File storage locations

File storage locations allow you to define where files that are uploaded to the portal will be stored physically. A file storage location can be assigned in the configuration of file data fields. This helps you keep track of the storage of uploaded files in your portal.

New FileWalker

New file storage location Selecting Edit menu / New file storage location will open a wizard where a new file storage location can be created. This option is available if the File storage locations option is selected on the left-hand side. In each configuration dialog, you can reach the corresponding Intrexx Help by pressing F1 or by clicking on the "Help" button.

Edit file storage location

In a brand new portal, the file storage location "system" can already be found on the right; the files, which are not assigned to a custom file storage location, are managed here. File storage locations created by you are also listed in this area. All of the functions available for editing a location can be reached via the Edit menu, when an existing location has been selected on the right.

Alias name column

The name of the connection is shown here.

Path column

The connection pathis shown here.


Displays how many applications use the file storage location.