New features in Intrexx Silent version 2023

Below you will find an overview of the new features that are available to you in Intrexx 2023.

Portal Manager: New Design

The portal manager has been redesigned. In keeping with the new Intrexx corporate design, the product is now electric too! In addition to the obvious change in color, the design has also been tweaked, like the new module menu, which is now prominently located to the left of the desktop.

The position of the toolbar has also changed. It can now be found at the top right. Thanks to the new login concept, logging into our cloud environments is now even easier. All you need to do is enter the portal name. You no longer need to know which server and port has to be addressed.

For detailed information, see the section Getting started with Portal Manager.


Layout templates

There are new layout templates: Intrexxperience and Intrexxperience.

Customizable ogin

The Intrexx standard login for the portal now allows you to integrate update-proof customizations, such as for integrating additional external login providers.

More detailed information about the customizable login is available in the following section:

Layout of the "Automatic logout" message

The layout of the message that is displayed at the bottom right of the portal for automatic logout after a session timeout can now be changed in the "Design" module. The corresponding styles can be found in the "Layout / Control elements / Advanced properties / Messages" section.

New style classes for the tile view of view pages in free layout tables

In free layout tables, application pages can be integrated that are repeated for each data record. With the Intrexx Steady Track, style classes can be assigned to a free layout table, which can be used to display the included page as a "tile".

More detailed information about the new style classes in free layout tables is available in the following section:

New style classes for application templates

The .Text_Small, .Container_Standard_2nd and .Container_Standard_3rd style classes are patched into all desktop layouts to improve the design of the application templates.

File icon sets modernized

New file preview icons for Filewalker and file controls.

Please note: If file type icons are displayed too large in the browser after the update and $FileUtil.getIconUrlOfKnownFileExtension {{ is used in custom Velocity files, then the desired height and width must also be specified for the img tag at this point, or the style class "}}file-extension-icon" must be specified for the class attribute.



Six different editions are available in Intrexx:

  • Intrexx Starter

  • Intrexx Advanced

  • Intrexx Professional/Intrexx Professional Flex

  • Intrexx Premium / Intrexx Premium Flex


It is now easier to configure and assign an External User and Light User. Additionally, UI changes have been made so that users also get graphical feedback when functionalities are not active due to the use of a lower edition.

The main difference between the new licenses in the new pricing model is that instead of having to enter individual license keys for each of the components of a successful licensing (users, servers, connectors, etc.), as was previously the case, all information about the editions, user licenses and connectors is available in a single, somewhat longer license key. This saves you, the system administrator, the laborious insertion of individual keys and facilitates the correct licensing of Intrexx.

Click here for more information about licensing.

Please note: If you are performing an update and previously had Limited User licenses, changes will be necessary after the update. Please move all limited users to the new user group "Light User" in the User Administration. Click here for more information.


Single Service Deployment (removing the Supervisor)

The market continues to develop, and with it Intrexx. To ensure that we are ideally equipped for the future, architectural changes became necessary.

In production operation, one portal is often operated per installation, especially in cloud deployments. To support these deployments better, the Supervisor service has been removed.

Intrexx portals only need one service for use with this. Functions that were previously portal independent, such as diagnostics, license manager or log viewer, now only display the data of the currently connected portal.

As part of this, a new Administration API endpoint for creating diagnostics has also been added.

Benefit Although there are changes in the cloud environment, Intrexx behavior is the same as in classic operation. In addition, a reduction in complexity has been achieved and deployment in the container is simplified. The user experience for new customers is also better, because they always connect directly to the portal. The concept of "supervisor" was difficult to understand.

Additional information When updating to the new version, a list with all the portals in the Intrexx instance and their ports is output. You need the info from the list to connect directly to the portals. Once you have made a connection, it will be saved among the last used connections.

Click here for more information: Intrexx without Supervisor

Official IX-Image is now (optionally) horizontally scalable

Function By making minor adjustments (configuration parameters), the official IX Image can be started in distributed mode and thus form an IX Cluster. See here for a description:

Benefit Until now, horizontal scaling has been relatively cumbersome to set up and operate. The barrier to entry was relatively high because there were major differences compared to "classic" operations. These differences are now minimal and all the functionalities of the official IX Image are also available in distributed operation.


New setup

A new installation process simplifies installation with Linux in particular.

Linux During installation, you can now create or select a technical user directly via Intrexx to execute the installation. You can also select "root" as the user if your company's security policy allows it.

Therefore, it is no longer necessary to create corresponding users via a Linux terminal before the Intrexx installation.

The new installation routine also eliminates the need to stop and restart Intrexx services under Linux.

Components For the component selection, the option "Intrexx Portal Manager" is omitted. This is related to improvements related to the Portal Manager.

Detailed information on the new setup or installing Intrexx is available in the following sections:

Update process

A new, much simpler update procedure has been introduced.

If updates are available, you will be informed about them in the Portal Manager via a message window.

You can download the update while continuing to work. You can install the update afterwards. During installation, your portal will not be available to portal users. On startup, the system checks whether an update is available on the newly added Intrexx Download Manager.

More information about the update process is available here:


Page wizard

The new Page wizard creates responsive pages. In addition, free layout tables can be displayed in tile views, which can be easily configured. Click here for more information about this topic.

Multiple selection 2.0

The new multiple selection control 2.0 is responsive and very user-friendly. It can be configured with default values. Entries can be static, values from applications, or from special value sources. The entries can be filtered with the search operations "Starts with" or "Contains".

