Search configuration properties - "Search" tab



Enter the title for the search configuration here.


Opens a dialog where the title can be entered in the respective portal languages.

Data group

Select the data group that contains fields you wish to activate for the search.


Here you can specify how search hits should be arranged within the overall result. With this criteria, you can specify the importance:

  • Very low

  • Low

  • Medium

  • High

  • Very high

Use in portal search

Here, the search configuration will be activated for the global search, which searches across the entire portal. This means it is available both in the system application Global search and for the additional control Search from the Design module.

Search in tags

Search in tags With this setting, values that are created using the Tagging - Bookmarks element are included in the search.

Provide suggestions

Here, you can define whether search suggestions should be provided or not. This setting overrides the corresponding setting in the Tools modulethat defines the portal-wide standard.

Filter search suggestions

There are three modes to choose from here:

    Server standard

    The setting is based on the corresponding setting made in the "Tools" module.


    Turns the filter on.


    Turns the filter on.

Search languages

Add search language

Opens a dialog where a new search language can be specified. The values of the data fields that you specify in the lower area of this dialog are indexed in the specified search languages. In the browser, the user can decide which language should be used for searching. Depending on the language chose, different search result lists will be displayed.

Remove language

Deletes the language selected from the list.

Default language

Makes the highlighted language the default search language, the search will initially be performed in this language.

Configure data fields to be displayed

Application column

You can see the data group, which you selected at the top of the dialog, with its contained data fields.

Search column

Select the fields here that should be searched through. Click on each of the check boxes in the Search column.

HTML column

If a long-text field is included in the search, with this setting HTML tags in the text will be interpreted and only the real content will be searched through.

Index name column Name

With this setting, the file name of the files attached to the record will be indexed.

Word analysis column

With the "Word analysis" setting, the content of the field will be divided into its parts. If a field contains multiple words (such as "This is an example"), then the index search for "example" will only find the data record if "Word analysis" has been selected.

Facet column

A drop-down list with the facetsspecified in the Tools module is available here. If you select the entry "Create facet", a dialog will be open where a new facet can be entered.

Edit filter

Opens a dialog where a filter for the data group selected in the bottom area can be defined.

Please note that when changes are made to the search configuration, the index will be reassembled; this can lead to an increased system load.

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