Creating and editing elements

When you create a new process using the wizard, you can choose between a workflow based on a change made to portal data or a workflow that is time-controlled. We are going to create a process that reacts to data being changed in one application and then updates the data in another application. In the wizard, select the option "Event initiated by change of a record" and then click on "Next".

The data group-event-handler is created automatically. Once you click on "OK" here, the outline of the new element will already be shown on the workspace. The properties dialog will then open and the first settings can be made. The respective help pages can be opened by pressing F1 or by clicking on the "Help" button at the bottom right of the dialog.

Afterwards, a data group action is required. Drag the element from the Elements area to the existing event handler. If the new element is positioned close enough to the existing element, then an arrow will appear. This indicates that a connection between the two elements can be created. As soon as you let go of the mouse button, the new element is created and connected to the existing element at the same time. You can reach the properties dialog of the new element via the Edit menu / Properties.