Export and import


If you are in the "Start" module, a portal and all its data can be exported or imported via the main menu "Portal / Export portal" or "Import Portal". To do this, you must be logged in to the portal and possess the appropriate permission "Administer portal". Portal exports can also be scheduled in the "Tools" module.

You can find more information about "Export portals" here. You can find information about "Import portals" here.

Applications, Processes, Layouts, Configurations, Web services, Files

If you are in the "Applications", "Processes" or "Design" module, you can access the export dialog via the menu "File / Export [object]". If configurations from the "Integration" module are connected to objects from one of these modules, then they can be included in the export as well. Web services can be exported via the "Web service menu / Export web services" in the "Integration" module. This menu is available if the "Web service" entry is selected in the "Consume data" branch. The various objects can be imported via the menu "File / Import [Object]".

Data transfer

If you're in the "Integration" module, configurations for data transfer connections can be exported from the menu "Edit / Export". Configurations for data transfer connections can be imported from the menu "Edit / Import".

Users - Schemas

In the Schema Manager, the properties of all objects and attributes defined in the "User" module of the current portal can be exported as an XML file via the "Schema" menu. An export file of this type can also be reimported in the same way. Deviations from the existing schema will be displayed before the actual import takes place.

User and group import

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Import web service

Exported web services can be imported from the menu "Web service menu / New web service". The exported file can be selected in the subsequent dialog.

Application texts and constants

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Search - Facets

Search facetsthat are used in portal applications are listed when the application is being imported. When importing, you can assign these to existing facets or create them as new facets.