value and parameter fallback value. Certain characters are no longer allowed, the names must not start with a number.

  14. IX-18802: View field with control tpye "Phone"

    Problem: Edit options has no effect in the Portal Manager.

    Solution: An image can now be selected again for the "Add to address book" option.

  15. IX-18809: Portal service

    Problem: ECrash of the portal service by executing the console command "sc query W3SVC" while establishing the portal/manager session.

    Solution: The command is now no longer called during session setup.

  16. IX-18812: Generic event handler

    Problem: Image view not correct for smaller and transparent images.

    Solution: Bugs in the styling of file view and file input controls have been fixed.

  17. IX-18823: Generic event handler

    Problem: When copying a generic event handler with EventGUID, this is taken over when pasting the copy.

    Solution: A new EventGUID is now also created when the new element is inserted.

  18. IX-18825: Text field view - activate tags

    Problem: Control is not displayed with the setting "Enable tags" and "Entry is link".

    Solution: View text fields with the corresponding settings are now displayed correctly.

  19. IX-18851: Application import

    Problem: Error when importing with application constants if portal languages are missing in the application.

    Solution: If a constant in the import package has no or an empty value for a language, the old value of the constant in this language is now retained when overwriting.

  20. IX-18890: Intrexx Share plugin

    Problem: When performing a search in a portal where an application with the "Include plugin in global search" setting is used, an error message is generated. setting "Include plugin in global search", an error message is generated.

    Solution: Error message is now corrected.

  21. IX-18894: OData

    Problem: Client: Function parameters are no longer determined correctly.

    Solution: Resolving the OData function parameters is now done using static bindings.

  22. IX-18903: Cluster instanz

    Problem: When starting an Intrexx cluster for the first time, only the first instance could start under certain circumstances, if a configuration file had not yet been completely created by it.

    Solution: The configuration file is now created during patching if it does not already exist.

  23. IX-18921: Scheduler

    Problem: Maximum length of scheduler history does not work correctly.

    Solution: Maximum length is now evaluated correctly.

  24. IX-18922: Scheduler

    Problem: Changed execution options for scheduler jobs are not always saved.

    Solution: Execution options are now saved correctly.

  25. IX-18953: Scheduler

    Scheduler/actions endpoint now additionally knows the verbs "pause" and "resume".

  26. IX-18978: Application API

    Problem: "type: double" und "type: long" in Swagger-Doku nicht OAS3-konform.

    Solution: Now compliant with specifications.

  27. IX-18980: Application API

    Problem: Broken reference to AnyValue in OAS documentation.

    Solution: Reference corrected.

  28. IX-18983: Application API

    Problem: Parameters in the request body are not marked as required.

    Solution: OAS documentation corrected.

  29. IX-18992: Search index

    Problem: Fehler: "missing required field: segmenttype".

    Solution: Segment type is now set correctly.

  30. IX-19013: Topics

    Problem: Registration of multiple topics executed directly one after the other works only with "async / await".

    Solution: Registration of topics via the WebSocket API simplified.

  31. IX-19014: Websockets

    Problem: Connection is not re-established in case of aborts.

    Solution: Connections now run more stable and are restored if necessary.

  32. IX-19177: Update

    commons-text 1.6 lib replaced with CVE-2022-42889.

  33. IX-19218: Microsoft Exchange Connector

    Problem: OAuth2 login in Manager does not work.

    Solution: The error in the OAuth2 login to the Exchange Server in the Portal Manager was fixed.

Intrexx Steady Track

Published on 21.10.2022


  1. IX-18988: Intrexx Administration API

    Problem: Caused by an error in the setup, the Intrexx Administration API service was not correctly stopped during updates, leading to problems with filelocks.

    Solution: The service is now correctly stopped.

Intrexx Steady Track

Published on 13.10.2022

New Features

Multiple Selection 2.0

The new multiple selection 2.0 is responsive and very user-friendly. It can be configured with default values. Entries can be static entries, values from applications or even from special value sources. The entries can be filtered with the search operations "Starts with" or "Contains".

Entries can be displayed with pictures or initials. Furthermore, a subtitle can be included in the display of an entry in addition to the title. The multiple selection 2.0 can be controlled via an API and is operable with the keyboard. Its layout can be styled via CSS variables. The element exists as an input and view element.

You can find all further information here.

Extension Admin API - import of applications

Function: With Intrexx Steady Version 10.12., it is now possible to import applications via the API endpoint /{portal}/applications, that were exported from an Intrexx version smaller than the Intrexx version of the target system. In addition, layouts can also be imported via the endpoint. Furthermore, the architecture has been adapted to improve use in the cloud environment.

Benefit: We now also apply the patch to the current version when using the import function via the Administration API. This makes possible staging upsets even more manageable. Applications no longer have to be kept in all versions. Rolling out applications to target systems is also possible if the development system is on a lower Intrexx version than the production system.


  1. IX-6328: Bindings

    The two bindings "New GUID" and "Language" have been added. The "New GUID" option can be used as a default for bindings. The "Language" option can be used to choose between the default language of the portal and the context-dependent language. For the contextual language, a number of options are run through to determine the language:

    1. rq_lang / cookie_lang
    2. Default language of the logged in user
    3. Default language of the portal

  2. IX-16162: Permissions

    Problem: For certain controls, not all permissions are removed during deletion.

    Solution: Rights are now removed.

  3. IX-16379: Sortable list

    Problem: Sorting in the sortable list does not work - changes are reset.

    Solution: Changes are now no longer reset.

  4. IX-16436: Application import

    Problem: An error is generated when importing an application with two foreign keys to a table.

    Solution: Two foreign keys may now be placed on the same column, referencing different tables.

  5. IX-17371: Data Picker

    Problem: The datapicker tooltip is not closed when clicking in another area of the page.

    Solution: There is now an option to close the Data Picker result tooltips when clicking in another area of the page.

  6. IX-17485: Dropdown menue

    Problem: Drowpdown menu not selectable on screen with touch function.

    Solution: When clicking on a touchpad, the menu was opened and closed again directly. This error is now fixed.

  7. IX-17500: Grouping - gesture action

    Problem: An error occurs in the browser console when opening a page that contains a grouping that clicks a button with the "Click" action or gesture.

    Solution: The calls to have been removed completely. Now "normal" switches take effect. So clicks on groupings can still be used.

  8. IX-17571: File selection

    Problem: Multiple file upload appends already uploaded files to it.

    Solution: The upload plugin is now deinitialized when leaving the page. This means that any incomplete uploads at a later time will no longer be taken into account.

  9. IX-17781: Table export

    Problem: Certain settings are not taken into account in the table export if only one export option is available.

    Solution: The settings are now given.

  10. IX-17822: Log files

    Problem: Portal_access logs were written to the "tomcat/log" directory instead of the "log" directory in some cases.

    Solution: The error was corrected.

  11. IX-17861: Selection list

    Problem: Filter dialog is reset when changes are made.

    Solution: When configuring a filter expression, the comparison value, if still valid, is now preserved when you change the data field or the operator.

  12. IX-18026: Administration API

    Problem: GUIDS of workflows are not replaced in app during import if both app and process already exist in portal.

    Solution: The GUIDs of the processes are now also made known to the app.

  13. IX-18247: Input field with control type "Color

    Control was changed to CSS variable.

  14. IX-18408: Convergent M Files Connector

    Problem: Does not display system date fields.

    Solution: Dhe date is now first converted to UTC.

  15. IX-18430: Update

    Problem: Initloginmodule.vm are not excluded from initial portal patcher.

    Solution: Both initloginmodule.vm are now no longer overwritten under ldapauth and intrexxauth.

  16. IX-18433: Edit velocity file

    Problem: Edit button in dialog without function.

    Solution: Velocity files can again be opened directly via the edit button.

  17. IX-18448: Document generation

    Problem: Images in child data group are ignored.

    Solution: Images in child data group are now no longer ignored when generating PDF/ODT reports that contain a corresponding field.

  18. IX-18502: Application API

    Problem: Application API in the "Integration" module not visible when updating the portable Portal Manager.

    Solution: Portable Portal Managers is now updated correctly.

  19. IX-18529: Installation

    Problem: During the console installation, when selecting the Intrexx Portal Server Production installation (standalone), an incorrect package was offered for installation in the further step.

    Solution: Fixed incorrect package selection during console installation.

  20. IX-18548: Application API

    Problem: Nameless query parameter triggers NPE in client.

    Solution: NullPointerException is prevented by a NULL check.

  21. IX-18549: Application API

    Problem: Limit for data group endpoints throws exceptions during validation.

    Solution: No more numbers > Integer.MAX_VALUE are allowed now. In addition, the program asks whether the user wants to continue without a limit. If "YES" the limit is set to -1.

  22. IX-18549: Microsoft Exchange Connector

    Problem: ClassCastException on OAuth2 login.

    Solution: When logging in to the MS365 Exchange Server via OAuth2, a ClassCastException occurred due to an incorrect session value type. This was adjusted accordingly.

  23. IX-18593: Email

    Problem: Image in HTML mail is not scaled and cropped.

    Solution: Images are now scaled correctly.

  24. IX-18608: Vertical menu

    Problem: Error message due to missing droplinemenu_m.js in the browser console.

    Solution: Error is no longer displayed.

  25. IX-18638: Import processes

    Problem: Under certain circumstances, processes cannot be imported.

    Solution: Processes can be imported again without any problems and without applications.

  26. IX-18639: OData connector

    New Bearer Token authentication for the OData server.

  27. IX-18641: Systemcare

    Tomcat information is now stored in the diagnostics.

  28. IX-18652: File selection

    Problem: If events for the fileupload were registered via the settings dialog, which react to events outside the form, these were not properly removed when the form was unloaded and were therefore present twice the next time the form was called.

    Solution: The plugin is now deinitialized when the page is unloaded. This will remove any attached events correctly again.

  29. IX-18656: Calendar

    New expert attribute "prop-bPersistentHeader" for fixing the header container for the calendar.

  30. IX-18659: Connector for Microsoft 365 and Teams

    Problem: Static user entry cannot be deleted.

    Solution: The administrator account can be deleted from the static user entries.

  31. IX-18661: Installation

    Update from to

  32. IX-18714: Change portal

    Problem: Constants cache is not cleared when switching portals.

    Solution: When logging off from a portal, the GlobalConstantCache is now reset.

  33. IX-18721: Solr

    Problem: Core is deleted when publishing an application using SharePoint, MS365 or similar external search.

    Solution: Core is now no longer deleted when publishing Sharepoint searches.

  34. IX-18733: Images

    Problem: ImageFamily folder should be reloaded by the manager when images under Assets or Icon54 have been changed.

    Solution: The image family images are now automatically reloaded from the server on manager startup if there were changes to the images during an online update.

  35. IX-18754: Connector for Microsoft 365 and Teams

    Problem: When creating a MS365 group or team, an error occurs if no MS365 email address is stored for the executing process user.

    Solution: This should not occur if a static owner was stored for the group/team. The check has been adjusted to this effect.

  36. IX-18762: Installation

    XSS vulnerability in tagify - package update from 4.9.8 to 4.16.4.

  37. IX-18817: OData connector

    Problem: An update of the Jetty libraries in 10.11 caused an incompatibility in the OData Server module.

    Solution: Has been modified accordingly.

  38. IX-18817: OData connector

    Problem: An update of the Jetty libraries in 10.11 caused an incompatibility in the OData Server module.

    Solution: Has been adjusted accordingly.

Intrexx Steady Track

Published on 15.09.2022

New Features

Application API

In the properties dialog of the Application API. the page "Routing alias" has been added. Here you can assign an alias which can then be used instead of the GUID in the endpoint URLs.


  1. IX-11371: LDAP authentication

    Problem: Registration works only SIMPLE.

    Solution: Better support for LDAP authentication configuration. LDAPS is set by default, encryption and authentication can now be specified separately.

  2. IX-15620: Security Guidelines

    Problem: Generate password ignores password characteristics.

    Solution: When generating passwords, most rules are now respected. Allowed / not allowed characters can unfortunately not be processed by the password generator framework.

  3. IX-16059: Export / Import

    Problem: During application export and import, the titles of view tables are not taken into account if they get their title from language constants.

    Solution: Titles are now taken into account.

  4. IX-16060: Create portal

    Problem: Transfer portal name / portal directory / log directory remarkably slow.

    Solution: The page cannot be left as long as the thread in the background is still adjusting the paths.

  5. IX-16619: Microsoft 365 Connector

    Problem: Service account has no default permission.

    Solution: The "Authorization (Scope)" field is now also preset with the default for service accounts.

  6. IX-16897: Application Import

    Problem: Note on missing objects in application incomplete, field not large enough.

    Solution: The height of the heading label is adjusted dynamically.

  7. IX-16908: Free layout table

    Problem: Deleting own records from external data group is not possible.

    Solution: Owner permissions are now properly taken into account when showing and hiding the button.

  8. IX-17452: Microsoft 365 Connector

    Problem: Lack of licensing difficult to detect.

    Solution: Before opening the dialog, it is checked whether a license for MS365 is available. If this is not the case, a message is displayed to the user and the dialog cannot be closed with OK.

  9. IX-17501: Application API

    Problem: Memory leak when editing endpoints.

    Solution: Memory leak has been fixed by various measures.

  10. IX-17841: Grid

    Problem: Changes to a grid create spaces or gaps.

    Solution: The position of the elements under the grid will be maintained when changes are made within the grids, provided that there will be no collision.

  11. IX-17927: TinyMCE Editor

    Problem: Under certain circumstances, TinyMCE images are not displayed correctly after updating from Intrexx versions prior to 21.9.

    Solution: There is now a script for patching long text fields.

  12. IX-17976: SAP Business Suite Connector

    Problem: Connection problems are displayed in the log.

    Solution: JCO server threads log connection errors only in debug mode.

  13. IX-17992: Calendar

    Problem: The scale can be adjusted, but not beyond the daily limit.

    Solution: Scaling options have been adjusted.

  14. IX-17993: Application API

    Problem: Delete role does not trigger a model update.

    Solution: The names of roles are released again after deleting the role.

  15. IX-18015: Mehrsprachige Portale

    Problem: Error when saving a record with Chinese date.

