Create applications

Intrexx is a visual programming interface with several ready-to-use modules for you to create high performance applications with drag & drop. This gives the low code framework maximum flexibility for adjustments and new functionalities, making you scalable and fit for the future.

All applications can be built to be responsive and are therefore operational on virtually any end device (desktop PC, mobile phone or tablet).

You can create the lion’s share of your business applications yourself, without the need for programming. Finished elements such as buttons, input fields connected to data fields, and tables, allow you to quickly and easily form the most common use cases. Using Intrexx, it only takes a couple of minutes to create a form to collect data, which is linked to the database.

Intrexx applications are modular – code is only created when you click on an application to publish it.

The "Applications" module, where you can create and customize your applications, can be accessed via the module bar in the Intrexx Portal Manager.