Publish applications

When you publish an application, an XML file is generated for each page and data group. The application structure is also modelled in an XML file. With this approach, the separation of the data model and the application is adhered to, and a high performance when publishing applications is ensured. If you create a new application or edit an existing one, you have to publish this via the File menu so that any changes made are available in the portal. Click here for more information about creating an entry in the history when publishing applications.

When you create a brand new application and publish it, you will be asked if the application should be published in your portal. If you click on "No", the application will not be saved.

If you click on "Yes", the publishing process will begin.

In the last step, the application can be positioned in the portal menu structure. Click here for more information about this dialog. When you click on "OK", the new application can be used in the browser.