    Solution: The support of Chinese locales has been improved.

  16. IX-18028: Application API

    Problem: Process endpoints find only one of several handlers.

    Solution: All defined UserWorkflowEventHandlers are listed in the selection list again.

  17. IX-18056: Chart

    Problem: Diagram color is reset.

    Solution: The set colors for the lines in the line-column diagram are retained and are no longer incorrectly reset.

  18. IX-18198: Application API

    Problem: Limit for data group endpoints takes negative values in the client.

    Solution: Only values between -1 and Integer.MAX_VALUE are allowed for the limit. With a limit of 0 or -1, no MaxCount is written to the endpoint configuration. When the dialog is opened again, -1 is then displayed as the limit.

  19. IX-18200: Diagramm

    Problem: Column-line chart with line colors from data field cannot be published.

    Solution: Applications with a chart of the type Column Lines, which gets the line colors from data fields, can be published again.

  20. IX-18223: Data Picker

    Problem: When a record is selected, the cursor jumps to the top.

    Solution: An anchor element has been added to stop the jump up.

  21. IX-18226: Application API

    Problem: No fallbacks on query parameters for processes and Groovy.

    Solution: Fallbacks are now configurable on query parameters for process and Groovy endpoints.

  22. IX-18265: Java Script

    Problem: CSFR token error due to URLs exceeding the maximum length supported by the web server.

    Solution: Bug fix for form data preparation for Ajax queries via upSimpleAjaxContainer.

  23. IX-18272: M-Files Connector

    Problem: There was a bug in the JSON serialization of Java double values, which converted them to float values. This led to rounding inaccuracies for large numbers.

    Solution: Problem was fixed.

  24. IX-18293: Chart

    Problem: Axis labeling for diagrams.

    Solution:The new expert attribute "precision" has been introduced. The value is the number of decimal places to be displayed. The attribute works only for all line and column or bar charts.

  25. IX-18314: Application API

    In the properties dialog of the Application API the page "Routing alias" has been added. Here you can assign an alias that can then be used instead of the GUID in the endpoint URLs.

  26. IX-18339: Registered portals

    Problem: NPE for incomplete entry for registered portal.

    Solution: The NullPointerException that occurred is now prevented.

  27. IX-18340: Kerberos Authentication

    Problem: NPE in case of misconfigured Kerberos authentication in the SPNEGO library.

    Solution: Better error reporting with the SPNEGO library.

  28. IX-18355: Create portal

    Problem: Creation stops with empty root password.

    Solution: It is now no longer possible to enter a blank Sudo password.

  29. IX-18357: SAP Business Suite Connector

    Problem: License check does not work with S4/HANA.

    Solution: The license check in the SAP backend has been changed to work with S4/HANA.

  30. IX-18496: Administration API

    Problem: Admin-api.yaml is not updated when a portal is created via

    Solution: Admin-api.yaml is now updated.

  31. IX-18497: Chart

    Problem: For dependencies that completely empty the diagram so that it is no longer displayed, the associated legend is still displayed.

    Solution: In case of a dependency, the legend container is now additionally hidden.

Intrexx Steady Track

Published on 18.08.2022

New features

Layout templates

There are new layout templates: Intrexxperience and Intrexxperience Dark.

Administration API

The Intrexx Administration API provides you with a set of API endpoints with which you can execute central tasks in Intrexx without having to start the Intrexx Portal Manager. tasks in Intrexx without having to start the Intrexx Portal Manager. A Docker image is also available. Thus, you can create and delete portals or users, import licenses, or import applications via an API client.

Application API

With the new Application API, you can create API endpoints for any application. The creation of API endpoints is dialog-based. This allows you to create API endpoints without in-depth programming knowledge.


  1. IX-15576: Language Constants

    Problem: Used global language constants are not taken into account during application export and import.

    Solution: Global language constants used in applications are exported during application export. During import, constants that do not exist in the target system can optionally be added and constants, that already exist in the target system can optionally be overwritten with the new value.

  2. IX-16080: Administration API

    Information about the new Administration API feature can be found here.

  3. IX-16199: Tomcat

    Problem: Version is displayed on error pages.

    Solution: Tomcat error pages are now delivered without specifying the Tomcat version and without additional information for security reasons.

  4. IX-16558: Administration login

    Problem: Error in the log when querying the administration login in the Portal Manager.

    Solution: Error is fixed.

  5. IX-16591: Gallery / Free layout table

    Problem: Under certain circumstances, errors may occur when creating a gallery or free-form table.

    Solution: If the displaying page for a free-form table or gallery contains a view table/free-form table/research/diagram/gallery, then a warning for this is displayed in the "Problems" tab. Table in table does not work in Intrexx and leads to an exception at runtime. However, since the page can also be called directly, it remains with a warning instead of an error.

  6. IX-16790: Free layout table

    Problem: Wrong jump after reload of a freely designed table in the tooltip with only one child record, if a grouping with button is selected as target page.

    Solution: Jump is now executed correctly.

  7. IX-16796: Portal export

    Problem: When a portal is set up based on an export, the export settings "Number of exports to keep" and "Export format" are not applied.

    Solution: In the dialog for creating / importing a portal, you can set on the last page under "Advanced settings", whether the configuration for the time-controlled export from the portal template should be used or not. If the template does not contain a configuration, then a configuration with default values is created in any case.

  8. IX-16900: Portals

    Problem: Delete portal throws exception if portal service is not running.

    Solution: Now, when deleting the portal, the system first checks whether the portal service is running before attempting to stop the service.

  9. IX-17160: New portal

    Problem: When creating a new portal with, the port is not taken over. Instead, the default port is configured.

    Solution: Port is now taken over.

  10. IX-17237: Application import

    Problem: If you import an application with permissions and use user groups or containers in filters, the filter may become invalid due to the mapping and GUID replacement.

    Solution: Filters where the selected object does not match the specified object type (set, container, set and contained sets), are listed as incorrect in the Problems view. The filter must then be adjusted manually.

  11. IX-17434: Permissions

    Problem: NPE when changing permissions on external log folder.

    Solution: Error no longer occurs.

  12. IX-17690: Chart

    Problem: Legend displaces diagram.

    Solution: For certain chart types an auto height is written. Thus, these types can calculate the space they need.

  13. IX-17713: Free layout table

    Problem: Missing column titles are reminded although there are no column titles according to the current settings.

    Solution: Pages that do not use a table layout and are included in a Freeform table, that have the "Show column title" option set, will only be listed as errors in the Issues view, if the Freeform table uses the "table" HTML structure element and if it is not a gallery.

  14. IX-17736: Setup

    Problem: If the file name of the installation directory contains a parenthesis, e.g. due to a re-download, the setup exe will not start.

    Solution: Problem has been fixed, Exe now starts regardless of the installation directory name.

  15. IX-17739: Update

    Problem: Update sets Solr port to default 8983.

    Solution: Solr port is now configured correctly again when updating and replacing the Solr server.

  16. IX-17758: Velocity

    Problem: Velocity parsing error after disabling initialization.

    Solution: The option "Velocity for initialization" can be deactivated again, without an error subsequently occurring when the page is called up in the browser after publishing.

  17. IX-17801: View field

    Problem: If a single-line text control is linked to a data field type other than "string" when it is created and placed in a grid, then the GridContainer enlarges to an unnecessary size.

    Solution: GridContainer is now displayed in the correct size.

  18. IX-17876: Tree

    Problem: Under certain circumstances, the LID in the tree element is filled incorrectly.

    Solution: Values from the current data set are now also available in the tree filter and can be evaluated.

  19. IX-17877: Upgrade

    Problem: Mac - Portable Manager: Upgrade 10.8.0 to 10.9.0. fails.

    Solution: Portable Manager Update on Mac now works after the upgrade.

  20. IX-17882: Calendar - Display

    Problem: Display dialog for calendar communities is not displayed correctly when zooming in.

    Solution: Behavior of the table in the dialog adjusted so that it takes up all the space.

  21. IX-17893: Calendar - Appointment series

    Problem: Under certain circumstances, the serial appointment function is problematic.

    Solution: Error is fixed, so that the service is used in the case.

  22. IX-17897: Tree

    Problem: Under certain circumstances, the tree no longer responds to known request values.

    Solution: The selected tree item is now no longer overwritten with NULL.

  23. IX-17925: Groovy

    FileUCHelper has been extended so that individual files can also be deleted - missing method has been added accordingly.

  24. IX-17944: Application import

    Problem: UserWorkflowEvents do not get a new GUID during import.

    Solution: GUID changes from the workflow now also arrive in the application (TriggerUserWorkflow event).

  25. IX-17975: Application manager

    Problem: "Open applications" initially shows the application templates in the dialog.

    Solution: When you switch to the "Applications" module for the first time after starting the Portal Manager, the Application Manager is opened automatically. Here, the "Published" item is now initially displayed instead of the "Templates" item.

  26. IX-17986: Tree

    Problem: Tree element - required validation.

    Solution: If a tree folder is selected, then any previously displayed validation message (Required) is closed.

  27. IX-18020: JavaScript

    Problem: In some dialogs, there were viewing problems with JavaScript calls. Under certain circumstances, existing entries were not displayed.

    Solution: Viewing problems have been fixed now all entries are displayed.

  28. IX-18029: Export

    Problem: Export does not notice processes associated with endpoints.

    Solution: Referenced processes are taken into account during export and import and listed as references in the dialogs.

  29. IX-18033: Import

    Problem: Permissions on endpoints are not imported as well.

    Solution: The permissions for the API endpoints are now applied during export.

  30. IX-18035: OAuth2

    Problem: NullPointerException if user registration script returns null value.

    Solution: Error is now fixed.

  31. IX-18043: Velocity

    Problem: $CalcUtil not usable in table columns.

    Solution: Now the correct collection is used.

  32. IX-18058: Multiple selection

    Problem: Problems when copying a record via Javascript with the data of a multiple selection.

    Solution: Problem has been fixed - the record can now be copied again, the multiple selection data is saved.

  33. IX-18067: Conditional display

    Problem: Under certain circumstances, patch error during Intrexx upgrade or portal import.

    Solution: Application-xml is now also paged in portal patch mode.

  34. IX-18084: OAuth2

    Problem: Login: User registration does not consider case-insensitive check.

    Solution: The check whether a user account already exists is now performed case-insensitively before registration.

  35. IX-18091: Portal templates

    New templates: Intrexxperience and Intrexxperience.

  36. IX-18095: Update

    Problem: With the update to 10.9.0 the search in the web did not work anymore, because the moduleConfig.xml was not changed.

    Solution: The moduleConfig.xml is replaced by the current one.

  37. IX-18105: Expert

    Problem: When typing values into editable combo boxes on the Expert tab, the combo box closes during typing.

    Solution: Combobox is now no longer closed.

  38. IX-18183: Resource chart

    Problem: Changed sorting.

    Solution: Sorting is now alphabetical across all resources.

  39. IX-18374: Setup

    Updated moment.js to latest version to fix CVE.

Intrexx Steady Track

Published on 21.07.2022


  1. IX-12574: Portlets

    Problem: Portletcontainer: Label "Edit Mode" is not hidden after moving portlets with Drag & Drop.

    Solution: Loading mechanism after saving was adjusted.

  2. IX-13615: MQTT

    Problem: Under certain circumstances, the workflow with MQTT event source has no view object, which leads to errors.

    Solution: View is only used if available, so that no more errors occur.

  3. IX-14535: Pages / Groups

    Problem: Swipe function (smartphone) when jumping to new view page no longer works.

    Solution: These two gestures were deleted without replacement.

  4. IX-15190: Administration login

    Problem: Superfluous menu item in the "Extras" main menu.

    Solution: The menu item was removed.

  5. IX-15233: Licenses

    Problem: Dialog under Mac OS not drawn correctly when entering license keys.

    Solution: Dialog is now displayed in the correct size.

  6. IX-15716: Option field"

    Problem: For a radio button group, the order of the user-defined entries is not correct.

    Solution: The order of the entries does not change now.

  7. IX-16298: OneDrive Control

    Problem: Search field behaves differently than the Intrexx search.

    Solution: Search button added so that the search can be triggered by more than just "Enter".

  8. IX-16317: Supervisorpasswort

    Problem: Supervisor password is not preset when setup is started via GUI mode.

    Solution: Supervisor password is now no longer requested in GUI mode if already specified in configuration file.

  9. IX-16419: Portal permissions

    Problem: Jumping into ineligible modules is allowed.

    Solution: Unauthorized users now remain on the home page or in the current module.

  10. IX-16433: Portable Manager

    Problem: Manager.exe does not work if the pathname contains "(1)".

    Solution: Starting Manager.exe now also works if the path contains a number in brackets.

  11. IX-16588: Supervisor password

    Problem: The dialog for extending the trial period and entering the supervisor password is not displayed on Mac.

    Solution: The dialog is now displayed again.

  12. IX-16608: Additional Controls

    Problem: Additional controls can no longer be removed in the design after they have been added via the dialog.

    Solution: Additional controls can now also be removed via the properties dialog of the grouping for additional controls.

  13. IX-16695: Cloud installer

    Problem: Fails because initial_passwd file already exists.

    Solution: Check if file already exists.

  14. IX-16747: User application

    Problem: Objects, containers are derived, prevent the import.

    Solution: When resolving mappings, it is now taken into account if a mapping exists for a parent field.

  15. IX-16987: Application templates

    Problem: Error message if repository cannot be reached.

    Solution: Instead of the error box, a note is now displayed at the bottom of the dialog if the templates cannot be loaded.

  16. IX-17109: Import processes

    Problem: Import "forgets" referenced process under certain circumstances ("Import objects missing").

    Solution: When setting the visibility of the hint label, it is now checked whether the process can be imported or not. Clicking on "Next" waits until all necessary information for the processes is loaded.

  17. IX-17112: Import processes

    Problem: File fields of associated application are not recognized.

    Solution: Corresponding file fields are now recognized again.

  18. IX-17129: Show Title of the data field / binding

    Problem: No more symbols are drawn on the workspace within the controls.

    Solution: The icon has no good information content and also often covers the title of the linked data field. Therefore, the icon is now dispensed with completely.

