Filter condition

With a filter condition, you can decide which subsequent process steps should be performed for example for an investment request, if the investment costs are under 150€. A filter condition must be connected analogously to the outcome of a process event, whose result should be transferred to a subsequent process element after it has been filtered. A condition is completely and correctly connected, once a connection is made to both of these elements.

When you add an element to the filter's output connection arrow, a dialog will open automatically, where you can determine, whether the subsequent event should be performed

  • always

  • if the condition is true

  • if the condition is false

Groovy script condition

To be able to structure Intrexx applications even more flexibly, you have the ability to integrate Groovy scripts into your processes. Groovy is considered to be better integrated than most other script languages on the Java Virtual Machine. Existing libraries or Groovy objects and classes in Java can be used easily.

Generic condition

The generic condition will also be used like a filter condition in the process, but the filter conditions stem from Intrexx classes or classes from third parties.