Entries can be displayed with pictures or initials. Furthermore, a subtitle can be included in the display of an entry in addition to the title. Multiple selection 2.0 can be controlled via an API and can be operated using the keyboard. Your layout can be styled using CSS variables. The element exists as an input and view element.

Click here for more information.

Responsive drop-down menu

The new drop-down menu is responsive and therefore automatically adapts to SMALL, MEDIUM and LARGE screen sizes. Click here for more information.

Markdown editor: Style functionality

After we revived the Markdown editor in the last update, it is now extended with style functionality. CSS variables are now available here in the Layout Designer as well. Simple settings like colors, radius and frame thickness can be configured there. These settings are automatically applied to all areas of the control. In addition, our layout templates were adapted and the control has already been styled according to the layouts. With the style option, the new Markdown editor fits perfectly into all layouts. This applies to customer layouts with specific color and style specifications as well as dark layouts.

Markdown editor

In the long text field, the Markdown control has been replaced by a new library (ToastUI). Existing Markdown implementations are patched and continue to work in both input and view. The new Markdown library makes additional entries such as code block, tables and tasks now possible. These can be configured in the Manager and are displayed correctly in the view control.

New functions in the date picker calendar

There are three new buttons in the small date picker calendar

  • Today

  • Clear

  • OK

"Today" selects today's date, "Clear" deletes any entry from the date field, "OK" closes the calendar for date selection.

Mega menu

The new menu type provides a new view of the portal menu. The number of levels can be selected in the configuration. Click here for more information.

Tree menu

In the Layout Designer, a new tree menu is also available for selection. Click here for more information. The previous tree menu is still available.


New IMAP event source for Microsoft Exchange Online

The new IMAP event source supports authentication with the OAuth2 client credential grant flow.

In the IMAP event source, you can now choose between "Standard IMAP" or "Exchange Online". There are new configuration options for Exchange Online in the email server settings. In addition, the connection test for Exchange Online has been amended.

Click here for more information: Set up IMAP event source for Exchange Online

Microsoft 365 - New process action for creating Microsoft 365 groups

An MS365 group is the basis for almost all MS365 services. For example, team site, drives, Exchange group mailbox, etc. are automatically set up for a group. The new process action now offers the possibility of creating only one MS365 group. The functionality is identical to the "Create Teams" action, except that no team is created based on the group. New in both actions is that you can now freely define the email address (group mailbox) for the group (or team). Previously, the address was generated by Intrexx.

Click here for more information about this topic.

OneDriveTable expanded

  • New type called "Drive"
  • DriveId from data field
  • StartFolderId static as well as from data field
  • OneDriveTable possible within the free table

For more information on this topic, see the section MS365 OneDrive - Dynamic access via drive ID.


Administration API

The Intrexx Administration API provides you with a set of API endpoints with which you can execute central tasks in Intrexx without having to start the Intrexx Portal Manager. This allows you to create and delete portals or users, import licenses or import applications via an API client.

Extension Admin API - Importing applications

Function It is now possible via the API endpoint /{portal}/applications to import applications that were exported from an Intrexx version lower than the Intrexx version on the target system. In addition, layouts can also be imported via the endpoint. The architecture has also been adapted to improve use in a cloud environment.

Benefit We now apply the patch to the current version even when using the import function via the Administration API. This makes any staging use cases even more manageable. Applications no longer have to be provided in all versions. Rolling out applications into target systems is also possible if the development system is based on a lower Intrexx version than the production system.

Application API

With the new Application API, you can create API endpoints for any applications. The creation of API endpoints is dialog-based. This allows you to create API endpoints with no deeper knowledge of programming.


Connector for Microsoft 365 and Teams

With the Connector for Microsoft 365 and Teams Microsoft Products like Teams, OneDrive and Office Applications are integrated. The connector contains three new process actions, a new control and an integration on file field level. Click here for more information.

New property for OAuth2 login module

Enables case-insensitive checking, e.g., for e-mail addresses whose upper/lower case in Intrexx does not correspond to that in the identity provider.

M-Files Connector

The M-Files Connector can now also access M-Files Cloud.



New Groovy methods for subscribing/unsubscribing to Intrexx Share plugins.

GroovyOrgBuilder method

The GroovyOrgBuilder (g_om) has been extended with the new method List<String> validatePassword(String, String, String, String).



Function The "SolrCloud" operating mode is fully supported for Intrexx installations. Solr can still be installed locally, but it is now also (optionally) cloud compatible and can be used for multiple Intrexx instances if required. For this purpose, access per portal is secured via authentication. Existing portals are not affected by the change for the time being, but with the update, Solr will be upgraded to version 9.0. This is why authentication between the portal server and Solr search server will be necessary later. We automatically assign a default user with a password here so that authentication works out of the box.

Benefit With SolrCloud, distributed cloud instances can be realized even more easily and cost-effectively through resource sharing.

Click here for more information: Custom Solr configuration

Global search

The search is changed from multi-index to single-index. For portals that use long text fields as search facets, this can occasionally lead to requests exceeding the default length and triggering error messages in the local or global search. This effect is not fixable for Intrexx, but can be prevented by increasing the requestHeaderSize parameter in solr/server/etc/jetty.xml from 8192 to 65536 and restarting the search service.

Other updates

Decouple proxy application templates from REST

It is now possible to exclude certain URLs from the Manager's proxy communication. In addition, the proxy settings of the operating system can be adopted for the manager.


Intrexx Silent Track requires JDK 17. JDK 17 is included in the distribution.

Support for internationalized emails via regular expressions

Email addresses that contain non-ASCII characters in the local part (mailbox name) and the domain name can be encoded in UTF-8.

More detailed information about support for internationalized email is available in the following section: