Intrexx Connector for OData

The connector for OData lets you access OData V2 and V4 compliant REST services.

For example, the Microsoft Graph API or data groups from Intrexx itself can be made available as an OData service for external platforms, apps, or services. You can integrate data from these services into your Intrexx platform and thus create a central hub for applications and processes.

The Open Data Protocol is a standardized web protocol. It supports easy integration and manipulation of data via HTTPS/REST and is designed to be far more convenient for web and mobile application development than traditional SOAP web services. Simple HTTP GET requests can be used to perform complex database queries.

With the Connector for OData, data can be consumed and provided:

Consume data

  • Create applications (web/mobile) with the Intrexx Portal Manager based on the service functionalities

  • Integrate OData services into Intrexx processes

  • Read and write access in real-time

  • Navigate through data records that have a relationship to each other

  • Call service functions

  • Access binary files (documents, images, etc.)

  • Offer the platform data via the generic OData specification, whereby user rights, applied filters and permissions for reading, adding, modifying and deleting are taken into account

  • Various authentication methods, compliance with the user and permission concept specified by the service

Provide data

  • Create OData services based on Intrexx applications and data groups

  • Publish and edit data from Intrexx platforms via OData services

  • Read and write access in real-time

  • Execute Groovy scripts and start Intrexx processes

  • Provide data as a REST service from integrated third-party systems such as ERP, CRM, etc. This allows even technologically obsolete systems to be retrofitted


  • Simple integration of any OData data source into web applications and processes

  • Mobile and individual access to all integrated data

  • Integrate internet services such as Facebook or eBay

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