Data groups


Data groups represent a database table. You can reach the properties dialog of a data group from the application structure. The data fields of a data group can be shown via the menu "Edit / Show data fields", if the data group is selected in the application structure. If you select a data group, you can create edit pages, view pages, view pages with elements, child data groups, data fields and references via the "New" menu or context menu. An existing data group, including all pages, data fields and references it contains, can be deleted by selecting "Delete" from the Edit menu or context menu.

Intrexx data groups

Intrexx data groups are data groups that new applications contain and additional data groups created via the menu "New / Data group" when the application node is selected. If an Intrexx data group is deleted, its data is irrevocably deleted as well.

MS365 data group

You can link Intrexx data records with Microsoft 365 files.

By creating an "MS365 data group", you can link records. This (automatically) contains an "MS365 file" data field. When creating an "MS365 data group", Intrexx opens a properties dialog that requests all the information necessary for the connection to Microsoft 365.

Detailed information is available in the following sections:

System data groups

Only one data record may be saved in a system data group. The system data group is therefore well suited for saving application-wide constants, such as a fixed investment amount after which an approval is required, or the activation of an audit trail for the releasing of documents or the saving of email address that are used in the application. One only system data group can be saved in each application; this is created from the application node. The data in a system data group has validity application-wide. They can be used in all data groups of the application. The values of a system data group are saved in the database table LCAPPPROPS under the application GUID. If an edit page is integrated into the application menu, the system data group's data can be edited very easily.

The values in the database table LCAPPPROPS may not be modified. INTREXX GmbH assumes no liability for errors caused by changes.

External data groups

External data groups integrate data from external data sources. They can be created via the menu "New / Data group" when the application node is selected. More information about creating a connection to an external data source is available here.

Child data groups

If you select an existing data group in the application structure, you can create a child data group via the menu "New / Data group". child data groups serve to create so-called parent-child relationships. In practice, these data relationships will be used when master data in the superordinate data group is linked to multiple records in a child data group (such as product groups that may contain multiple items). Intrexx provides the ability to create these links with the click of a mouse and without requiring special programming knowledge. By moving from a parent data record (e.g. from a view table) to a page in the child data group, the relationship will be created automatically.