Set design and layout

The Design module can be reached in the portal manager via the module bar.

The Design module allows you to create almost any layout for your portal.

To get you started, there are sample layouts that can be customized down to the last detail to meet your company's needs.

Intrexx layouts are completely based on Cascading Style Sheets. The entire design - also for mobile devices and barrier-free - is therefore represented by CSS positioning that makes a quick page construction and an optimal searchability for search engines possible without the use of frames. By using caching mechanisms, combining many individually loaded files into a few larger ones, as well as the comprehensive compression of JavaScript and CSS files, a high level of performance is made possible.

A number of assistants helps you design the layout elements. CSS properties can also be edited directly.

You can use multiple layouts in the portal as well as assign them to specific end devices, for example, to give mobile devices optimal access.