Intrexx APIs


Application API
The Application API allows dialog-based creation of API endpoints for applications. Front-end developers can develop native apps for IOS or Android and access data groups, processes, and Groovy scripts via the endpoints.
Administration API
The Administration API provides a defined set of API endpoints. These make it possible to perform important administrative activities, such as creating portals, creating users or importing licenses, using common automation tools.
The Connector API specifies two Java interfaces that should be implemented by developers to create, read, update and delete data records and files in the external system.
The Intrexx connector for OData lets you access OData V2 and V4 compliant REST services. For example, the Microsoft Graph API or data groups from Intrexx itself can be made available as an OData service for external platforms, apps, or services. You can integrate data from these services into your Intrexx platform and thus create a central hub for applications and processes.
Groovy is a scripting language that is very close to Java. Intrexx uses Groovy mainly for controlling processes, performing complex calculations, as well as complex queries. The Groovy API provides a number of access methods to important Intrexx functionalities and objects.
With JavaScript, you can customize the behavior of a page (automatic updating of data) or the user guidance in Intrexx. The JavaScript API gives you easy access to the Intrexx control elements.
Velocity is a template language whose purpose is to generate content. You can enrich HTML, XML, JSON (among others) with data from the database, from calculations or from other data sources. The Velocity API provides a number of access methods to important Intrexx functionalities and objects.