  19. IX-17132: Delete portals

    Problem: Canceling when entering the daemon password causes client to freeze.

    Solution: Client continues to run. If "Cancel" is clicked, then it is also canceled.

  20. IX-17204: Application import

    Problem: Warning when importing an application with existing indexes.

    Solution: During import, the existing indexes are now also taken over without warning.

  21. IX-17254: Delete process

    Problem: No warning is issued if a process is used in another process.

    Solution: A process can now no longer be deleted if another process still refers to it.

  22. IX-17324: Search

    Problem: When the tooltip of the search results has the focus, it is possible to navigate through the results via tab. However, navigation via arrow keys does not work.

    Solution: CSS classes were written on Table Rows.

  23. IX-17345: Groovy

    YAML support included.

  24. IX-17362: "Problems" area

    Problem: Analysis of application errors throws errors when closing the application.

    Solution: Analysis is now canceled when the application is closed.

  25. IX-17390: Data base

    The Jaybird driver for Firebird databases has been removed from the product. As a third-party data source, the database is still supported.

  26. IX-17393: Data transfer

    DB2-JDBC-Treiber removed.

  27. IX-17409: Research

    Problem: Table export is without function.

    Solution: Export button is now initialized again, table export is possible again without any problems.

  28. IX-17414: Headless installation

    Problem: Supervisor password of an existing instance is overwritten.

    Solution: Password is now retained.

  29. IX-17416: Connectors

    Problem: Business connector search was not considered in Sinqle Query Search.

    Lösung: Business connector search is now considered in Sinqle Query Search.

  30. IX-17422: Intrexx developers

    Update to jhighlight 1.1.0.

  31. IX-17449: MQTT event source

    Problem: Connection is lost when the MQTT server is restarted.

    Solution: After a disconnection to an MQTT broker, the MQTTWorkflowEventSource resubscribes the topic during reconnect. This is to avoid cases where no more messages were consumed after the reconnect.

  32. IX-17451: Mac OS X - install Intrexx

    Problem: Incorrect format of the download URL.

    Solution: The download URL now has the correct format again.

  33. IX-17453: Expert mode

    Problem: Changed DataHandler class of a data group is not saved.

    Solution: DataHandler class can now be changed via the Expert tab.

  34. IX-17512: Expert attributes

    Problem: Expert attribute "empty-string" does not work.

    Solution: The stored value is now evaluated again and, if necessary, also displayed.

  35. IX-17543: Clean server.xml

    The deprecated attribute noCompressionUserAgents="gozilla, traviata" has been removed from Tomcat's server.xml.

  36. IX-17566: User replication

    Problem: Selection of users and groups.

    Solution: Added warning text for user and group selection, function must be activated if necessary.

  37. IX-17593: Intrexx developers

    Problem: Functions after function definitions with default parameters not selectable as event handlers.

    Solution: The selection of the function is still not possible, because we depend here on an update of the Rhino library. However, the manual input of the function in the dialog is now accepted.

  38. IX-17599: OData provider

    Problem: Inverted preassignment of NavigationProperty names for references.

    Solution: The names for the navigation properties have been swapped.

  39. IX-17602: Velocity

    New methods in $TextUtil: str and repeat.

  40. IX-17604: Velocity

    Support the reading of properties files in velocity.

  41. IX-17606: OData provider

    Problem: Error determining references for create requests.

    Solution: Determining OData reference fields in create requests is now possible again without any problems.

  42. IX-17614: Connector for M-Files

    Problem: Invalid conversion from double to float when saving to M-Files.

    Solution: The conversion will now use the correct data type.

  43. IX-17664: Tree

    Problem: No script calls with events possible.

    Solution: For tree input controls, script calls can again be displayed and configured in the dialog.

Intrexx Steady Track

Published on 21.06.2022

New Features

Responsive dropdown menu

The new dropdown menu is responsive and thus automatically adapts to SMALL, MEDIUM and LARGE screen sizes. You can find more information here.


  1. IX-15447: Data Picker / Data assignment

    Problem: Column headers in the Datapicker result list are not displayed correctly if the display value comes from a language constant of another application.

    Solution: Column headers are now displayed correctly.

  2. IX-15857: Firebird drivers

    The Firebird drivers have been removed, please download them separately.

  3. IX-16465: Linux

    Problem: Unclear for which daemon user the password is requested.

    Solution: The name of the daemon user is now mentioned, if possible.

  4. IX-16584: Login

    Problem: Deeplink does not work when login is requested again.

    Solution: Redirection handling after successful login has been improved.

  5. IX-16644: Parameters

    Problem: Changes to parameters used in a process only take effect after the process has been called repeatedly.

    Solution: The parameters of a process are now always set correctly.

  6. IX-16748: Portal Manager / Mac OS

    Problem: On Mac OS, under certain conditions, the execution permissions on Portal Manager files are not set correctly.

    Solution: Execution authorizations are retained.

  7. IX-16889: Proxy

    Problem: Validation on host input with proxy settings incorrect.

    Solution: Dialog has been adjusted so that the input works correctly again.

  8. IX-16928: Application import

    Problem: When importing applications with processes, the selected deactivation of processes is lost when navigating next and back.

    Solution: Status is now maintained when navigating next and back.

  9. IX-17003: Mac OS

    Problem: Deadlock when creating a new application from a template on Mac OSX.

    Solution: The problem with creating a new application from a template is fixed.

  10. IX-17019: Session Monitor

    Problem: Session Monitor displays complete session IDs.

    Solution: For security reasons, only the first and last 8 characters of the session IDs are displayed.

  11. IX-17054: Mac OS

    Problem: When importing applications, the dialog for assigning roles for rights cannot be opened.

    Solution: When importing applications with rights, the dialog for selecting an object from the user administration can now be opened again.

  12. IX-17099: Mac OS

    Problem: Accelerators in menus are not always displayed correctly.

    Solution: Accelerator now look correct and work properly again.

  13. IX-17154: Multiple selection - Save options

    Problem: Under certain circumstances, the save options do not work.

    Solution: Values from the current data set are now read correctly.

  14. IX-17156: JavaScript

    Problem: Browser.insertValue() leads to an error in TinyMCE if no value is passed.

    Solution: Error does not occur anymore, because now it is checked if the passed parameter has a value.

  15. IX-17200: Licenses

    Problem: Processor license is not displayed at the portal.

    Solution: Licenses of type "Server License" (processor license) are now displayed in the License Manager even if no supervisor is used.

  16. IX-17202: Solr Search Server

    Problem: Jetty server of the Solr server does not allow large requests.

    Solution: Restriction to 8 MB removed.

  17. IX-17211: Connector for dg hyparchive

    Problem: Regression when saving SAP documents.

    Solution: For the dg hyparchive connector, a missing method for setting the document type for SAP Archive documents has been added again.

  18. IX-17214: Data groups

    Problem: If in an application the name of the data group (not the title) is changed and at the same time also a data field is deleted and then saved, the data field is deleted, but the database column still exists.

    Solution: When deleting columns, the database table is now first determined based on the name and the changed name, if different.

  19. IX-17221: Calendar

    Problem: Problems with processing long-running creation of serial appointments.

    Solution: Request forwarding to processes so that all information is available in every work step.

Intrexx Steady Track

Published on 24.05.2022

New Features

Global Search

The search is switched from multi-index to single-index. For portals that use long text fields as search facets, this can occasionally lead to requests exceeding the default length and trigger error messages in the local or global search. This effect cannot be remedied for Intrexx, but can be prevented by increasing the requestHeaderSize parameter from 8192 to 65536 in solr/server/etc/jetty.xml and restarting the search service.

Page Wizard

The new Page Wizard creates responsive pages. In addition, freely designed tables can be displayed in tile views, which can be easily configured. You can find all information about this topic here.

OneDriveTable extended

File icon sets modernized

New file preview icons for Filewalker and file controls.

Please note: If after the update file type icons are displayed too large in the browser and in custom velocity files $FileUtil.getIconUrlOfKnownFileExtension {{ is used, then at this point in the img tag, the desired height and width must also be specified, or for the class attribute the style class "}}file-extension-icon".

New property for OAuth2 login module

Enables case-insensitive checking, e.g., for e-mail addresses whose upper/lower case in Intrexx does not correspond to that in the identity provider.

Microsoft 365 - New process action for creating Microsoft 365 groups

An MS365 group is the basis for almost all MS365 services. For example, for a group automatically SharePoint team site, drives, Exchange group mailbox etc. are set up. The new process action now offers the possibility to create only one MS365 group. The functionality is identical to the "Create Teams" action, except that no team is created based on the group. New in both actions is that the email address (group mailbox) for the group (or team) can now be freely defined. Previously, the address was generated by Intrexx.

You can find further information about this topic here.


  1. IX-4690: AzureAD - OAuth2

    Until now, the login claim value from the ID token could only be compared case-sensitively with the user value in Intrexx. With a new property for the OAuth2 login module, this can now also be checked case-insensitively. (e.g., for e-mail addresses whose upper/lower case in Intrexx does not correspond to that in the identity provider).

  2. IX-6996: Customizing mechanism for currently cannot be customized via the normal customizing mechanism. The fact that the file is excluded from the update suggests that customizations are made. To reduce the effort for patchers, the customizing mechanism should therefore be implemented here as well.

  3. IX-7312: Remove Galerie A+B

    Galerie A+B were removed and replaced with Galerie C.

  4. IX-12507: Connector for dg hyparchive

    Problem: Error saving a file.

    Solution: The previously introduced updates of used libraries were reversed due to incompatibilities.

  5. IX-15554: One search query for all search configurations

    With 10.7.0 on Steady Track, the search will be configured as single-index search by default. In addition, existing systems that were configured as multi-index search will be converted to single-index. Single-index search improves the search results of Solr search in the portal. The difference to multi-index search is that search hits are now listed by relevance across all search configurations.

  6. IX-15633: Spinning wheel

    All resources of the no longer used spinning wheel control were removed.

  7. IX-15647: Search for Tags

    Problem: When Global Search results are filtered by a tag, this results in an error.

    Solution: Search results can again be filtered by individual tags.

  8. IX-15652: Tooltip

    Problem: When a new tooltip is opened from an existing tooltip, the tooltip does not update.

    Solution: Title is now updated when a new page is loaded in a tooltip.

  9. IX-15709: Appointment series

    The date and time fields in the additional calendar control "Appointment series" have now received a date/time picker, for a comfortable input or selection.

  10. IX-16067: New page wizard

    The new Page Wizard creates responsive pages. In addition, freely designed tables can be displayed in tile views, which can be easily configured.

  11. IX-16228: CVE-2021-39239 Jena-Core

    jena-core library update

  12. IX-16254: Publish application

    Problem: When publishing is started, an attempt is made to find out via a server call which DB objects have been deleted since the last publishing. However, since a new application has never been published and is not known on the server side at this time, there is an exception.

    Solution: Determining the deleted objects that were previously published is not necessary for new applications. Therefore, the server call is not executed for new applications.

  13. IX-16293: Connector for Microsoft 365 and Teams

    Problem: For Microsoft 365 data fields, attached files could not be deleted.

    Solution: Files can now also be deleted without having to delete the entire record. It is now also possible to directly replace a file without removing the old ones from the file field first.

  14. IX-16294: Connector for Microsoft 365 and Teams

    Problem: Microsoft 365 files cannot be replaced via an Intrexx process.

    Solution: Files/folders are now deleted/replaced by default in OneDrive/SharePoint, unless this is explicitly disabled in the DG settings.

  15. IX-16309: OneDrive control

    Problem:Date format is not oriented to portal settings.

    Solution: The OneDriveTable now uses the global formatting settings of the respective Intrexx portal for the output of date values.

  16. IX-16311: File icon sets modernized

    New file preview icons for Filewalker and file controls.

  17. IX-16348: Double selection at team owner leads to error

    Problem: When multiple checkboxes are selected in a Microsoft 365 "Create Channel Action" on Team Owner, it can lead to errors under certain circumstances, if the Current User is the same user as the user selected via the data field.

    Solution: Multiple selections can now be made on the team owner.

  18. IX-16357: [Web] Remove Spectrum color picker

    Thirdparty-Tool "bgrins-spectrum-colorpicker" was removed from Intrexx and replaced with the HTML edit control "color".

  19. IX-16367: Microsoft 365: Make TimeOut for Team Create action configurable

    Timeout can be set in the Expert flag "createTeamTimeout" (in seconds). The default value is changed to 30.

  20. IX-16369: Microsoft 365 Process actions

    New process action for creating Microsoft 365 groups.

  21. IX-16379: Sortable List

    Problem: Sorting in the sortable list does not work - changes are reset.

    Solution: Changes are now no longer reset.

  22. IX-16391: Extend OneDriveTable

  23. IX-16409: Menus

    Problem: If the portal is reached via a deesplink, for example, the "selected" marker of the dropline menu remains on the first menu item.

    Solution: When the portal is called for the first time, it now checks which menu items must be marked as selected.

  24. IX-16417: File selection

    Problem: After updating the image list, the display in the dialog is not updated without a portal restart.

    Solution: Updating the image list now works again in the manager without restarting.

  25. IX-16429: Tree

    Problem: Tree element does not seem to react to default value from parameter.

    Solution: Default value for the initially selected folder is now taken into account.

  26. IX-16443: iMenu selectors

    The styles for the "iMenu" portlet have been removed from all layouts.

  27. IX-16489: View table

    Problem: When copying and pasting view tables with titles, the title is not updated in some cases.

    Solution: Title changes to the view table are now applied to the title display on the web.

  28. IX-16536: NGINX Configuration

    Problem: /temp is not a valid Intrexx URL path and therefore should not be configured on newly created Nginx configurations.

    Solution: The Nginx configuration of newly created portals was changed accordingly.

  29. IX-16540: Cross Site Scripting

    Problem: Potential XSS through validation of hex-encoded parameters.

    Solution: Only the corresponding HTTP message is now output in the response.

  30. IX-16555: Edit menu structure

    Problem: With the setting "Open in new browser window" for the menu link, the link opens in a new window when clicked, in the old window you also jump to the menu item.

