Search - Facets

Facets are categories that can be assigned to data fields in the Search configuration in applications. In the browser, users have the option to use facets when searching and thus restrict the results shown.

Facet column

The ID of every facet created in search configurations in applications is listed here.

References column

You can see the number of search configurations where the facet is used here.

Add search facet

Creates a new line where a new facet can be entered.

Delete search facet

Deletes the currently selected facet from the list.

Copy language

Opens a dialog where the title of the facets can be copied from the source language to a target language.



The ID of the currently selected facet is shown here. This can also modified. This can also modified.

Please note that the assignment of the facets in the applications' search configurations will be discarded when the Facet ID is modified.

Language column

All of the portal languages are listed here.

Title column

The value of the facet can be edited by double-clicking in the corresponding cell. This value, or rather title, is used in the search with facets depending on the language settings of the user.

Add language

Opens a dialog where a new language can be selected.

Delete language

Removes a language from the list.


Clicking on this button saves the settings made.


Clicking on this button discards all changes that have not been saved.