Create and edit layouts

Layouts are created on the basis of templates. When you open the "Design" module in the Portal Manager, the list of templates is loaded. You can also access the templates via the main menu File / New layout.


Click on "All" to display all the layout templates on the right-hand side of the dialog. The templates can be filtered by the following categories by clicking on the links of the same name:

  • Empty template

    Displays the templates that contain the minimum elements required for a layout.

  • General

    Shows all templates that have been pre-designed with various color schemes and style properties.

  • Mobile

    Shows all templates that are designed for mobile end devices.

Select your desired template from the right-hand area by clicking on it. The new layout, based on the selected template, will then be loaded and can be edited.


In the bottom section of the dialog you will find all the layouts already published in the portal.


You can search for published layouts here. Simply enter the title or the GUID of the layout you are looking for. To the right of the search field, you can sort the list by title, date or user.


Switch between ascending and descending order.


Click here to see the layouts that have already been published in the portal on the right. In a brand new portal, you will find the default layout that is used to open the portal in the browser.

Recently edited

All layouts will be listed that have been edited recently.


Opens a dialog where a locally saved layout can be selected and opened.

Import / Export

Click here for more information about this topic.

If you highlight a layout on the right, the following buttons will appear:

Open layout

Opens the layout.

Open copy of layout

Duplicates the current layout and opens the created copy.


Deletes the layout currently selected.

Define as default layout

The layout is defined as the default layout.

More information

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