    Solution: Jumps that contain "target=_blank" will prevent the stage from loading in the opening window.

  31. IX-16566: File selection - templates

    Problem: Default template: placeholder image overlaps thumbnail of an image.

    Solution: Preview image is now displayed correctly when selecting files with default template.

  32. IX-16594: Provide data - Connector for OData

    Problem: OData provider cannot determine a reference in create requests.

    Solution: An error in determining the reference field for navigation properties in create requests has been fixed.

  33. IX-16606: Share Plugin

    Problem: Application with share plugin with visibility for static users cannot be published.

    Solution: Publishing the application is now possible again.

  34. IX-16617: Connector for Microsoft 365 and Teams

    Problem: Name is not automatically appended to redirect URL.

    Solution: The name is now automatically appended to the redirect URL in the "General" dialog for a new registration.

  35. IX-16637: View table

    Problem: SVG is scaled incorrectly in table.

    Solution: Size calculation for SVGs has been adjusted.

  36. IX-16640: Create new element in the Design module / Layout area / Controls

    Problem: Newly created input controls do not receive default styles.

    Solution: Default styles are now reassigned.

  37. IX-16643: Update SQL-Server driver to 10.2.0

    Update to mssql-jdbc-10.2.0.jre17.jar

  38. IX-16656: Application import

    Problem: User roles are not adjusted in the application filters when an application is imported a second time.

    Solution: When importing with rights, filters with GUIDs of user objects are now also adjusted according to the assignment made.

  39. IX-16659: Fallback values

    Problem: Fallback value is not passed correctly. It may be necessary to save twice.

    Solution: Fallback value is now passed directly on first save.

  40. IX-16662: Expert attributes

    Problem: "permalink" works only conditionally after OU11.

    Solution: "permalink"-url was corrected for text links.

  41. IX-16667: Element templates

    Problem: Portable Portal Manager loses on item templates during online update.

    Solution: Item templates are no longer deleted when the Portable Manager is updated to a new version.

  42. IX-16680: Language constants

    Problem: Language constants are not resolved in form and request value checking.

    Solution: Language constants are now resolved correctly.

  43. IX-16688: Basic portlets

    Problem: In the portlet settings, the "Layout" option is not applied.

    Solution: Settings are now applied correctly.

  44. IX-16691: Dependencies

    Problem: Multiple selection - input and dependency: onmatch does not see state after filtering.

    Solution: Trigger onmatch event after distributor control is filtered.

  45. IX-16702: Exchange Connector

    Problem: The dialog for editing an existing Exchange Connector configuration cannot be opened.

    Solution: The dialog can now be opened again.

  46. IX-16712: User administration

    Problem: Spaces in usernames.

    Solution: In the future, the username may no longer contain leading or trailing spaces. Spaces within the username are still allowed.

  47. IX-16714: Expert attribute

    Problem: Expert attribute "tiny-additional-plugins": comma-separated lists are patched incorrectly.

    Solution: Patcher for expert attribute "tiny-additional-plugins" now also considers comma-separated lists.

  48. IX-16731: Portlet setting / Search

    Problem: Missing portlet search on the "Anonymous" tab.

    Solution: Search was implemented in Anonymous Mode.

  49. IX-16735: Expert attribute

    Problem: Expert tab suggests "onload" as an attribute when searching.

    Solution: Content of "onload" is now observed.

  50. IX-16741: Create portal

    Problem: MissingResourceException when creating a portal with MSSQL.

    Solution: The "Sorting" selection list in the database settings dialog can now be opened again.

  51. IX-16742: Create portal

    Problem: If Oracle is selected and deselected as the database, the "Next" button does not work.

    Solution: "Next" button now works accordingly again.

  52. IX-16749: JavaScript

    Problem: With JavaScript-triggered reload in a Free layout table, the page jumps to the first record under certain circumstances.

    Solution: Corrected reload behavior so that the page loads the current record.

  53. IX-16756: Operator filter

    Problem: onchange-event is not triggered when the search field is cleared.

    Solution: onchange event is now fired when the search field is cleared.

  54. IX-16790: Connector for Microsoft 365 and Teams

    Problem: Empty subfolders are not deleted during mutlifile upload.

    Solution: Folders in MS365 multifile fields are now deleted even if all files in them have already been deleted.

  55. IX-16797: Linux Headless installation

    Problem: Password request in headless setup unclear and insecure.

    Solution: Password prompt more clearly described, password input hidden.

  56. IX-16799: Create process elements

    Problem: Creating new process items via context menu not possible under Linux.

    Solution: Creation of new process elements now also possible via context menu.

  57. IX-16805: Permalinks

    Problem: Permalinks can not be copied to the clipboard if the portal is operated with HTTP.

    Solution: Fallback for HTTP implemented.

  58. IX-16807: Tree element

    A tree folder action can now optionally be triggered on every click, even if the entry is already selected.

  59. IX-16811: Create process elements

    When creating new elements via the context menu, a New menu with the submenus "Event Sources", "Event Handlers", "Conditions" and "Actions" is now displayed.

  60. IX-16826: Microsoft 365 OneDrive element

    Problem: Context menu for folder selection is not hidden again.

    Solution: Context menu is now also hidden under Linux when the folder selection dialog is opened.

  61. IX-16829: Microsoft 365 OneDrive element

    Problem: User without OneDrive generates many error messages.

    Solution: The faulty configuration is no longer saved. The user receives a hint message.

  62. IX-16831: Microsoft 365 OneDrive element

    Problem: NPE if no folder is selected.

    Solution: Added hint message when closing the dialog.

  63. IX-16833: Microsoft 365 configuration

    Problem: When selecting the OneDrive connection configuration in the application dialog, the remaining fields are not updated.

    Solution: When changing the MS365 configuration, the previous configuration is reset.

  64. IX-16834: Data Picker

    Problem: When you click in the selection tooltip, the data picker jumps to the top of the page on large, comprehensive pages.

    Solution: DataPicker now behaves correctly and no longer jumps to the top of the page.

  65. IX-16835: Microsoft 365 OneDrive element

    Problem: IllegalStateException on folder search.

    Solution: For folder search errors, an empty result set is now returned to the client instead of the error.

  66. IX-16857: Microsoft 365 OneDrive element

    Problem: OneDrive controlle does not keep Drive settings.

    Solution: Settings are now saved.

  67. IX-16861: MS365 OneDrive control

    Problem: NullPointerException on next call if the OneDrive control dialog was cancelled after changing the view of the drive.

    Solution: The NullPointerException was fixed.

  68. IX-16870: Versioning

    Problem: Commit is executed by all processes and all applications only after release.

    Solution: The commit is now executed immediately after a single application or process is published.

  69. IX-16898: Research

    Problem: If you jump from a research to a record in a tooltip there is an error.

    Solution: Initialize action controls has been adjusted accordingly.

  70. IX-16901: CMS (old)

    Problem: CMS 2 does not show an application menu.

    Solution: Special treatment of the old CMS2 menus was adjusted.

  71. IX-16932: Application import

    Problem: NPE when disabling the "Create new" setting for search facets.

    Solution: Error in client log when selecting search facets is fixed.

  72. IX-16939: MediaGateway

    The MediaGateway JDBC driver was updated to avoid conflicts with the Log4J configuration, which could lead to missing log output in portal.log.

  73. IX-16962: Search

    Problem: NullPointerException on next call if the OneDrive control dialog was cancelled after changing the view of the drive.

    Solution: The default has been fixed and incorrect patterns are rejected when saving.

  74. IX-16968: Groovy

    Problem: Cloud: GroovySession#logout does not end session.

    Solution: GroovySession objects now also get a reference to the SessionManager in the cluster to be able to terminate sessions in the Groovy context.

  75. IX-17001: Connector for Microsoft 365

    Problem: Error setting restricted visibility of MS365 group due to wrong property name.

    Solution: Typo in property names corrected.

  76. IX-17029: Import application

    Problem: When not overwriting import of multiple applications that have mutual references, the references are not restored under certain circumstances.

    Solution: The corresponding GUIDs are now correctly replaced accordingly in all applications.

  77. IX-17046: Update

    Problem: CVE-2022-21449: Psychic Signatures in Java.

    Solution: Switched to Adoptium / Eclipse Temurin JDK 17.0.3+7

  78. IX-17052: Update

    Problem: Update does not delete files in lib/src.

    Solution: lib/src is emptied during the update.

  79. IX-17077: Installation

    Problem: Incorrect link when determining the Intrexx Portable Manager download URL.

    Solution: The callable now returns URLs without the Intrexx version in the file name.

Intrexx Steady Track

Published on 07.04.2022

New Features

Layout of the "Automatic logout" message

The layout of the message that is displayed after a Session Timeout at the bottom right of the portal for the automatic logout can now be changed in the "Design" module. You can find the corresponding styles in the "Layout area" under "Control elements / Advanced properties / Messages".

Decouple proxy application templates from REST

It is now possible to exclude certain URLs from the Manager's proxy communication. In addition, the proxy settings of the operating system can be adopted for the manager.

New style classes for application templates

The style classes .Text_Small, .Container_Standard_2nd and .Container_Standard_3rd are patched into all desktop layouts for better application template design.


  1. IX-11005: Portlets

    Problem: The titles of portlets could be edited by users without administration rights.

    Solution: Portlet titles can now only be changed by administrators in default mode.

  2. IX-15142: Permissions

    Problem: Missing rights to the Integration or Tools modules results in an error when opening file locations.

    Solution: A corresponding message is now displayed if the authorization is not sufficient. In the "SystemCare" area now a panel instead of the tooltip for the administration login is displayed, which can be used to perform the administration login.

  3. IX-15505: Session Timeout

    The layout of the session logout notifier can now be edited in the Design module.

  4. IX-15517: Application import

    Problem: Menu is not updated during application import.

    Solution: When importing with the overwriting of an application, the menu items of the application in the menu designer are now updated in the same way as when publishing an existing application.

  5. IX-15659: Decouple proxy application templates from REST

    It is now possible to exclude certain URLs from the Manager's proxy communication. In addition, the proxy settings of the operating system can be adopted for the manager.

  6. IX-15937: NGINX configuration

    Problem: In the web server dialog for the Nginx configuration file, the configuration file is defined as a mandatory field.

    Solution: The input of the configuration file is now optional; the configuration file is only rewritten if settings in the dialog have changed.

  7. IX-16181: Date picker calendar

    Problem: Setting "Allow keyboard input in the edit field" does not work correctly.

    Solution: The date selection calendar is now correctly initialized to set the associated edit field readonly according to the configuration.

  8. IX-16230: Application templates

    New style classes .Text_Small, .Container_Standard_2nd und .Container_Standard_3rd are patched into all desktop layouts for better application template design.

  9. IX-16247: Language constants

    Problem: When importing and exporting language constants, changes that have not yet been saved are lost or not exported.

    Solution: The user will now be advised of this and has the option to save the constants beforehand.

  10. IX-16261: Security guidelines

    Problem: Change user password throws exception if security policy configuration is not correct.

    Solution: If the configuration is incorrect, the check is suspended.

  11. IX-16264: Main container

    Problem: Properties dialog does not open.

    Solution: Properties dialog will now open again.

  12. IX-16268: Container

    Problem: "Hide content for anonymous user" option is not displayed in the properties dialog.

    Solution: The option is now displayed correctly again, analogous to element settings.

  13. IX-16272: Button image

    Problem: Image button with image from file data field causes Portal Manager to crash.

    Solution: Screen button with "Image from data field" can be configured again.

  14. IX-16281: Generate documentes

    Problem: When generating PDF from ODT, links are not rendered correctly.

    Solution: HTML links are now escaped. This means that links in PDFs are now rendered correctly again.

  15. IX-16332: Portal data base - SQL Server

    Problem: In current and future drivers from Microsoft, the default has changed. Encryption has been enabled by default.

    Solution: Encrypt flag is now explicitly set to false.

  16. IX-16351: Basic portlets

    Problem: Base portlet pool gets the wrong UserGuid in default mode.

    Solution: DefaultUser-Guid is now passed correctly.

  17. IX-16355: Fileselection view - templates

    Problem: "Open in new window" cannot be set for a responsive template.

    Solution: In a file selection view with the responsive template, the "Open in new window" setting is now always turned off when opening the properties.

  18. IX-16364: Control type "color"

    Problem: With colorvcontrol the height cannot be overwritten.

    Solution: The necessary styles are now no longer written as inline style but via a CSS selector with slightly lower priority like the custom styles.

  19. IX-16365: View field

    Problem: For the "Image URL" control type, the entered maximum size is implemented even though the "Maximum size" setting is not activated.

    Solution: The setting "Maximum size" is now taken into account again.

  20. IX-16387: View field

    Problem: For the "Video" control type, the view field is to wide.

    Solution: Size specifications for container elements have been removed.

  21. IX-16395: Target page options

    Problem: Mouseover event registers too often and closes tooltips.

    Solution: Improved handling of actioncontrol mouseover tooltips.

  22. IX-16412: User replication

    With AD replication, the objectID can also be stored in a user-defined user schema field in UUID format. In addition, for newly created portals, the default is that the UUID format is also written to the External GUID.

  23. IX-16430: ReadContainer

    Problem: Missing parameter fallback for data group readContainer.

    Solution: Fallback-Werte are now added to readContainers.

  24. IX-16436: Application import

    Problem: When importing application with two foreign keys to a table, an error is generated.

    Solution: Two Foreign Keys may now be placed on the same column, referencing different tables.

  25. IX-16439: FileWalker - Search

    Problem: Filewalker search cannot open found files. Error occurs only when client and server paths differ.

    Solution: Now the server path is used to determine the directory.

  26. IX-16446: Portlet "Office Integration"

    Problem: Is available as basic portlet.

    Solution: Removed from data files and filtered, if already existent.

  27. IX-16483: Dependency on chart

    Problem: Legend is not hidden if there is no data in the chart.

    Solution: Container of the legend has been removed. The legend is now rendered in the SVG container of the diagram.

  28. IX-16507: Target page option / Print view

    Problem: Does not work after update.

    Solution: The print view is now opened in popup context without menus etc - stage only.

