Creating and editing processes


New process

Opens a wizard that helps you create a new process. The wizard can be deactivated in the options.



A brand new portal already contains published processes, such as a process to check how much hard disk space is available. This item lists every process that has been published in your portal.

Recently edited

Lists every process on the right that has been edited recently.


Opens a dialog where processes that have been saved locally via File / Save process locally can be reopened.


Opens a dialog that allows you to import processes.

Referenced items

Opens a dialog that allows you to export processes.


You can search for the name or GUID of a process here.

Title / Date / User

You can sort the process list by title, creation date or user.


Changes the order to ascending or descending order respectively.

Published processes

If you move the mouse over a published process, the following buttons will appear to the right of the name:

Open process

Opens the currently selected process.

Open a copy of the process

Duplicates the process and opens the copy for editing.

Activate process

Activates the process.

Deactivate process

The process is deactivated and no longer responds to actions in the portal.


Deletes the process.

Unlock process

Unlocks a process that is currently being editing by another user. The process can then be opened and worked on simultaneously. Please note that changes made by two different users could in some cases be lost.