Column presentation in view tables

In the properties dialog of view tables, the column presentation can be defined by clicking on "Edit column". From there, switch to the Options tab. Depending on the data field connected, the settings available here will vary.

Minimal width

You can predefine the minimal width that the column should occupy here. As long as no value is entered, the columns of the table will be automatically spread out equally over the entire width available to it. The width of a column will always correspond to the width of the longest entry. If the column title is longer, the column width will correspond to the length of the title. In the second drop-down list, the measure of the column width (absolute, in pixels, percent or em) can be defined.


You can define the type of line break here.

Cell alignment

The orientation of the text can be set left, right, or centered.

Header alignment

The orientation of the header can be set left, centered or right.


With this setting, the column will not be shown in the table.

Maximum text length

An integer can be entered here as to the maximum number of characters to be shown in the table. The value -1 causes all characters to be displayed.


The character entered here will be attached to the last displayed character when the text length exceeds the maximum allowed text length.