  29. IX-16509: Create portal

    Problem: Mac / Linux dialog error in Portal Builder - password is requested from wrong user.

    Solution: Now the password for the correct user is requested.

  30. IX-16510: Update

    Problem: Error when upgrading to 10.4.0 with external JDK.

    Solution: Error no longer occurs because the symlink is recreated.

  31. IX-16511: Installation

    Problem: Under Mac OS, the daemon user "Intrexx" is incorrectly queried again.

    Solution: Users are now queried correctly.

  32. IX-16512: Installation

    Problem: Error message in the installation log when reinstalling on Mac OS.

    Solution: The error no longer occurs.

  33. IX-16532: Update

    Update to Log4j 2.17.2

Intrexx Steady Track

Published on 07.03.2022

New Features

Supervisor password is set to the blank password during installation

In the last Intrexx versions, the supervisor password in the Administration login was empty after the installation. This allows actions to be performed on the operating system via the API without authentication, which is not desirable from a security point of view. For this reason, a supervisor password can now be assigned during installation. There are four variants of how an installation can be carried out:

Variant 1 - Installation via UI

Here, a dialog is displayed when the summary is exited, prompting the user to enter a password.

Variant 2 - Interactive Installation via console

Again, the user must enter and confirm the desired supervisor password.

Variant 3A - Installation via configuration file with specified supervisor password

The supervisor password specified in the configuration.yml is taken over (Attribute name "supervisorPassword"). It is not included in the configuration file in the installation directory "/installer/cfg/configuration.yml", otherwise passwords will appear in plain text on the server. Please note that since Intrexx Steady Track 10.1.0 the file format "yml" is used. In the previous versions, a .properties-file was used here.

Variant 3B - Installation via configuration file without specified supervisor password

If no password is specified in the configuration file, a random password is generated. This is stored in the installation directory "/cfg/initial_passwd". This ensures that a privileged login on the supervisor only occurs if you also have access to the file system. When the Portal Manager logs on to the supervisor for the first time, it then checks whether the randomly assigned password has been changed. If this is not the case, a prompt to change the password is displayed. Once the password has been changed, the inital_passwd is automatically deleted.

The new mechanism is enabled only for new installations. Updates from old installations are not affected by the changes.

New Functions in the date selection calender

In the small date selection calender there are the three new buttons

"Today" selects today's date, "Clear" deletes any entry from the date field, "OK" closes the calendar for date selection.

MS365 - Process actions / Create Team

Teams were always created as public teams until now. Now the visibility of a team can be set when creating the team.


Intrexx Steady Track 10.5.0 requires JDK 17. JDK 17 is included in the distribution.


  1. IX-12676: Last editing of applications, processes and layouts

    Problem: Misleading display of the last editor.

    Solution: Consistent display of last editor and last date when opening published applications, processes, and layouts.

    1. The last editor changes only when publishing via the manager.
    2. The date changes with each release.
    3. If a process, layout or application was last published by an online update or a PublishAll script, an asterisk is displayed behind the user and at the bottom of the dialog the note that the last publication was automatic.

  2. IX-13933: Administration login

    You can find all news about this feature here.

  3. IX-14333: Multilingual Titles

    Problem: Different order of German and English for languages of titles.

    Solution: Dialogs for multilingual titles have been unified.

  4. IX-14841: View Table

    Problem: Performance problems with tables containing data from other applications.

    Solution: Performance optimization in the properties dialog of the view table.

  5. IX-14988: SystemCare

    Problem: When logging out from Portal, log file analysis in Portal Manager is not closed.

    Solution: Log file analysis in SystemCare is now closed when disconnecting from the server.

  6. IX-14990: Logout from portal

    Problem: A canceled portal login can lead to a NullPointerException in certain cases.

    Solution: Error no longer occurs.

  7. IX-15159: Application import

    Problem: Poor usability with hint text on invalid references when importing applications.

    Solution: The tooltip for displaying missing links has been replaced by a dialog.

  8. IX-15323: New functions in the calendar for date selection

    You can find all information about the new functions here.

  9. IX-15495: JDK17

    You can find all information on this topic here.

  10. IX-15656: Resource element

    Problem: Assigning another resource to an appointment does not work.

    Solution: Resources can now be assigned again.

  11. IX-15705: Resource element

    Problem: For serial appointments in resources, the appointment conflict handling no longer works if a resource is double-occupied.

    Solution: Conflict handling works again.

  12. IX-15879: Edit layouts

    Analogous to processes and applications, layouts are now also locked when they are being edited. When exporting locked processes and layouts, a note is displayed, that only the published state will be exported.

  13. IX-15880: Unlock user

    Problem: User cannot be unlocked via Portal Manager.

    Solution: User can be unlocked again.

  14. IX-15886: Expert attribute "textTransform"

    Problem: The expert attribute "textTransform" is only applied when the control is exited (onblur).

    Solution: Forcing upper case for an input field via the "textTransform" attribute is now done directly on keystroke.

  15. IX-15889: Chart

    Problem: Colors from data field are not transferred to XY chart.

    Solution: Colors from data fields are now displayed.

  16. IX-15896: Resource

    Problem: Missing conflict check when moving series appointments.

    Solution: Conflict check now works again.

  17. IX-15910: Login

    Problem: Login portlets are not loaded into the grid for the anonymous user.

    Solution: Loading the login portlet works again.

  18. IX-15926: Control type "Image Url"

    Problem: The read binding has been checked for isDataFieldBinding so far. However, a 3-value binding notation is used for links with fields from the parent data group.

    Solution: Controls of type "Image URL" can be linked as read binding again with fields from the parent data group.

  19. IX-15928: Download updates

    Problem: Error downloading updates when using proxy with BasicAuth.

    Solution: Download is now working again.

  20. IX-15935: SystemCare

    Problem: SQL queries with MSSQL can be very slow.

    Solution: Scrollable resultset is no longer used.

  21. IX-15949: Update

    Problem: Error patching a portal when using the Docker image.

    Solution: Error no longer occurs.

  22. IX-15950: Calendar

    Problem: Incorrect calculation / display of the calendar week (pt.1 / JS).

    Solution: Calculation of calendar weeks was incorrect for non-ISO8601 specific formats (like en-US) and has been fixed.

  23. IX-15970: Jump target "To a URL"

    Problem: Button with jump target "To a URL" always opens in new browser tab.

    Solution: All statically stored URLs are now handled as follows: If the landing page is set to "Open in current window" in the landing page options, the link will open in the current window, any other setting will open the URL in a new tab.

  24. IX-15978: Update Mac Portable Manager

    Problem: Software update from a Mac Portable Manager fails.

    Solution: The Mac Portable Manager now uses the DMG format. Within the archive, the structure has been adjusted accordingly.

  25. IX-16002: MS365 file data field

    Problem: ItemId for additional MS365 file data field is not created automatically.

    Solution: A separate ItemID data field is now created for each MS365 file data field.

  26. IX-16005: MS365 file data field

    Problem: Dialog freezes on bottom-up configuration.

    Solution: The folder search button is now disabled when no Drive is selected.

  27. IX-16036: WriteContainer

    Problem: Saving two WriteContainers with mutual references does not work correctly.

    Solution: Values from WriteContainer are now correctly passed on to other WriteContainers.

  28. IX-16043: Free layout table

    Problem: getValueHolderByFIeldGuid uses the wrong ReadContainer in the Free layout table to read the data.

    Solution: The correct ReadContainer is now used to read the value.

  29. IX-16050: MS365 file data field

    Problem: Data field configuration contains options for file locations of Intrexx file data fields.

    Solution: The configuration dialog for MS365 data fields has been reduced to upload settings.

  30. IX-16051: MS365 Process actions

    Problem: "Create Meeting" action is not found when searching for "Teams" in the "Search" section because the term "Teams" is not included.

    Solution: The action is found by searching for "Teams".

  31. IX-16052: MS365 - Login in the Portal Manager

    Problem: The "Currently logged in user" could be selected as a static user account.

    Solution: The "Currently logged in user" can now no longer be selected as a static user account.

  32. IX-16063: Install Intrexx

    Problem: During the installation, the JRE is installed again, even if there were no changes.

    Solution: JRE task is skipped if the JRE is unchanged.

  33. IX-16079: User administration

    Problem: NPE in user management when saving fields without value.

    Solution: NPE is now intercepted.

  34. IX-16091: Calculation element in Free layout table

    Problem: An error occurs when filtering the table.

    Solution: JavaScript of the calculation control is now included if it is located in a Free designed table.

  35. IX-16092: MS365 Process actions

    Problem: Meeting title from data field no longer works.

    Solution: Error is fixed.

  36. IX-16098: Application import

    Problem: Title of configuration is lost during application import.

    Solution: The name is now correctly displayed in the Problems area.

  37. IX-16099: MS365 File data field

    Problem: Group selection in properties dialog is not sorted.

    Solution: Users, groups and websites are now sorted alphabetically in ascending order.

  38. IX-16102: MS365 Call action

    Problem: Image button with call action throws error.

    Solution: Image button can now be used in call actions.

  39. IX-16108: Application export

    Problem: Portal Manager stops responding under some circumstances when opening the application export.

    Solution: When exporting applications, layouts and processes, a default path is no longer suggested. The user must select a folder himself during the first export. This location is then saved in and suggested again the next time.

  40. IX-16109: Page wizard

    Problem: MS365 - Page wizard does not add ItemID field automatically.

    Solution: The ItemID field is now also created in the Page and Form Wizards.

  41. IX-16111: WriteContainer

    Problem: Copy of a file control does not receive a binding.

    Solution: When copying distribution selections and file input controls, the binding in the write container is now copied as well.

  42. IX-16118: Tomcat

    Problem: Tomcat CVE-2022-23181

    Solution: Security-Update for Apache Tomcat to Version 8.5.75.

  43. IX-16129: Search

    Problem: Searching for tags from the Tagging Bookmarks component does not work.

    Solution: The default search field is now set.

  44. IX-16136: MS365 Process actions

    Problem: "Team Message Action" jump target is not implemented as a link.

    Solution: Is now fixed in the process action.

  45. IX-16143: MS365 File data field

    Problem: ItemID field is not automatically placed on workspace when changing linked data field to MS365 data field in an existing control.

    Solution: Controls are now created for the ItemID in the hidden area when the data source of a file control is changed to MS365 and there is no control for it in the hidden area yet.

  46. IX-16180: Permalink

    Problem: The expert attribute "permalink" generates incorrect links.

    Solution: Permalinks are now corrected.

  47. IX-16206: File selection view

    Problem: Filter on data group cannot be deleted.

    Solution: Filter on the data group in a file selection can now be deleted again.

  48. IX-16210: View table

    Problem: Custom data attributes are not written for all column types.

    Solution: Added custom data attributes for missing column types.

  49. IX-16213: MS365 Process actions

    The visibility of a team can now be set when creating the team.
  50. IX-16215: Research

    Problem: Customize table - "up" arrow key failure.

    Solution: All fields can be moved again as usual.

  51. IX-16222: Update

    Problem: CVE-2021-27568 - Unsuitable error checking in JSON smart.

    Solution: Update of accessors-smart-1.2.jar to accessors-smart-2.4.7.jar.

  52. IX-16237: Vertical sortable Grouping

    Problem: Hidden elements in the vertically sortable grouping cause the counter to not work correctly when the page is reloaded.

    Solution: The counter is now working correctly again.

  53. IX-16240: Update

    Problem: Errors may occur when running

    Solution: Error is now corrected.

  54. IX-16254: Portlets

    Problem: Portlets may not take into account the ticker configuration.

    Solution: Ticker configuration is now taken into account again.

  55. IX-16257: Portal properties / Documents / Templates

    Problem: Documents-Templates does not load font weight settings correctly and sets them back to normal when saving unnoticed by the user.

    Solution: Font weight is now correctly taken into account.

  56. IX-16260: User application

    Problem: Application "User" can be copied and published.

    Solution: A copy of the applications "Intrexx Share", "User", and "Global Search" can no longer be created. These applications may only appear once in each portal. The "Users" and "Global Search" applications can now no longer be deleted.

  57. IX-16262: PostgreSQL

    Problem: CVE-2022-21724 PostgreSQL JDBC driver.

    Solution: Update to PostgreSQL driver 42.3.2.

  58. IX-16263: MS365 - Teams Process actions

    Problem: Teams meeting action throws error when time zone from user object is used.

    Solution: Setting now works without errors.

  59. IX-16276: Update

    Problem: In very rare circumstances, the patcher removes files unintentionally.

    Solution: Pattern adjusted - only the internal and external directories are searched for old transaction error files / directories.

  60. IX-16282: Tooltip positioning

    Problem: Tooltip positioning for buttons with the "Show/Hide flexible" action does not work correctly.

    Solution: Tooltip positioning now works correctly again.

  61. IX-16283: Data Picker

    Problem: By deselecting a checkbox via the DataPicker, an attribute/property was cleared.

    Solution: By deselecting a checkbox via the DataPicker, the attribute/property is now no longer cleared.

  62. IX-16351: Basic portlets

    Problem: Base portlet pool gets wrong UserGuid in default mode.

    Solution: DefaultUser-Guid is now passed correctly.

  63. IX-16380: MS365 and Teams - Registration

    Problem: OAuth2 redirect does not work in patched portals.

    Solution: Copying the file external/htmlroot/oauth2callback.html when patching.

  64. IX-16389: Filters

    Problem: Behavior of filters for undefined values from request or processing contexts has been changed.

    Solution: The original behavior has been restored with the possibility of defining it more precisely.

  65. IX-16422: MS365 and Teams - Registration

    Problem: When saving the configuration for the first time, managerAuthType is not saved.

    Solution: The configuration is saved correctly when you exit the wizard.

Intrexx Steady Track

Published on 10.02.2022


  1. IX-15966: Email dispatch

    Problem: Emails are not sent if the recipients are added via a dynamic distribution control where the user is stored as a reference and the stored email is accessed in the user account as "Free text" or "Semicolon separated list".

    Solution: The functionality has been restored and emails are sent correctly.

  2. IX-16259: Markdown editor

    Problem: The Markdown editor could no longer be operated correctly. Instead of the editor, several "x" symbols were displayed.

