Data groups properties - "Indexes" tab

This tab is available if the expert options have been activated. Here indexes for database fields can be defined, which will improve performance when filtering or sorting tables in applications. If the data group contains foreign keys or references, indexes will already have been created here - one index for all primary keys and one index per reference. These indexes cannot be edited via this dialog or changed - apart from the index names. If a reference from the data group is deleted, the corresponding index is deleted automatically.

Index list

You can find a list of all defined indexes in the left area of the dialog.

Add index

Creates a new index. The name of the index will be generated automatically from the name of the current data group and an incremental number.

Remove index

Resets an existing index. The index will be removed from the list.

Properties of the selected index


The index name of the currently selected index is shown here and can be edited.

Index is unique

If the field (or fields) in the "Fields" column contains unique values, the "Index is unique" setting can be selected to improve the performance when filtering or sorting.

Field column

List of fields that are selected for the index.

Sorting order column

For each field you can define whether the index should be in ascending or descending order.

Add field

The desired field can be selected from the shown drop-down list.

Remove field

The currently selected field is removed from the list.