Intrexx Filewalker is the interface to your file system. Filewalker is just the right tool if you want to offer folders from shared shares specifically in the browser via the interface of applications.

Filewalker offers an interface similar to Windows Explorer and not only allows read and write access to your shared folders, but also integrates seamlessly with your platform's full-text search feature. This allows you to offer specific files in your platform under defined menu items: Direct access to marketing. Also to sales information, documentation on contracts, sample documents and much more.

FileWalker also allows individual path components to be inserted dynamically from the current data record. For example, documents related to a specific project can be displayed in a targeted manner.

With the FileWalker you can make direct access to files saved on your network available to users in the browser. A FileWalker connection can be used with the "FileWalker" application element.

New FileWalker

Selecting "FileWalker / Add" from the main menu opens a wizard in which a new FileWalker connection can be created. This option is available if the FileWalker option is selected on the left-hand side. In each configuration dialog, you can reach the corresponding Intrexx Help by pressing F1 or by clicking on the "Help" button.

Edit file storage location

Every FileWalker connection created by you is listed in the right-hand area. The "FileWalker" main menu item provides access to all editing functions when an existing connection is selected in the right-hand pane.

"Name" column

The name of the connection is shown here.

"Path" column

The connected path is shown here.