View field properties - Control type: "Web application" - "Options” tab

With this control type, you can add dynamic links to web applications, such as location and destination for a web application that calculates routes, to an Intrexx application.


Enter the URL without a parameter here. With the keyboard combination "Alt + .", the URL "" (Portal Manager German) or "" (Portal Manager English) will be added automatically as the link.


"Name" column

The parameter names are shown here.

"Data field" column

All available data fields are listed here.

Add parameter

Opens a dialog where you can select the data fields that should provide the values for the request to the web application. Intrexx automatically adds the values, which are contained in the data field, in the browser when the link is clicked on.

Delete parameter

Removes the currently selected parameter from the list.

Edit parameter

Opens a dialog where the settings of the current parameter can be edited.

Column presentation

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