    Solution: The broken CSS file was replaced with a valid one.

Intrexx Steady Track

Published on 03.02.2022

New Features

Connector for Microsoft 365 and Teams

With the Connector for Microsoft 365 and Teams Microsoft Products like Teams, OneDrive and Office Applications are integrated. The connector contains three new process actions, a new control and an integration on file field level. Click here for more information.


  1. Update to Intrexx Steady Track 10.4.0

  2. IX-5496: Portal in the Browser

    Old Internet Explorer caching header removed.

  3. IX-5553: OData

    Problem: Possible CRLF injection when processing values in the CORS header.

    Solution: There were two new system properties introduced to define the allowed values for the CORS header access control allow origin and access control allow header:

    If the properties are not defined, the previous behavior remains.

  4. IX-8918: Groovy Script editor

    Syntax check in Groovy Script editor has been revised.

  5. IX-10543: Online Update

    Problem: "Rebuild all layouts" writes no git entry.

    Solution: When opening an online update git entries will now be written when layouts are published.

  6. IX-10881: Rest API

    A path in the portal manager used REST API has been modified: /IxManagerRest/versionControl.

  7. IX-10882: Rest API

    A path in the portal manager used REST API has been modified: /IxManagerRest/iisAdmin.

  8. IX-10889: Search

    Problem: Possible security gap in SearchStub.

    Solution: Prevent Directory Traversal, check search permissions.

  9. IX-10898: Permissions

    Problem: DivDesignPatternStub doesn't take access permissions into account.

    Solution: Permissions are now checked while writing.

  10. IX-11291: Portable Manager

    Problem: In the Portable Manager the view of the modules, available via the main menu "View / Show modules", does not work.

    Solution: View problems solved.

  11. IX-11423: Drop-down lists / Listboxes

    Problem: In Drop-down lists and Listboxes with the data source "User-defined values" the Binding tab is also shown when drfilter=true. However the panel for configuring a preset value will not be displayed. Thus the use cases that have been used here customdefault no longer function.

    Solution: For Drop-down lists and Listboxes a preset value can be defined in the Binding tab even when the data source for the entries is "User-defined values" - regardless of whether the control is a dynamic filter or not (drfilter=true).

  12. IX-11837: Global Search

    Problem: If in the index search input fields are linked with "Or" and one of the input fields is hidden with a conditional display, wrong search results are displayed.

    Solution: The search results are now displayed correctly even if one of the input fields is not displayed.

  13. IX-12145: Parameters

    Problem: When configuring jumps and other places passing parameters to a target page, the names of parameters requested from the target page can no longer be edited. Names of additional parameters sent can be edited furthermore.

    Solution: The parameters necessary for viewing the page can be renamed no more.

  14. IX-12404: Setup

    Problem: Setup TAR extracts content with the owner attributes uid 1001 und gid 1001.

    Solution: Delivered tar.gz archives are now packed in such a way that they no longer belong to uid 1001 and gid 1001 when unpacked from root.

  15. IX-12965: Target page options

    Problem: Close tooltip with ESC does not work correctly under certain circumstances.

    Solution: Fixed inconsistent behavior in the interplay between modal tooltips and the close button display option.

  16. IX-13021: Online Update

    Problem: Files in internal/cfg/spring/custom removed by update.

    Solution: Now files remain at update.

  17. IX-13044: Generate documents

    Problem: Documents which contain emojis generate result in corrupt PDFs.

    Solution: Emojis are not included in output.

  18. IX-13171: Execution time

    Problem: Time zone format in scheduler logs are not correct.

    Solution: ISO date format is now used in the job log.

  19. IX-13196: Tooltips

    Problem: Delayed opening of multiple mouse over tooltips generates error.

    Solution: Delayed opening of the tooltips is now canceled when leaving the link.

  20. IX-13532: SystemCare

    Problem: Error in ConsoleAppender on server start.

    Solution: Correct initialization of the ConsoleAppender.

  21. IX-13555: Ressource element - Formating properties

    Problem: In a chart with the view "Year/Months (side by side)" the correct year - as selected in the navigation calendar - will not be displayed.

    Solution: Now the correct year is shown without modification. Now the formating uses "yyyy" (current year) instead of YYYY (year of the calendar week, which can be the previous year at the beginning of the current year).

  22. IX-13620: Grouping

    Problem: Groupings which are created with STRG-G do not apply the last selected title type (static title / title from constant).

    Solution: Titel of the grouping is now initialised uniformly.

  23. IX-13979: Global Search

    Problem: In the global search filtering on applications does not provide correct results.

    Solution: Results are now shown correctly for the filtered application.

  24. IX-14137: Tooltip

    Problem: Closing the confirm dialog with escape when deleting a data record generates an exception.

    Solution: Close with escape works correctly now.

  25. IX-14233: Markdown

    Problem: Ingores the option "maximum text length (column width).

    Solution: The Option "maximum text length (column width) is now implemented correctly.

  26. IX-14237: Search configuration

    Problem: Edit search configuration leads to increased memory consumption in Portal Manager.

    Solution: Memory consumption for properties dialog of search control optimized.

  27. IX-14332: Update

    Problem: Incorrect construction of a relative path in

    Solution: The relative path is now contructed correctly.

  28. IX-14476: Upgrade

    Problem: Post update to Steady Track ClassPath still contains old directories.

    Solution: The old directories will now be removed during the update.

  29. IX-14539: Menus

    Problem: Menu items from menu folders without destination pages in dependent menus get different links per call method (first call in the portal or reload).

    Solution: Links have been unified.

  30. IX-14540: Search

    Problem: Tag search leads to exception in multiple index search.

    Solution: Tag search works again with multi index engine.

  31. IX-14618: Print

    Problem: CSS for print is loaded in wrong order.

    Solution: Print CSS will now be embedded fix in the header of the page an not subsequent.

  32. IX-14733: Show/Hide flexible

    Problem: "Positioning: at element" does not work.

    Solution: Now the correct element as "orientation element" is passed to the tooltip settings.

  33. IX-14795: Upgrade

    Problem: Cluster Ignite Spring configuration is overwritten by update.

    Solution: Cluster Ignite Spring configuration will be maintained when updating.

  34. IX-14906: Image

    Problem: Colon in the general image properties in the field "image" leads to Portal Manager crash.

    Solution: The Portal Manager now works correctly when a colon is entered in the properties.

  35. IX-14956: Users

    Problem: When adding a new user further attributes are only checked when clicking OK.

    Solution: When editing an object the entered value of an attribute on the page "more attributes" will now be checked already when leaving the page.

  36. IX-15053: Velocity

    Problem: Velocity $Parameter.get() does not work in fee layout table.

    Solution: Velocity context is changed so that in every ShapeTable data record the values exist.

  37. IX-15055: Versioning

    Problem: Many history entries slow down publishing in the browser.

    Solution: For performance reasons only the last 25 entries are loaded when loading the history in the portal manager. There a two new actions for loading further entries: "Load next 25 entries" or "Load all entries".

  38. IX-15097: Button actions

    Problem: Under certain circumstances action types of buttons are not saved when switching to another tab.

    Solution: Action types are now saved.

  39. IX-15212: List field

    Problem: Missing note when a value list field ist used in a write binding.

    Solution: When a value list field list is used in a write binding a warning will be shown in the problem tab, because only the last value will be saved when multiple values are selected.

  40. IX-15216: Portlets

    Problem: Closing and reopening the browser while the session has expired can lead to multiple displays of the login portlet.

    Solution: This situation is now correctly recognized and the login page is loaded correctly.

  41. IX-15220: Office Integration

    Problem: When connecting to an Intrexx portal via SSL the Office Integration buttons are deactivated first.

    Solution: The configuration ob the SSL connection will now be applied correctly with the new setup under external/htmlroot/download/dim/external/htmlroot/download/dim/.

  42. IX-15223: Global Search

    Problem: Search with opening quotation mark throws exception.

    Solution: For preventing this double quotation marks will now be removed preventive when getting the search proposals. This error does not occur in all environments.

  43. IX-15232: JavaScript

    Problem: Request parameter with "?" will not be passed.

    Solution: Optimizing when setting request parameters in JavaScript.

  44. IX-15254: Regular expression for character restriction

    Problem: Search query will be set in spite of Regex ban.

    Solution: The search query will no be set only when the edit field resp. its content is valid.

  45. IX-15259: Portal export

    Problem: The directory internal/uploadfiles will be exported together with the portal export.

    Solution: Portal export now will not contain the directory internal/uploadfiles any more.

  46. IX-15268: Frontend web server

    Problem: Under certain circumstances an NPE will occur when selecting the frontend webserver.

    Solution: When reading the NGINX web server configuration there is no exception any more when no path exists in the NGINX configuration file.

  47. IX-15279: register portals

    Problem: Only lowercase letters can be used for alias names under "register portals".

    Solution: In the dialog "register portals" uppercase letters can now be used for the alias name of the portal again.

  48. IX-15313: Update

    Problem: During the installation under CentOS/Redhat the password of the daemon user will not be accepted.

    Solution: The password will now be accepted.

  49. IX-15328: Menus

    Problem: Submenu on 2nd level stays opened.

    Solution: In dropdown menus now folder of the 2nd level and below will be closed when they are left with the mouse.

  50. IX-15343: Emails

    Problem: Links are misinterpreted in text emails.

    Solution: No entity encoded links are sent in text emails any more.

  51. IX-15345: Mac OS - Installation

    Problem: Mac installation named wrong user when requesting password of privilege escalation.

    Solution: User has been corrected in the message.

  52. IX-15355: Connectors

    Problem: Newly created connector is not displayed in list.

    Solution: The list of defined connectors now also updates when you create a new connector directly under "Consume data".

  53. IX-15359: Line

    Problem: Instead of being generated within a table grouping a line will be generated in front of it.

    Solution: Lines will now be rendered within groupings not matter which page transformation has been selected.

  54. IX-15370: Dependencies

    Problem: Incorrect events while deleting dependencies.

    Solution: Via AppPatcher Events will be patched out if their linked dependencie cannot be found on the current page. Moreover the triggers of dependency will be examined and those whose linked event cannot be found on the current page will be patched out.

  55. IX-15377: Password validation

    Problem: Exception while checking NULL passwords.

    Solution: IXPasswordValidator now throws IllegalArgumentException for NULL passwords.

  56. IX-15388: Target page options

    Problem: "noreferrer" misses while opening external links with target="_blank".

    Solution: The rel attribute will be written in links with target="_blank".

  57. IX-15395: Global Search

    Problem: Server returns wrong Solr error message.

    Solution: Now there will be a distinction between "search server ist not available", "search term contains erreor" and "search error".

  58. IX-15408: Menus

    Problem: Tree menu (old): Menu folder does not close when clicking on the menu name resp. title.

    Solution: The stated behavior has been changed.

  59. IX-15421: Time execution plan

    Problem: JobScheduler sends error mail without helpful information.

    Solution: JobMessages now integrated in scheduler mail content.

  60. IX-15424: Uninstall

    Problem: External log directory still exists after uninstall.

    Solution: External log directory is now deleted at uninstall.

  61. IX-15427: Data Picker

    Problem: Data picker will be created without event.

    Solution: When adding buttons with the action "Data Picker" the trigger event is now created again. Without this event the data picker will not work in the browser.

  62. IX-15439: Global Search

    Problem: FileWalker files will be searched even though the FileWalker is not activated for the search.

    Solution: Query whether in the FileWalker settings the search is enabled.

  63. IX-15445: Readcontainer

    Problem: Bindings in ReadContainer cannot be deleted under MAC OS.

    Solution: On Mac clients bindings in ReadContainers can be deleted via the view "ReadContainer" again.

  64. IX-15446: Readcontainer

    Problem: When creating a ReadContainer under MAC OS problems occur when no class is selected.

    Solution: On exiting the dialog there will be an alert reporting that no class is selected.

  65. IX-15449: Data Picker

    Problem: Empty Data Picker result table on mobile pages.

    Solution: The results lists have been adjusted correspondingly in case no fields or only one was selected.

  66. IX-15460: Chart

    Problem: Long load duration with larger charts.

    Solution: Load duration shortened by changes in the renderer.

  67. IX-15472: Calculation

    Problem: Pages with calculations in tables with negative values lead to an error when generating documents.

    Solution: Generating documents now also works with negative values.

  68. IX-15478: Handler

    Problem: PageActionHandler.before delivers no values for the element multiple selection.

    Solution: Handler has been modified so that now values are present in the data record.

  69. IX-15502: Create portal

    Problem: Error in portal builder in english language setting.

    Solution: Error solved in output in command line.

  70. IX-15509: Filter information

    Problem: If you filter for values e.g. from request or processing context and one of these values is not defined, the other conditions in the filter as a whole have no effect and all records are selected.

    Solution: Non defined filter parameters from requests or processing contexts are no longer interpreted as null.

  71. IX-15520: Webservice call

    Problem: Error in web service call caused by wrong name space in SOAP action header.

    Solution: An error which led to incorrectly set SOAPAction HTTP Headers in web service calls is solved.

  72. IX-15530: Portal export

    Problem: Wrong default value in the execution options in the configuration of the portal export.

    Solution: An error which led to incorrectly set SOAPAction HTTP Headers in web service calls is solved.

  73. IX-15532: Language contant type

    Problem: Context of the language constants "FILTER_DATE_FROM" and "FILTER_DATE_TO" changed from velocity to JavaScript.

    Solution: Language contants applied in VTL environment.

  74. IX-15533: Update

    Problem: Insufficient update performance from Intrexx version 9.2 and 9.3 to 10.s.

    Solution: Performance optimization in patch code.

  75. IX-15541: Publish applications

    Problem: Under certain circumstances NPE while publishing applications in the context of indexes which has not been found.

    Solution: Handling of indexes not found modified, so that no errors are reported any more.

  76. IX-15555: Tomcat

    Problem: CVE-2021-42340: Memory leak in Tomcat.

    Solution: Security update on Tomcat 8.5.73.

  77. IX-15556: Installation

    Problem: Old scripts below the bin directory will not be removed during setup.

    Solution: The directory will now be completly emptied during update except the upix* scripts. Individual additional scripts do not remain.

