Log Files Parser

A newer version of this page - referring to Intrexx Steady Track 10.15 - will follow as soon as possible.

The "Access tools" portal permission is required to display the supervisor or portal log files.

Existing log files

You have access to the log files for the following here:

By double-clicking on one of these categories, the list of log files that belong to the respective category will be shown. Select a log file to view its content on the right.

Reload the log files tree

Refreshes the list of log files.

Open log file

Opens a dialog where a log file can be selected.

Refresh log file

Refreshes the content of the current log file.


The list of log entries can be restricted to the following message types:

  • Info

  • Warning

  • Errors

  • Debug

  • Startup

be restricted.


You can search for terms here.

Delete filter text

Deletes the search term from the filter field.

Date / Startup column

The date and time when the log file row was written is shown here.

Description column

Displays the text of the log entry.

Context menu

The following functions are available via the context menu when a log entry has been selected:

Show this entry

Opens a dialog where the complete text of the entry is shown.

Show filtered log file

Only displays the text from the log entry that matches the search term from the Filter field.

Show complete log file

Opens a dialog where the complete text from the log file is shown.

Only show entries of this type

Filters the list of log entries according to the currently selected type. The type is selected automatically in the drop-down list in the upper area.

Show all entries

Removes the setting "Only show entries of this type".