View field properties - Control type: "Phone" - "Options" tab



With this control type, the text in the browser will be constructed as a link, that can be used to send an SMS or to create a telephone connection with an automatically dialed number. For telephony, the following protocols can be selected:

  • tel:

    automatic number selection for mobiles

  • callto:

    automatic number selection for mobiles and fixed line telephones

  • wtai://wp/mc:

    automatic number selection for mobiles

If problems while constructing a telephone connection occur, please contact the manufacturer to clarify which protocol is appropriate for your telecommunication end device and whether additional browser plugins are required.

Show option "Add to phonebook" (Not supported by all mobile devices)

With this setting, telephone numbers can be added to the phonebook of the mobile device.


Enter the path and name of the image, which should be shown in the browser to add a contact to the phonebook.


Opens a dialog where an image can be selected.


Select a string data field that contains the telephone number.

Column presentation in view tables

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