Tips & Tricks - Edit data in tables

Create an application

This workshop will demonstrate how you can edit data directly in a free layout table. Begin by creating a new application based on the "Basic Application" template.

Save and delete single data records in tables

Switch to the edit page and remove the heading "Edit Entry", the label for the "Title" edit field and the "Cancel" button. Drag the edit field to the top left of the page, and then the remaining buttons to the right of it. Group the three elements together. Group the three elements together.

Go the "All Entries" page and remove all of the elements there. Create a new free layout table. When you create the element, the properties dialog of the table will open automatically. The edit page is automatically selected as the page for single data records. Activate the Open link setting for new and existing data records. Confirm the setting with "OK" and then publish the application.

Open the application in the browser and add a few records on the edit page. This data can then be edited, saved and deleted directly on the "All Entries" page without having to switch to the edit page.

Save all data records in tables

If you want to be able to save all of the data in the table at once, add a button to the "All Entries" page with the Save action. When you click on this button, all changes made to the data in the table will be saved at once.