Schema manager - Edit attribute


Enter a unique name here. It is valid system-wide.

For new attributes, the name is automatically validated so that it can also be used in Groovy scripts and as a default value. It must not contain certain characters and must not start with a number.


Applied when the attribute is used in application elements, filters and displayed in the "User" module.


Select the desired data type here.


Enter the maximum number of characters for text attributes.

Can be NULL

Allows null values to be saved.

DB column name

The name of the database field where the value of the attribute is stored is entered here.


The details of the formed reference are shown here.

Edit reference

Opens a dialog where a reference can be created or edited.

Contains tenant ID

With this setting, the attribute is used for saving the tenant assignment.

Use in User manager search

With this setting, the attribute can be searched for in the “Users” module and in the "Users and groups" multiple selection element.

Usable in other modules

With this setting, the attribute is available in all other modules as a data field in the Users application.