Intrexx Administration API


The Intrexx Administration API provides you with a set of API endpoints with which central tasks can be executed in Intrexx without having to start the Intrexx Portal Manager.

This allows you to create and delete portals or users, import licenses or import applications via an API client. For a complete list of API endpoints, see the section API endpoints - Explanation, links, examples. In addition, you can find the overview of API endpoints in a documentation in the OpenAPI standard. This is represented by a Swagger UI component. For detailed information, see the section Interactive Swagger Documentation.

The distinction between "Application API" and "Administration API"

Intrexx Steady Track 10.10 provides two extensive API functionalities: the Intrexx Application API and the Intrexx Administration API. With the Application API, you can create your own API endpoints for Intrexx applications. The Administration API provides you with a defined set of API endpoints containing central functions for the configuration of Intrexx.

Target audience

The Intrexx Administration API is especially suitable for administrators or experienced Intrexx users who manage multiple Intrexx instances. For example, if you want to create new users for a portal or import a new license, you can create your own applications or scripts for this purpose and execute the corresponding actions via the API endpoints.

You can find a number of script examples on GitHub at the following link:

You can also access the individual script examples by following the API endpoints - Explanation, links, examples page links below each endpoint.


The Intrexx Administration API follows the OpenAPI specification.


The Intrexx Administration API is an API gateway. It is part of the Intrexx instance and must be installed and then started.