Portal properties - Certificates

You can configure the certificate store of the portal server here. If certificates are required, e.g. for accessing web services, LDAP servers, RSS feeds or OData services, then they are retrieved from this store.

Click here to access the certificate store

Opens a dialog where the password for the certificate store can be entered (this is required once per session).

Reset certificate store

Certificate alias column

The name of the certificate is shown here.

Issuer column

Displays the issuer of the certificate.

Subject column

Displays who the issue was created for.

Valid until column

Displays when the certificate's validity expires.

Add certificate

Opens a dialog where a certificate can be imported.

To finalize the import of a new certificate or to prevent a deleted certificate from being used, you need to restart the portal server.


Displays the certificate details.


Removes a certificate from the list


Opens a dialog where the password for accessing the certificate store can be modified.