Event handlers

Events are defined triggers for the execution of a process. The Intrexx Low Code Platform features a range of event handlers which allow for the implementation of every possible scenario. An event handler can be used to connect actions and conditions.

Data group event handler

As the Intrexx Low Code Platform is very often used to implement applications which replace paper-based processes, applications are naturally a strong trigger for events. Typical use cases include the receipt of user’s requests (e.g. holiday request) or tracking changes to data records (e.g. to create audit trails).

A data group event handler reacts to the following data group events in applications:

  • After inserting a data record

  • After refreshing a data record

  • Before deleting a data record

  • A data record that is presented repeatedly via a timer

Timer event handler

A timer event handler can only be configured in connection with the global timer or a timer action. A global timer or a timer action creates time-related event that react to the timer event handler:

  • Resubmission of a data record via a timer from a timer action

  • Timer event from a timer action without a data group relation

  • Submission of one or more data records via a global timer

  • Timer event from a global timer

The timer event handler has the same general properties as the data group event handler.

Groovy event handler

A Groovy event handler can react to any kind of event. On the Server events tab, the events created by the server can be selected. These events can be filtered more precisely in the Groovy script if necessary. If the script returns the Boolean value true (in the Groovy sense), the event will be processed, otherwise it will not be.

IMAP event handler

This handler reacts to IMAP event sources defined in the process.

Click here for information on the use of Gmail as an email provider.

Generic event handler

Java classes, even from third party providers, can function as generic event handlers as long as they implement the "IWorkflowEventHandler" interface. The "UserWorkflowEventHandler" is provided with Intrexx. With it, the following user events can be reacted to:

  • A subsequent event to a job or task plan

  • As event that will be executed by the user via the web (via JavaScript)

Click here for more information about the event classes.