Layout properties and details

The properties dialog of a layout can be opened by double-clicking on the tab at the top of the workspace or via the main menu "Layout / Layout settings". There you will find all the settings that can be defined for the current layout on the tabs described below.

"Summary" tab

General properties such as the name of the layout or its output can be defined here.



Enter the name of the layout here.

Default menu

Select the pre-configured menu structure that should be used by default for this layout.


The current version number of the layout is shown here.

Open version manager

Opens a dialog where the version number can be defined.

Show in layout switch

In the browser the layout can be selected in the additional control "Layout switch".


Click here for more information about this topic.

Click "OK" if you want to save the changes and close the layout properties again.

"Mobile devices" tab

This sets the behavior of the layout when displayed on mobile devices.

Special settings for iPhone or mobile webkit browsers

Enable sliding

Enables sliding on the mobile device.

Scroll up on loading

You can enter the number of pixels to be scrolled up when the page is loaded here.

Click "OK" if you want to save the changes and close the layout properties again.

"Print" tab

This tab provides settings that can be used to control the printout of the layout.

Printout settings

You can control the layout of a page here when printing via the browser.

Show application area only

This setting has the effect of only displaying the elements that are contained in the application area when printing. If this setting is not applied, all other areas, including menus, additional controls, etc. will be printed out as well.

Font settings / Background color / Table border

With these settings, you can define which font, background color or table border should be used for the printout.

Edit font settings / background color / table border

Opens the respective dialog where the font, background color, or table border can be defined.

Here, you can select the desired font, color or table borders for the layout printout.

Click "OK" to close the dialog and save the changes.

Hide the following elements

If individual elements should not be printed, please deactivate them in the lower area.

"Email" tab

Here you can select a layout for emails which will be used to output emails.

Alternative layout for emails

Select the desired layout that should be used to output emails. If the same layout is selected here for all layouts, then emails will be uniform - independent of which layout the user is currently using. Furthermore, the CSS can be reduced in a specialized mail layout.

"Responsive" tab

Here you can define from which size a screen is treated as SMALL, MEDIUM or LARGE in Responsive layouts.

Settings for the minimum display width

Medium / Large

Define which minimum display width is required for the MEDIUM / LARGE display size of the Grid element to be used.

Settings for the minimum paper width when printing

Medium / Large

In the same way here, define which minimum paper width is required for the MEDIUM / LARGE display size when printing out the layout.

Layout details

You can reach this dialog via the main menu "Edit / Details" if the Expert options are enabled.

This dialog informs you about the title, directory and layout history.