"Script" tab

"Event" column

All events of the element or page that have had JavaScript functions assigned to them are listed here.

Italicized events do not work in every context (e.g. "ondblclick" does not work in the tree element).

Italicized events work for buttons under the conditions described below only:


All buttons with the "Insert data record" action and a free layout table as the target control.


All buttons with "Tooltip" or "Grouping" as the destination option.


All buttons with "Tooltip" or "Grouping" as the destination option.


All buttons with "Tooltip" or "Grouping" as the destination option.

"Script" column

The names of the JavaScript functions are listed here.

Edit JavaScript for desktop

Opens the JavaScript Editor.

Show menu

If you click on the arrow symbol next to the "Edit JavaScript for desktop" button, a menu will open with the following items:

  • Edit JavaScript for desktop

  • Edit JavaScript for mobile devices

  • Edit JavaScript for all devices

will open. If you want to enter JavaScript that only applies to mobile devices, please select the menu item "Edit JavaScript for mobile devices".

Add script

Opens a dialog where existing JavaScript functions can be selected and assigned to an event.

Edit script

Opens a dialog where a different function can be assigned to the currently selected event.

Remove script

Removes the currently selected assignment of the event and script function.

Adjusts the order of the script calls when multiple functions have been assigned to one event.

When an application is read in, the associated JavaScript is searched for comments containing the character string //FIXME or //TODO. Matches will be listed in the lower area of the workspace on the Problems tab. The JavaScript editor will open when you double-click on a match. In this way, you have the ability to set markers for editing scripts later.