Perform Intrexx upgrade

This section will describe how you can upgrade Intrexx, meaning change the Intrexx version.


Before updating or upgrading, you should perform a full backup of the Intrexx and database server. You should use backup software that backs up the entire system and can also restore it if necessary. So that Intrexx can be backed up accordingly, all Intrexx services need to be stopped. Then, the Intrexx installation directory, Intrexx portal directory and external file storage locations and the database can be backed up. The database backup and the Intrexx backup need to have the same state. Changes should not be made to applications or data records during the backup process. As a supporting measure for backups, we recommend automatically scheduling the creation of portal exports. In some cases, a portal export provides a faster and low-effort option for restoring data. However, it is imperative that you know that a portal export is not a full data backup and cannot replace one of these. As a supporting measure for data backups, we recommend scheduling portal exports, since the effort required to restore a portal via a portal export is usually less.

Starting version is 18.03

An upgrade from Intrexx 18.03 (or an earlier version) to Intrexx 21.03 is described as a migration because there are fundamental differences between the architecture of Intrexx 18.03 and that of later versions. For this reason, central changes need to be made to the Intrexx configuration when migrating. This particularly relates to the "embedded Tomcat" that is an integral part of Intrexx from Version 19.03 onwards.
Before upgrading from Intrexx 18.03 to Intrexx Silent Track, there are actions that need to be performed "outside of" Intrexx. This especially applies to the installation/configuration of IIS or NGINX. More information is available in the chapter Actions outside of Intrexx.

Starting version is 19.03 or later

When upgrading from Intrexx 19.03, 19.09, 20.03, or 20.09 to Intrexx Silent Track, there are no special aspects to consider, since no changes in the architecture of Intrexx Silent Track have been made.

There are two different approaches to upgrading to Intrexx 21.03. Both can be used when starting with 18.03 or 19.03/19.09/20.03/20.09.

  • Upgrade an existing installation
    You can install Intrexx Silent Track in a directory where a previous version has already been installed. A key advantage of this approach is that all existing configurations from the previous Intrexx version are kept.

  • Parallel installations
    You can install Intrexx Silent Track in a new directory. This approach starts just like a new installation. After the installation, you need to transfer data from the previous version to Intrexx Silent Track.