Collaboration - Office Integration

Office integration will no longer be supported as of March 2023. It will be replaced by the Connector for Microsoft 365 and Teams.



With Intrexx Office Integration, you can conveniently access all release documents that are available as file attachments in your Intrexx portal. The documents can be opened directly in Microsoft Office, edited, and then saved directly in the portal again without needing to take a detour through the browser. Newly created documents can also be saved just as easily in your portal. Office Integration can access published Intrexx applications using all current authentication methods. Additional information about the documents can be requested and edited directly in Office using an edit form. As usual, these edit forms can be created in the "Applications" module and then adjusted to your individual requirements.

The following are required to use Office Integration:

  • Intrexx Version 8 with Online Update 03 or higher

  • Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office 4.0 Runtime (included in the MS Office Connector Setup)

Add-in installation

This is the welcome dialog for the setup.

I accept the terms in the License Agreement

Select this option to continue with the setup.


Define the installation directory for the Intrexx Office Integration here.


Opens a dialog where you can select a folder, if you do not want to keep the default path.

Here, select which Microsoft Office products the add-in should be installed for.

Intrexx Portal Server URL

Enter the URL for your Intrexx portal server here. The connection settings can be changed later or reset in Microsoft Office at any time.

Use proxy

If a proxy is used, please activate this setting and then enter the proxy address.

Proxy address

Enter the proxy address here.

Ignore local addresses

If requested on the same system, the proxy will be ignored.

Use basic authentication

Uses the default setting configured for the proxy server provided an authentication is required.

The installation can be started.

Then install the Microsoft Visual Tools for Office Runtime 2010.

The installation is now completed.

Office Integration in MS Office

Click here to find out more about activating Office Integration in applications and using it in Microsoft Office.

Collaboration - Office Integration

Every Office Integration, which has been configured in a portal application, is listed here.

First column

The integrations can be deactivated or activated here.

"Name of integration" / "Description" columns

Displays the name and description of the integration.

Last column


Opens a dialog where more details about the integration will be shown.

Information about the additional functions in the context menu of an integration can be found here.