Tips & Tricks - Mobile application menu


This workshop demonstrates how a space-saving, easy-to-navigate application menu for mobile devices that makes navigation efficient can be created in addition to the application menu for desktop computers.

Define mobile application menu in the Applications module

On the Application menu tab in the properties dialog of an application, you can select whether a menu should be defined for desktop computers or mobile devices using the "Menu" drop-down list. When you select the "mobile" entry, you can then add the desired pages to the "Selected pages" list. You can select view pages, which are directly beneath the application node, and edit pages from the first data group level.

Layout in the Design module

When creating a smartphone layout in the Design module, you can use one the elements Application menu horizontal / Application menu vertical.

The correct positioning in the layout structure is shown above.

The picture shows a horizontal application menu with an overview page and an edit page. With this solution, you can avoid list menu that takes up a lot of spaces. Application pages can be accessed quickly and directly without needing to scroll. The block menu is another alternative for displaying application menus on mobile devices. Click here for more information about this menu type.