Edit field

The "Input field" application element belongs to the basic controls. The entry length is limited to 255 characters. In the figure above you can see the "Title" input field, where a title can be entered. This input can be saved with a corresponding button, provided that a data field is linked to the input field.

Input fields are configurable for different data types. A variety of control types are available.

The input field element can be found in the "Applications" module in the "Elements" section. A new input field can be created by dragging & dropping the element from here and positioning it in the workspace.

More information on creating elements can be found here.

The properties dialog of a button opens automatically when a new button is created. The properties dialog of an existing input field can be opened by double-clicking on the element in the workspace, via the "Properties" context menu or via the "Edit / Properties" main menu item when the input field is selected in the workspace.

Data link

When creating a new input field, the data link is defined first. A data field can be recreated or associated with the input field only if the page containing the element is in a data group. If this is not the case, only the "No link" option is available here.

Select the desired option and click "Next".

New data field

Creates a new data field that will be automatically connected to the new edit element. All data that is entered in the edit field later on will be saved to this data field.

Click on "Next".


The data field's title can be modified here. Click here for more information about this topic.

Data field name

The name of the data field can be changed here, provided the application has not been published yet. The prefix is updated when the data type (see below) is modified. The actual name is not modified. If the specified name does not possess a data type prefix, changing the data type will leave the name as it is. This means, for example, changing the data type from string to datetime would change the name from "STR_NAME" to "DT_NAME", whereas "TEST_NAME" would not be changed.

Create name from title

Adopts the title as the name of the data field, keeping the prefix of the data field name.

Control type

All information about the control types can be found here.

Click on "Next" and it will take you to the final settings.

Link to existing data field

If you select the option "Link to existing data field" in the first step, the data field you want can be selected after clicking "Next" in the next step in the dialog shown below.

Control type

All information about the control types can be found here.

Data field link

No link

The input field is not associated with a data field.

Data field

Here in the diagram for the application structure, select the data field you want.

Click on "Next" and it will take you to the final settings.

No link

The element will be created without a data field.

Click on "Next" and it will take you directly to the final settings.

Final settings

Create label

Along with the new element, a "Static Text" element is created as a label, which automatically adopts the title of the new input field.

Show properties dialog

When you click on "Finish", the properties dialog of the new element will open.

Create date picker

This option is available for selection for input fields with the control type "Date", "Time" or "Date & Time". See here for further information.