Tips & Tricks - Show appointments from other calendars

This post explains how to display appointments from other calendar apps in the calendar you use the most often. Here we show you step-by-step how to do it.

1. Create calendar application

Create two new applications based on the "Calendar" template and publish them at any position in the menu structure. Give one of the applications the name "Calendar 1" and the other application the name "Calendar 2".

In each application created with the "Calendar" template, a Plugin is already defined. In "Calendar 2", the plugin from "Calendar 1" is now added so that the appointments from the "Calendar 1" application are also displayed in "Calendar 2".

1. Open the "Calendar 2" application and select the "Calendar" page in the Application structure.

2. Open the properties dialog of the diagram by double-clicking on it.

3. Click on "Add plugin".

4. In the next dialog, select the plugin from "Calendar 1".

5. Close all open dialogs by clicking "OK".

6. Save the application.

7. Open the portal in the browser and enter any appointment in "Calendar 1". The input page can be opened by double-clicking on the calendar diagram.

8. Switch to the "Calendar 2" application.

The appointment from the first calendar is now also displayed here.

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