In the "Polls" module, you can create polls for your organization. "Polls" is an independent application that is included in the import package of Intrexx Share and can be positioned freely in the portal menu structure. When you open "Polls" in the browser, you will still have access to the Intrexx Share Navigation portlet. The functions and appearance are identical whether you open "Polls" from within Intrexx Share or not. All polls are automatically shown in the News module.

Create category

In the first step, categories must be created by an Intrexx Share administrator. You can find the "Categories" button, if you are logged in as an administrator, on the start page.

Provide the new category with a title and click on "Save". Existing categories can be edited and also deleted by clicking on "Edit".

If categories have already been created that are also used in polls, the note "Polls use this category!" is displayed below the edit field. If categories used in polls are deleted, then the category is automatically deleted in all affected polls.

Create poll

A new poll can be created by clicking on "Create poll".

Enter the title and description of the poll here. Files can be uploaded as well. Then select the desired category and enter the beginning and end of the poll A poll end date must be specified. Once the poll has expired, it is automatically archived and can be prolonged from the archive if needed. Click on "Next".

The "Text" option can be used to create a poll that asks for specific content or opinions. The "Date" option can be used to create time-based polls, such as for finding a meeting date. These two poll types cannot be mixed.

Select the desired type and then click "Add option".

"Text" option


Enter a title and a description. To the right of it, a color can be selected for the poll option. Files can be uploaded as well. Then click on Save.

The entered options are now displayed on the first edit page of the poll They can be edited again by clicking on "Edit". Click on "Define sorting" to change the order of the options.

If necessary, change the order of the entries here using drag & drop and click on "Save".



Later, the poll will be visible only to the users you select here. If the poll is shared to an Intrexx Share group, then the users of the Intrexx Share group are kept synchronized in the poll. Click here for more information about synchronization. Click here for more information about the distribution list.


Public polls are visible to all Intrexx Share users until they expire.

Poll should be anonymous

This setting hides which users have voted and how.

Participants can add new options

This setting allows users to add more options to the poll themselves.

Participants can vote for multiple options

This setting allows users to vote for more than one of the options.

Save as dra

This option creates the poll but it is not yet visible to the authorized users.


The poll is displayed to the authorized group of users.

"Date" option

Add date suggestion

The suggested dates can be entered here. The duration and a color can also be specified. In addition, a description can be entered and images can be uploaded. Click on "Save" when you are finished.

"Polls" start page

The start page of the "Polls" module is a portlet with the title "Polls". Click here for general information about portlets.

At the top right here you will find the "Create poll" button, which can be used to create a new poll.

Administrators will also see the "Categories" button here, which can be used to create the poll categories. Click here for more information.


The list of existing albums can be narrowed down using the following filter buttons:

  • Categories

    Select the required category.

  • Archived

    Displays finished polls.

  • Calendar plugin

    Displays a small calendar where you can select a specific day or even a period of time. Simply select the desired day or several days with the mouse. The calendar filter is used to filter the polls by the creation date.

Search field

To the left of the "Create poll" button, you will find a search field that can be used to search for terms that appear in the poll and the creator. The list of polls will be filtered accordingly.

Clicking on the title of an existing poll opens the Poll - Details page.

All questions are listed at the bottom of the page.


The polls on the start page are sorted by the last modification date. By clicking on the "Vote" button, which you will find at the bottom right of each poll, you can vote directly from here. If you have already voted, the button label changes to "View result", which allows you to view the current result of the poll.

If the poll is anonymous, a note is displayed in the upper right corner of the poll.

Poll - Details

On the start page of the Polls module, click on a poll's title to load its details page.

The page consists of two parts: The "Poll - Info" portlet, which shows the poll data, and the "Poll - Details" portlet. Click here for general information about portlets.

Poll - Info

The visibility, title, creator, end date, description and uploaded images are displayed here. Poll creators will also see the "Edit" button here, which loads the edit page you're familiar with from creating a poll.


Click here for more information about this topic.

Poll - Details

Poll comments can be liked by clicking on . Click here for more information.


Click on "Options" to open the menu for the respective task.

Edit post

Opens the edit page for the poll.


With this menu item, posts can be moved to other locations in Intrexx Share.

To do this, you will find three buttons at the top of the page.

Move to a personal page

Moves the post to a personal page.

Enter the name of the user, whose personal page the post should be moved to. The visibility can be edited here and a comment can be added.

Move to a group

Moves the post to a group.

Select here the group the post should be moved to. A comment can be added here as well.

Move to an event

Moves the post to an event.

Select here the event the post should be moved to. A comment can be added here as well.

Show/Hide post

Posts can be shown or hidden here. A hidden post is not visible in the polls or in the News module.

Report post

You can report posts with inappropriate content here. The Intrexx Share administrators will be notified of this automatically.

Activate/Deactivate notifications

Click here for more information.


Comments can be added at the bottom of the detail page. All comments already created will also be displayed here. Click here for more information.

More information about the details page is available in the "Vote" chapter.


You can participate in a poll in three places:

1. On the "Polls" start page

2. On the "Polls - Details" page

3. In the poll posts in the "News" module

Everywhere where you have not yet participated in a poll, you will find the "Vote" button. Click on it to open the following page for voting.

Select the desired option here and click "Save".

The button label will then change to "View result". Clicking on this opens the results page.


The result of a poll is displayed on the "Poll - Details" page.

Date poll

Here you can see the result of a non-anonymous date poll. The voting results of each user are displayed as a bar chart. Underneath, you can see a table showing which user has voted for which date. In addition, the number of votes for each date is displayed.

Archived date polls

Creators of a poll that has already expired and can therefore be found in the archive will see the "Set date now" button here. Clicking on it opens a page where a fixed date can be selected.

Click here on one of the arrow buttons to set the date.

The set date is highlighted on the poll detail page.

Text poll

In a text poll, the result is displayed in the same way as in a date poll, with the difference that the number of votes is evaluated as a percentage.

Anonymous polls

Only the bar chart is displayed for anonymous polls.

Poll plugin for News posts

New polls are shown in the "News" module.

In the filter in News, you can see that the "Polls" module is mandatory. This means that a new post will always be automatically generated in the News module for new polls. This automatic creation cannot be disabled, as this would mean that polls may not reach the users.

If a post from a poll is commented in the News module, then the comments will also be displayed in this poll and vice versa.