Web service - Provide data - Web service provider settings

Link address

Defines exactly who may access the web service. If "localhost" is selected, the web service will only be accessible from the local PC. Alternative entries are

  • any (IPv4)

  • any (IPv6)

  • an IP address

Select "localhost" if you wish to test your web service locally first.


Defines under which TCP port the web service should be available. Ideally, use a port number between 49152 and 65535, one of the so-called private ports. These can be used variably, as they are not registered and therefore do not belong to a specific application.

Host / Port

Together, they constitute the endpoint URL, under which your web service will be available. The web service can be integrated easily into your domain for public use.

Endpoint URL

Is generated automatically from the previous entries.

Activate provider

With this setting, your web service will be immediately available under the indicated endpoint URL.