Start module

Main menu

You will see the main menu at the very top - highlighted in red here. Click here for more information about the menu functions.

Module bar

You switch between the various Intrexx modules here. Click on Applications, for example, if you want to create or edit an application.

Note that the modules "Processes", "Users", "Design" and "Integration" are only displayed after you have logged in to a portal.

At the very bottom of the module bar, you will find Help, which opens a submenu.


Access the online help for Intrexx here.

Intrexx on the web

Access the Intrexx homepage here.

Intrexx Academy

You can find the Intrexx Training Center here.

Intrexx solutions

Here you will find a complete range of ready-made solutions that you can use immediately and customize.

About Intrexx...

Gives you information about the Intrexx version that you are currently using.

Current portal connection

Server, Port, User

The server, port for the portal, and current user are displayed here.

Portal properties

Opens a dialog where the portal properties can be edited.

Open portal in browser

Opens the portal in the browser


The Disconnect button allows you to disconnect from the portal.

Status bar

On the right you can see the portal name and the user who is currently logged in. Memory consumption is also displayed.

More information

Getting started with the Portal Manager