  78. IX-15561: Module "Design"

    Problem: Umlauts in the CSS will not be displayed correctly.

    Solution: In the module "Design" the Encoding is now switched to UTF-8.

  79. IX-15574: Portlets

    Problem: The setting "mandantory portlet" and "Drag & Drop" can only be edited while creating the portlet.

    Solution: Missing parameters have been added again.

  80. IX-15584: Menues

    Problem: Closing a menu causes JS error in the browser when changing the screen size.

    Solution: Independent of the window size in the browser the error now will not be occuring any more.

  81. IX-15596: Data field permissions

    Problem: Data field permissions will not always be deleted.

    Solution: File field permissions which are no longer required will now always be deleted from the data base.

  82. IX-15601: Portlets

    Problem: User with read permission can delete portlets permanently.

    Solution: User with read permission cannot delete portlets anymore.

  83. IX-15602: Checkbox

    Problem: Click on checkbox label in tables does not change the status of the checkbox.

    Solution: The "for"-attribute has been changed so that labels for check boxes can also be used in free form tables to modify the state.

  84. IX-15603: Galery

    Problem: Galery element does not display content after update to Silent Track (10.0.8) or Steady Track (10.1.0) anymore.

    Solution: Contents are displayed again.

  85. IX-15605: Linux - Install Intrexx

    Problem: Symlinks do not work in distributed setup with daemon user.

    Solution: In distributed setup the changing of the daemon user has been disabled so that root is always used.

  86. IX-15610: Parameters

    Problem: Filter on date parameters in combination with MSSQL throws error.

    Solution: Request values will be transformed based on the settings in the date control.

  87. IX-15612: Generate documents

    Problem: Buttons which are configured for generating documents are patched incorrectly.

    Solution: Wrong page information in link will be reset on the current link.

  88. IX-15613: Generate documents

    Problem: Copy & Paste does not copy buttons correctly which are configured for the generation of documents.

    Solution: In the problem area there will be an error message now if a button with the action "generate document" has a not valid template page.

  89. IX-15621: Portal Manager

    Problem: Cross version access is possible with the Portal Manager.

    Solution: Cross version access is now no longer possible.

  90. IX-15624: Parameters

    Problem: Parameters are not passed correctly when generating emails via process.

    Solution: The context hast been set correctly and is now also available in this context.

  91. IX-15634: Calendar

    Problem: When creating a new appointment by clicking on a calendar diagram a JS error occurs in the browser console if no corresponding page for creating a new record is set or no permissions are available at the page.

    Solution: Conditions for adding new appointments are now exactly checked.

  92. IX-15640: Element templates

    Problem: With element templates the button link to the same page doesn't work.

    Solution: Link to same page is now correctly adjusted.

  93. IX-15654: Data Transfer

    The support of reading XML data for versions before the Intrexx 6.0 format has been removed. Intrexx now uses the new XML format continously. This allows data files from portal exports to be read during data transfer.

  94. IX-15667: Data Transfer

    Problem: NPE in the XML data transfer if file does not exist.

    Solution: Improved error message when specifying a non existent file with XML data transfer.

  95. IX-15694: Users

    Problem: Deactivated users cannot be reactivated via the web.

    Solution: Deactivated users now can be reactivated via the web.

  96. IX-15698: Processes

    Problem: Illegal connection in the module "Processes".

    Solution: The double entry connection into a process element not supported by the server is now restricted in the manager.

  97. IX-15704: Calendar

    Problem: When changing the start or end date of a series date and changing current series, the old series is deleted and a new series is entered from that date.

    Solution: The old series is now changed also when changing the date.

  98. IX-15714: Users

    Problem: Messages to organizational units are sent to all users.

    Solution: Now messages are only sent to the members of an organizational unit.

  99. IX-15737: OAuth2/OIDC login with AzureAD

    Problem: Error on OAuth2/OIDC login with AzureAD if Issuer URL is empty.

    Solution: Empty Issuer URL will now be ignored.

  100. IX-15762: System application "Security guidelines"

    Problem: IndexOutOfBoundsException at edit page for system data group.

    Solution: Fixed error when updating write container panel for system data groups when no other data group exists in the application except the system data group.

  101. IX-15770: System data groups

    Problem: Print from application "security policies" deliver blank page.

    Solution: Printing works again.

  102. IX-15781: Module "Design"

    Improvements to the following style classes:

  103. IX-15783: Open portal

    Problem: Unnecessary Redirect at first call of the Intrexx Portal.

    Solution: Redundant redirect removed.

  104. IX-15804: OData Connector

    Problem: Setting "Reject already used passwords" does not work.

    Solution: In process filter conditions now an OData query for the condition will be triggered.

  105. IX-15827: Security

    Problem: Filter condition in processes is not executed correctly.

    Solution: Setting no works correctly.

  106. IX-15830: Security

    Problem: Re use of a password will not be checked correctly when passwords are stored with PBKDF2P.

    Solution: Passwords are now reliably checked for re use.

  107. IX-15841: Update

    Problem: Exception in PatchLink.createLink designates application GUID instead of the current Page GUID.

    Solution: Correct GUID is now issued in error message (page and application GUID).

  108. IX-15844: Update

    Problem: Log4J CVE-2021-44832.

    Solution: Use of Log4J-Jars version 2.17.1.

  109. IX-15849: Edit menu structure

    Problem: In the selection list in the menu designer wrong names are used for the layouts.

    Solution: The correct layout name is displayed now.

  110. IX-15955: File selection

    Problem: Own new fileupload controls receive no styles.

    Solution: In the module "Design" and in the application layout user applied file upload controls do not receive the default styles of the corresponding type.

Intrexx Steady Track

Published on 20.12.2021

Fixing the CVE-2021-45046 vulnerability by raising the Log4J libraries to version 2.17.


Intrexx Steady Track

Published on 17.12.2021

Fixing the CVE-2021-45046 vulnerability by raising the Log4J libraries to version 2.16.


Intrexx Steady Track

Published on 13.12.2021

On Friday, December 10, 2021, a critical zero-day vulnerability has been disclosed in a component (Log4J) that is also used in Intrexx (CVE-2021-44228, Intrexx versions 19.03 and higher are affected under certain circumstances.

A reloading of malicious code as described in the CVE is not possible but since not all details are known yet, it cannot be ruled out with complete certainty that an exploit of the vulnerability could be possible by extending the currently known attack.

Therefore, we advise all our users to apply the latest updates. These updates fix the vulnerability in the library (Log4J).


Intrexx Steady Track

Published on 07.12.2021

New Features

Mega menu

The new menu type provides a new view of the portal menu. The number of levels can be selected in the configuration. Click here for more information.

Tree menu

In the Layout Designer, there is also a new tree menu available for selection. Click here for more information. The previous tree menu is still available.


  1. Update to Intrexx Steady Track 10.3.0

  2. IX-12193: Websocket permissions

    Problem: When deleting applications that have defined topic permissions, the permissions are not deleted and remain in the database.

    Solution: When deleting the application, the permissions are now also deleted.

  3. IX-12321: Proxy login

    Problem: Dialog checks the connection to the proxy even if the dialog is canceled.

    Solution: If canceled, the check is no longer performed.

  4. IX-12877: Buttons in tables

    Problem: In some circumstances, buttons in tables are no longer displayed when scrolling.

    Solution: Transfer of values for links for buttons corrected so that they are now displayed.

  5. IX-13381: Systemcare - Analyze log files

    Problem: Derby DB log files can be selected in Systemcare.

    Solution: Derby removed from configuration.

  6. IX-13720: Proxy

    Problem: During the initial download of the server certificate, no proxy is used, although the proxy is known to Intrexx.

    Solution: Proxy is now used when downloading the server certificate.

  7. IX-13786: Child data groups

    Problem: When filtering on a non-empty file field in a child data group, an error occurs.

    Solution: Join to the child data group is now created correctly.

  8. IX-14366: Dynamic view


    Solutions: The problems mentioned above have been fixed.

  9. IX-14378: Global search

    Problem: Since the search was switched to a single index, it no longer provides alternative search suggestions.

    Solution: Search suggestions are now displayed again.

  10. IX-14630: Cookies

    Problem: Warning message in the browser console for portals with an HTTPS connection that the cookies we set will soon no longer be supported due to missing secure attributes.

    Solution: For HTTPS connections, the cookies set by us (layout, language) are additionally set with the attribute "secure".

  11. IX-14790: Setup

    Problem: Setup creates a backup file of unchanged requestvalidator.cfg.

    Solution: Backup is created only when the file is changed.

  12. IX-14908: Language constants in applications

    Problem: Page titles from constants are not updated in the application structure under certain circumstances.

    Solution: If a title is assigned for pages from a newly created application constant, this is also immediately displayed and used in the application tree.

  13. IX-14922: Update

    Problem: Patcher uses an incomplete ClassPath.

    Solution: All jars are now added to the running patcher / publish mechanism under lib/custom instead of just using the first level jars.

  14. IX-15054: Delete portals

    Problem: Log directory is kept after deleting the portal.

    Solution: The log directory is now also deleted.

  15. IX-15070: Multiple selection

    Problem: Browser.getValue no longer returns the saved values in case of multiple selection (view).

    Solution: View control of the multiple selection returns the stored value via Browser.getValue.

  16. IX-15150: Generate documents

    Problem: If a document is created from an Intrexx page and there is an unlocked table with a multiple selection on this page, then the saved values of the multiple selection are not displayed in the created document.

    Solution: The values are now completely displayed in the generated document.

  17. IX-15167: Data navigation

    Problem: Display during data navigation may not be initialized correctly.

    Solution: Data navigation now shows correct values again.

  18. IX-15170: "Design" module

    New selectors for pagination controls

  19. IX-15174: Linux - root user

    Problem: NPE on update if Portal Manager was started with root on Linux.

    Solution: NPE now no longer occurs.

  20. IX-15195: Installation

    Problem: patchportal.bat does not work.

    Solution: Fixed an error in the handling of path specifications.

  21. IX-15239: Setup

    Problem: Setup dialog accepts blank SubjectAlternativeNames entries and writes them to the certificate.

    Solution: Blank SANs are now ignored.

  22. IX-15243: Unique Number Generator

    Problem: Unique Number Generator throws errors in combination with integer data.

    Solution: Integer data is now also supported.

  23. IX-15244: File storage location

    Problem: Under certain circumstances, incorrect characters are displayed in the file locations dialog when importing applications on computers running MacOS. The text in question is unreadable due to an incorrect font.

    Solution: The font is now set correctly so that the text is legible.

  24. IX-15246: "Design" module

    Problem: Layout Designer does not accept shadow tree styles.

    Solution: CSS validator has been updated. Shadow tree selectors can now be used.

  25. IX-15247: Element templates

    Custom control templates that have at least Intrexx version 10000 are now patched.

  26. IX-15251: SAP Business Suite Connector

    Problem: Reference fields are not loaded.

    Solution: Reference fields are loaded again.

  27. IX-15253: Data Picker

    Problem: On mobile pages, Data Picker results are displayed as a table, which means there is not enough space to display them.

    Solution: Data Picker results are now displayed as a list again on mobile pages.

  28. IX-15262: Markdown editor

    Problem: Preview does not work correctly.

    Solution: The CSS of the editor is now loaded correctly again. Now all buttons, the preview and the frame are working again.

  29. IX-15277: Data Picker

    Problem: If a drop-down list is cleared, the values filled in by data mapping are not reset.

    Solutions: Values are now also removed when resetting the drop-down list.

  30. IX-15278: Element templates

    Problem: Button that jumps to another application cannot be saved as a template.

    Solution: Buttons that jump to a different application than the current one can now be created as a separate template again by dragging and dropping them from the workspace into the "Elements" area.

  31. IX-15288: Edit field - date

    Problem: Onblur events configured by the user for date fields are no longer triggered.

    Solution: The problem has been fixed.

  32. IX-15294: "Design" module

    In the Layout Designer, there is a new menu type called "Mega menu".

  33. IX-15295: New tree menu

    In the Layout Designer, there is also a new tree menu available for selection. The old tree menu is still available.

  34. IX-15308: Upgrade

    Problem: Incorrectly set file owners in the installation directory after updating to Steady Track.

    Solution: File owners are now correctly set to the configured daemon user.

  35. IX-15312: Rolling Update

    Problem: The "Cancel" button in the authentication dialog did not work on Linux. The dialog ( is always displayed when services are started, stopped, created or deleted under Linux: This means that the dialog is displayed when a portal is created or deleted or when updates are installed.

    Solution: The "Cancel" button in the authentication dialog now works again.

  36. IX-15314: Remote access to Intrexx Portal

    Problem: During remote access, the wrong server version is displayed in the event of an error.

    Solution: The correct server version is now displayed.

  37. IX-15326: Headless setup

    Problem: Entering a blank password during headless setup causes an error.

    Solution: A blank password is now detected during installation and a corresponding message is displayed.

  38. IX-15339:TinyMCE editor

    Problem: When embedding images in the TinyMCE edit box with "data: marker" in the HTML, document creation errors occurred afterwards.

    Solution: The bug has been fixed - documents can now be created.

  39. IX-15354: Button with email configuration and email action in processes

    Problem: In certain cases, an incorrect record is rendered due to an incorrectly determined primary key in emails.

    Solution: The primary key is now correctly determined.

  40. IX-15376: Groovy

    Problem: GroovyOrgBuilder._isPasswordAcceptable() throws NPE if username is null.

    Solution: The null value is now handled correctly.

  41. IX-15380: Global timer

    Problem: With the "Run overdue timer jobs at server startup" setting, all timer jobs with this setting are run at every restart.

    Solution: When the server is restarted, timer jobs are now started only if they are overdue and the "Run overdue timer jobs at server startup" setting is set.

  42. IX-15441: Setup

    Problem: If a proxy for the update mechanism is defined during setup without user and password, an error is generated.

    Solution: The setup can now be executed error-free without specifying user and password.

Intrexx Steady Track

Published on 11.11.2021

New Features

GroovyOrgBuilder methode

The GroovyOrgBuilder (g_om) has been extended with the new method List<String> validatePassword(String, String, String, String).


