Start module

Main menu

You will see the main menu at the very top - highlighted in red here. Click here for more information about the menu functions.

Symbol bar

You will see the symbol bar beneath the main menu. The most important functions can be accessed from here. The functions of the symbol bar can also be accessed from the main menu. If you move the mouse over a button in the symbol bar, a quicktip will appear with information about the button's function.

Module bar

You switch between the various Intrexx modules here. Click on Applications, for example, if you want to create or edit an application.

Depending on the window size of the Portal manager, the part of the symbol bar that displays the names of the modules will be minimized and moved to the right.

Open modules

Opens a submenu from which the various modules - currently hidden - can be selected and opened.

Login when opening a module

If you open a module and are not already logged in to a portal, a dialog is displayed where you can enter your login data and log in. After logging in, the corresponding module will open.


Log in to portal

Opens a dialog where you can connect to a portal.

Connect to server

Opens a dialog where you can select a portal server to connect to.

Current server

The name of the server that the Portal Manager is currently connected to is shown here.

New portal

Opens a dialog where a new portal can be created.

Switch to a different server

Opens a dialog in which another Intrexx Portal Server can be selected and connected.

Disconnect server

Disconnects from the current server.

Available portals

The name of every portal created on the server you are currently connected to is shown here as a link. Clicking on a link opens a dialog where you can log in. If you are already logged in to a portal and you click on a different portal link, the Portal Manager will ask you if you want to log out of the current portal so that you can log in to the other portal.

You can log in to a brand new portal with the username "Administrator" and without a password. Click here for more information about defining or editing a password for the administration login.

Registered portals

If you are currently not connected to a server, the "Edit..." link will appear here. Click on this link to open a dialog where the desired portals with the server, where they are available, can be registered. The registered portals will then be listed in the "Available portals" area when you are not connected to a server. When you then click on one of these links, a connection to the specified server will be established and the corresponding server will be opened.

Recent logins

The users who have most recently logged in to portals will be listed here.

Current portal

This area is shown if you are logged in to a portal.


Opens a dialog where the portal properties can be edited.

Open portal in browser

Opens the portal in the browser

Log off portal

Logs you out of the current portal.