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Although web services now play a subordinate role in the area of systems integration, there are still a large number of systems in organizations that can only offer or consume web services. However, since an outstanding feature of Intrexx is its support of the integration and retrofitting of older systems, we provide the possibility of both offering and consuming web services.

Web services are services that provide functions and data via the internet. Similarly to a search engine, queries will be sent from a sender, which in this case is not a person, but a software program. The web service returns the results to the program querying it. Web services can be provided for use either internally or externally to the company. If you would like to, for example, find the name of a bank based on a routing code, a web service can determine and return the desired data using an operation. The operations are described using WSDL (Web Services Description Language) files. The exchange of information takes place via an exchange of XML files. In order to use a web service, the URL with which the web service is identified must be known. With Intrexx, web service provisions can be consumed without requiring additional programming effort. Furthermore, you can provide your own web services.

Intrexx supports web services that are specified according to WSI BasicProfile 1.1.

New FileWalker

Selecting "Web service / New web service" from the main menu opens a wizard in which a new connection can be created. This option is only available if Web service under Consume data is selected. In each configuration dialog, you can reach the corresponding Intrexx Help by pressing F1 or by clicking on the "Help" button.

Edit file storage location

Every connection created by you is listed in the right-hand area. All of the functions available for editing a connection can be reached via the Web service menu, when an existing connection has been selected on the right.

"Name" column

The name of the connection is shown here.

“URL” column

The URL of the web service provider is shown here.


Configuring web service connections requires the portal permission "Manage web services" and permission for the "Tools" module.

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