  1. Update to Intrexx Steady Track 10.2.0

  2. IX-10480: OData

    Problem: Resetting a dependency filter in conjunction with a static filter for an OData view table resulted in an error when converting the XML filter to an OData filter because the dependency filter then does not contain any elements.

    Solution: "Empty" filters are now ignored so the query is reset correctly.

  3. IX-10823: Chart

    Problem: Labeling of the column values is missing in the "Line-column" chart type.

    Solution: In the properties dialog, a label for the column value can now be specified (static text, language constants). The value is then displayed in the legend.

  4. IX-11379: Slider

    Problem: CSS styling on subelements does not work.

    Solution: Selectors are built in a different way so that styling works.

  5. IX-11703: Expert

    Problem: Dialog overwrites entry "emptyentry = false" in Expert tab if option "Input required" is set.

    Solution: Changes in the options of a listbox: When the option "Input required" is selected, the option "First entry of the list is empty" is no longer set automatically. Selecting an entry as a default selection is no longer mandatory for custom entries.

  6. IX-11905: Global search

    Problem: Global search does not resolve "Query strategy" in the options and displays Velocity code instead.

    Solution: The Velocity variables for the query strategy in the global search are now generated and displayed.

  7. IX-12775: OData

    Problem: Entering OData services: consistency check of aliases only takes effect after the second opening.

    Solution: Consistency check is performed immediately.

  8. IX-13447: View table

    Problem: The styling of checkbox columns in view tables behaves differently from the styling of other column types.

    Solution: For new selectors, the default selector for individual styles for checkboxes in tables now affects the table cell in the same way as for other elements.

  9. IX-13576: OData

    Problem: When parsing Groovy script for OData functions, an error could occur due to invalid characters in Java class names if the script filename starts with a digit.

    Solution: Now a valid class name is created.

  10. IX-13602: Portal export

    Problem: Exporting a portal with large files crashes.

    Solution: A format that allows larger files in the export is now used for tar archives.

  11. IX-13787: Menus

    Problem: The "Vertical menu", "Row menu" and "Block menu" do not work as submenus on the web.

    Solution: Menu types can now no longer be selected as a submenu in the dialog.

  12. IX-14075: OData

    Problem: If you provide an OData service, you can specify the titles of the data fields. This adjustment is currently not transferred to the metadata of the OData service and therefore the change of the titles does not arrive in the service.

    Solution: Custom defined data field titles in OData services are now correctly displayed in the service's metadata.

  13. IX-14165: lcappsearchconfig

    Problem: Obsolete entries in lcappsearchconfig due to missing reference to LCAPP.

    Solution: New foreign key constraint on LCAPP is now created.

  14. IX-14187: Dynamic view in tables

    Problem: When using a dynamic view in view tables, the value can no longer be read out with JavaScript.

    Solution: The value can now be read again.

  15. IX-14228: View file selection in tables

    Problem: File names in the view file selection in view tables cannot be read with JavaScript.

    Solution: File names can now be read.

  16. IX-14248: Search in applications

    Problem: Configuring the search button has no effect in the browser.

    Solution: Custom settings are now applied.

  17. IX-14427: Headless setup

    Problem: When the setup is executed on the console with the -t and -c parameters, an NPE is created.

    Solution: NPE fixed.

  18. IX-14547: Cluster setup

    Problem: When "Upgrade existing node" is selected in the installer UI, the "first instance" is not set correctly, leading to subsequent errors.

    Solution: The installer now sets the attribute correctly.

  19. IX-14563: Groovy

    New method in GroovyOrgBuilder (g_om): List<String> validatePassword(String, String, String, String).

  20. IX-14585: Tree element

    Problem: If a record in the tree is changed by the administrator, the original user can no longer edit it via the tree structure.

    Solution: Now recordOwner is used instead of userid for checking permissions. Editing is now possible again.

  21. IX-14599: Buttons

    Problem: Buttons may not function due to a container binding that is not evaluated properly.

    Solution: The binding is now also evaluated correctly for composite reference keys. The button function is therefore restored.

  22. IX-14621: Export application

    Problem: Wrong export path if the last created export ZIP file was deleted from the directory and exported again.

    Solution: Export path is now set correctly.

  23. IX-14651: Updates in the Steady Track

    Problem: When updates are made in Steady Track, the personal settings for the Portal Manager are not applied.

    Solution: The path for the personal settings no longer contains a minor version.

  24. IX-14692: Scheduler

    Problem: Cleaning up a large number of scheduler log files lead to problems with executing processes.

    Solution: Changed strategy for cleaning up log files so that deadlocks can no longer occur.

  25. IX-14754: Install Intrexx

    Problem: Error message when running if was not run before.

    Solution: Additional information text added.

  26. IX-14801: Performance

    Problem: Increased memory consumption when using drop-down lists and listboxes in Intrexx with Linux operating systems.

    Solution: Memory consumption for drop-down lists and listboxes optimized on Linux.

  27. IX-14811: Keyboard shortcuts when deleting application and process elements

    Problem: Do not work if the update notifier is visible.

    Solution: Error has been corrected.

  28. IX-14815: Linux update

    Problem: When updating, the currently used daemon user is not preset if the current daemon user = root.

    Solution: Current daemon user is determined and preset.

  29. IX-14822: Portlet properties

    Problem: Pages were loaded into an existing tooltip. As a result, the tooltip could no longer be built correctly when the page was reloaded with Ctrl+R.

    Solution: Pages are loaded as a new TT.

  30. IX-14843: Undo / Redo buffer for applications

    Problem: Setting the buffer size has no effect.

    Solution: Error has been corrected.

  31. IX-14894: Slider

    Problem: Not displayed in full if adopt-dimension=false is set.

    Solution: Slider is now displayed in full when using the adopt-dimension=false attribute.

  32. IX-14853: User replication

    Problem: Under certain circumstances, a group is not assigned to a user.

    Solution: Read order in Active Directory changed so that the group is assigned correctly.

  33. IX-14892: Upgrade

    Problem: Outdated configuration. properties is not deleted during update.

    Solution: Settings are applied to configuration.yml and the file is deleted.

  34. IX-14900: Temporary directory

    A separate temporary directory is now used, e.g. for JavaScript, Velocity and Groovy.

  35. IX-14907: Resource element

    Problem: The qs_class, qs_callback, and qs_calViewGuid parameters pose a potential security problem.

    Solution: The parameters have been added to the list of request values to be checked.

  36. IX-14916: Drop-down menu

    Problem: If a main menu item is clicked and it has no start page, the selection of a (possibly) previously selected menu item is not removed.

    Solution: The selection of a previously selected menu item is now removed.

  37. IX-14924: Upgrade

    Problem: Some href attributes are not patched during an update, resulting in errors on the web.

    Solutions: href attributes are now patched.

  38. IX-14930: Calendar filter

    Problem: Language constant is not resolved in filter information with a dependent calendar element.

    Solution: Language constant is now resolved.

  39. IX-14960: Chart

    Problem: Jumps to records in the chart do not work correctly. Jump targets are lost when the browser window is resized.

    Solution: Jumps in the diagram are now executed correctly.

  40. IX-14961: Modules

    Problem: Double-clicking on a module in the Portal Manager displays a supposed loading status.

    Solution: Status of the mouse pointer is corrected.

  41. IX-14964: OData provider

    An existing Intrexx user session can be reused when accessing an Intrexx OData service by storing the session ID in the EphemeralKeyValueStore and passing the key to the session via the rq_SRef parameter in the URL during the first OData call.

  42. IX-14968: Images

    Problem: Under certain circumstances, images are no longer loaded correctly after the update, with a corresponding error message in the log.

    Solution: Bug was fixed by using an appropriate method to generate the image URL.

  43. IX-15009: Navigation element for tables

    Problem: The style class of a table pager can now be determined by the user. This change was not reflected in the typescript, which is why the buttons on the navigation element no longer worked when the class was modified. Therefore, the Next and Back button arrows do not trigger any action.

    Solution: Table pager now works correctly again.

  44. IX-15017: Dynamic filters

    Problem: View table does not respond when using a drop-down item with "Mandatory field" and "First entry blank" settings, and then not selecting an entry, and then selecting an entry again. Only the selection afterwards works again.

    Solution: Handling of dependencies optimized in interaction with drop-down lists and the "Input required" option.

  45. IX-15019: Menus

    Problem: Changing the ID of a dependent menu invalidates the structure.

    Solution: The changed ID is now updated in the parent menu.

  46. IX-15059: WriteContainer

    Problem: The filter criteria in a WriteContainer can get their value from Velocity. This value was serialized but was not read again when the application was reopened, and was therefore lost.

    Solution: The value is now no longer lost.

  47. IX-15069: Upgrade

    Problem: The update installer starts the Intrexx services after the installation, even if they were not started before the installation.

    Solution: Intrexx services are now only started if they were also started before the installation.

  48. IX-15080: Performance

    Problem: Poor performance of Portal.getOrgStructure() with large organizational structures.

    Solution: Improved performance of $Portal.getOrgStructure() by accessing cache instead of database. For rare cases where the changed behavior might cause problems, the new $Portal.readOrgStructure() function has been introduced to restore the old behavior.

  49. IX-15124: Connector for Microsoft Office 365

    Problem: Thumbnails not displayed correctly in Office365 documents.

    Solution: Templates were adapted to the current Intrexx version.

  50. IX-15126: OAuth2

    Identity Provider login errors during OAuth2 login are now also written to portal log (previously only visible in the browser console).

  51. IX-15138: Connector for Microsoft Office 365

    Problem: Drive items from an external data group no longer contain download URL.

    Solution: Download URL is now supplied by Graph API under a different property name. This has been adjusted in the Connector.

  52. IX-15146: Pie chart

    Problem: JavaScript error when clicking on items in the legend.

    Soution: Error has been fixed.

  53. IX-15149: OData Connector

    The OData V4 library Apache Olingo has been updated to version 4.8.0.

  54. IX-15166: Groovy

    Problem: Safely.close throws java.util.ConcurrentModificationException.

    Solution: Vector replaced with HashSet.

  55. IX-15177: Updates on Mac OS

    Problem: Unable to download updates on Mac OS due to an exception.

    Solution: Exception removed, download starts correctly again.

  56. IX-15198: Radio button

    Problem: A radio button defined as mandatory generates an error if no option is selected when creating an entry.

    Solution: Missing form attribute has been added again.

Intrexx Steady Track

Below is an overview of the features implemented in Intrexx Steady Track 10.1.0.

Intrexx Tracks

From autumn 2021, you will be able to choose between two so-called release tracks with Intrexx. There is the Steady Track and the Silent Track.

More information about the Intrexx Tracks is available in the following section:

You can also find more information about the Intrexx tracks on our website:

New setup

There is a new installation routine for Intrexx Steady Track. This simplifies the installation under Linux in particular.


In the course of the installation, you can now create or select a technical user directly via Intrexx, who will be used to execute the installation. You can also select "root" as the user if your company's security policy allows it.

Therefore, it is no longer necessary to create corresponding users via a Linux terminal before the Intrexx installation.

The new installation routine also eliminates the need to stop and restart Intrexx services under Linux.


When selecting the components, the "Intrexx Portal Manager" option is no longer available with the Intrexx Steady Track. This is related to improvements related to the Portal Manager. More information is available in the section Portal Manager vs. Portal Manager (server).

Detailed information on the new setup or installing Intrexx is available in the following sections:

Update process

A new, significantly simplified update procedure has been implemented for theIntrexx Steady Track.

If updates are available, you will be informed about them in the Portal Manager via a message window.

You can download the update while continuing to work. You can install the update afterwards. During the installation, your portal will not be available to portal users. Intrexx Steady Track checks at startup whether an update is available in the newly implemented Intrexx Download Manager.

More information about update process is available here:

Portal Manager vs. Portal Manager (server)

In the Intrexx Steady Track, the Intrexx Portal Manager is available in two versions: Portal Manager (Server) and Portal Manager.

In both versions, the Portal Manager has all components for developing, customizing and administering Intrexx portals. The permissions for the portal users for applications and data are also controlled here. You can connect to an Intrexx Portal Server and administrate the portals on the start page of the Portal Manager.

Portal Manager (Server) and Portal Manager differ in the following ways.

Portal Manager (Server) The Portal Manager (Server) is always installed along with the Intrexx Portal Server. It cannot be installed separately from the Portal Server. The Portal Manager (Server) must always be available in the corresponding version for the Intrexx Portal Server. You can update the Intrexx Portal Server with the Portal Manager (Server).

Portal Manager The Portal Manager does not need to be installed. You can download it and start right away. The Portal Manager can connect to different versions of the Intrexx Server. It automatically adjusts its own version to the version of the Portal Server (upgrade and downgrade). You cannot update the Intrexx Portal Server with the Portal Manager.

More detailed information about synchronizing the Portal Manager with the Portal Server is available in the following section:

You can download the Portal Manager from the following links:

Windows Download
Linux Download
Mac Download

You can also download the Portal Manager in the Intrexx Support Center under "INTREXX DOWNLOADS".

Intrexx Steady versioning system

With the introduction of the release tracks, Intrexx follows a new versioning system.

The patch level shows you which Intrexx Track you are using. With the Intrexx Steady Track, the patch level is always 0 (null).

More detailed information about the Intrexx versioning system is available in the following section:

Support for internationalized emails via regular expressions

With Intrexx Steady Track, Intrexx can also process e-mail addresses that contain non-ASCII characters. These email addresses can contain non-ASCII characters in both the local part (mailbox name) and the domain name that can be encoded in UTF-8.

More detailed information about support for internationalized emails is available in the following section:

New style classes for the tile view of view pages in free layout tables

In free layout tables, application pages can be integrated that are repeated for each data record. With the Intrexx Steady Track, style classes can be assigned to a free layout table, which can be used to display the included page as a "tile".

More detailed information about the new style classes in free layout tables is available in the following section:

JDK 16

Intrexx Steady Track 10.1.0 requires JDK 16. JDK 16 is included in the distribution.

Customizable login

The Intrexx standard login for the portal now allows you to integrate update-proof customizations, such as for integrating additional external login providers.

More detailed information about the customizable login is available in the following section: