Integrate data

Use Intrexx to build clean platform architecture for processes and applications. Integrate external services such as SAP into Intrexx with configurable interfaces and create a hub for all data, documents, and processes in your company.

Modern companies usually use a wide variety of IT systems with individual requirements. Employees, customers and business partners are often the ones who suffer as a result. They have to master and maintain several different systems.

Working across different IT systems takes less time if all systems can be brought together at a central point. This allows possible errors and inconsistencies to be reduced to a minimum. However, networking this system infrastructure, up to and including complete centralization of the data, is often complicated and cost-intensive.

The key is data integration

With easily configurable interfaces, data can be centrally integrated into Intrexx from an almost unlimited number of sources. These do not need any lengthy migration or regular synchronization. This results in major benefits for the entire company.


When you have access to your data in one central location, you can find the exact information you're looking for in a fraction of the time. Bureaucratic time-consumers can be dealt with more quickly or automated entirely using processes. Information within the company spreads faster across all instances. This way, work instructions can be implemented more quickly and be controlled better during the implementation.


If you integrate your data centrally, you can also automate it centrally. This also means many processes are simplified quite naturally, as the automation starts from a central point.

Data consistency

With centralized data management, you can significantly improve the consistency of your data inventory. With a direct external data connection, inconsistent data is actually ruled out. With a consistent data inventory, you can be much more agile and effective in responding to all sorts of eventualities and thereby provide a more pleasant contact experience for your customers and partners.


Collaboration across departments improves on its own as all employees work with the same data inventory in a central location. Where previously agreements had to be made regularly and mistakes were made time and again, collaboration now essentially works by itself. Especially for critical systems, centralized management helps identify and communicate problems early.